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There's ONE reason why you are overeating .

 Learn why and STOP Blaming Yourself!

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so many things that make us feel stressed

Are you a Stress Eater?

A “stress eater” doesn’t eat because they’re hungry. Emotional eating is your method of dealing with stress

But what is the REAL underlying reason that causes your stress? 

All those issues boil down to one basic reason.... 

and, you need to recognize what that is before any stress relief method will stop your overeating or binging! 

STOP and Ask Yourself Before You Eat....

Am I:

Physically hungry?

  • Comes on gradually - usually at meal time
  • You get hungrier than usual after working out
  • You enjoy your food and stop when you're satiated
  • You eat this way around other people
  • You rarely feel guilty after eating

Emotional hungry?

  • Comes on suddenly - can't put it off
  • You need specific foods: sweet & salty like pizza, chocolate, chips, icecream
  • You eat "mindlessly" almost not tasting the food 
  • You eat by yourself, and wouldn't eat this way around others
  • You feel guilty and angry at yourself

Stress Eating Solutions is your place for MYTH-BUSTING information that will empower you to DUMP your DIET
and live like a happy, normal person that you really are!
Make sure to read various pages and the blog to get the information that will build your self-confidence and trust of your thoughts and your body!

Then get my newest report:

STOP Stress Eating Forever

Maybe you thought that  “mindful or intuitive eating” 

will stop you from stress eating? IT WON'T !!

Mindful eating  is a great tool that helps you to know exactly how much your body needs to eat. 
You are supposed to eat only when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re full. 
But if you've been dieting so long, maybe you don't even realize how your body feels anymore! 

And mindful eating only works when you’re not under stress. Stress actually affects the way your brain thinks! 

You don't have the same control to stop eating when you're stressed. If you have a drink or lose inhibition, your shaky control goes out the window. The next thing you know is you have binged or overeaten. 

Then that day is shot and you don't stop eating- after all, since you ate too much, why stop now?

 But you feel awful, guilty and maybe even bloated to remind you all day.

The most important thing you can do for your weight management and your emotional health
is to transform the foundational issue that pushes women into dieting in the first place.

That is the real cause of your stress AND stress eating! 

Sad, unhappy woman stress eating chocolate and sweets

Look - you DESERVE to have a happier and more peaceful relationship with your body and food!

Imagine being able to keep those “bad foods” in the house, because they have no power over you anymore?!

Imagine your life with less stress: better sleep, more positive relationships, less anger or sadness


Learn the 

ONLY way to finally 

STOP Stress Eating!

and it includes: 
10 Powerful Stress Relief Tools that WORK Immediately!
No more fear or guilt from eating chocolate, cookies, ice-cream or comfort food!

This is NOT another Diet, weight-loss program, lifestyle change, exercise program

 or a measure of your discipline! 

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