Why Mindful Eating Fails  😣

If you have decided to try mindful eating, it probably means that you are “fed up” with dieting.

Mindful eating is not another diet

Many women (and men) are misled to believe that once you start eating mindfully, you’ll eat less and lose weight. After all, look at all those thin Diet Gurus teaching you how to eat mindfully. If they are slender, it MUST mean that intuitive eating (the other word to describe this process) will make you lose weight. It’s not true.

And in fact, some people gain a bit of weight, some stay the same weight and some do lose a bit of weight. HOWEVER, there are no long term studies showing how long any weight loss is maintained. And that’s the important thing, isn’t it?


Mindset of Accepting Yourself

confident plus size modelIf you have been a serial dieter, (one diet after another) or chronically “watching your weight”, mindful eating is much more involved than you might think. It means that you will have to reset your mindset about losing weight. You will have to really believe that dieting is not a solution to your weight, and that in fact, you are more likely to regain more weight if you go on another diet.

You must be willing to accept yourself the way you are now in order to give mindful eating a chance to work. 

This can be a very frightening turning point for you. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time dieting because you don’t want to accept what your body looks like. And all that dieting over the years has probably added pounds with each new attempt you tried to lose weight. GULP…. That’s right. Accept where you are now. Are you ready?

Fears About Eating Mindfully

You will have to come to a point where you truly trust your body’s signals of when you are hungry, how much to eat, what you want to eat, and when you are full. You must become fearless and be able to eat in front of anyone without a concern for their judgment of you.

You may be terrified that if you start eating mindfully, that you won’t be able to stop – and you’ll gain even more weight. And that’s just why you need someone to support you through this process. You’ve been listening to and believing all the Diet Industry MYTH-information about why you need to lose weight and how to do it. You’ve seen for yourself that it doesn’t work, but they make it so convincing that you actually believe it’s your fault.  And those lies have made you feel unhappy when you look at yourself in the mirror.



Clearing Out The Brainwashing


We are all unique and our journey to our present weight is different for all of us. Part of clearing out the brainwashing that started you on dieting is determing, as best you can, why you gained weight. The wrong answer is: “because I ate too much, and exercised too little”. Because over-eating is a symptom of the causative factor.


Think of it this way:

You had a pebble in your shoe and it was hurting your foot. But you leave the pebble in your shoe, and then you start changing the way you walk, keeping pressure off the painful foot. Soon your hips are out of alignment and your lower back is killing you.

But instead of removing that pebble, you take pain killers, you put a corn pad around the blister on your foot. You try everything to stop the pain except REMOVING the pebble: the cause of your pain!


That’s what a diet does. It gives you tons of options: eating less, exercising more, eliminating the foods you love, fasting, only eating certain times, eating “special” foods and suppliments……


But all of those choices ignore the pebble- That’s the first step- discovering the pebble  – the trigger that started your weight gain. 


Why Mindful Eating Fails


You may think you’re doing it all right. You are eating mindfully, (intuitively) and you no longer think of some food as good and others as bad. You have tossed your scale, and have stop thinking about restricting the amount of food or when you eat.


You will no longer make a bargain with yourself that if you overeat, that you will make it up by adding steps to your fitbit, or going to the gym to work it off. You won’t participate in the conversation about how someone looks great because they lost weight. Deep inside you, you know that in a while that weight will be back and the person who lost it will be embarrassed and blaming themselves.


But with years of conditioning from the media that it is imperative for you to be slender, your diet mentality, is not completely gone. That’s what causes binging. 


And when someone comments to you about how pretty you are, and how much better you’d look if you’d just drop some weight, it gets to you. Your boss puts extra pressure on you to get more work done. You’re not sleeping well. You’re having trouble paying off the credit cards. The STRESS is getting to you. And that’s what starts you off on stress eating.


That’s why Mindful Eating fails for many people- because they have not yet learned about how to manage stress.  It’s time you learned these amazing tools that will make you more resilient and able to relieve the stress without binging or stuffing yourself and then feeling like a failure. Start getting empowered by reading my report that will give you ideas and hope!


You can do it!




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