Are You a Stress Eater?  😣

You may be very careful about eating right and exercising because you’re afraid of gaining more weight. Maybe you are trying only to eat “clean” and avoid certain foods that you’ve been told are bad for you. Maybe you’re trying “mindful eating” as a way to control the amount of food you eat.

If you have a lot of responsibilities in your life that keep you very busy, you may feel overwhelmed. In our day and age, it’s a rare person  who doesn’t feel stressed out.

Using Food as Stress Relief

You may not even realize it, but you may be using food as stress relief! Emotional eating (stress eating) can make you think you’re super hungry and send you to the refrigerator. The next thing you know it you’ve binged on all the food you’ve been trying to avoid!

You’re actually using “comfort food” to soothe the stress you’re feeling, even if it’s an unconscious act.

How To Tell if It’s Emotional or Physical Hunger

How do you know if you are “hungry” from stress, or just have an empty stomach and need to eat?
If you can stop before you raid the refrigerator, and ask yourself a few questions, you can avoid the guilty feeling of stuffing yourself.

STOP and Ask Yourself Before You Eat....

– “Am I tense?” Do a body scan- and notice whether you’re holding tension anywhere in your body.

–  Ask yourself: “what emotions am I feeling right now?”

– Would ANY food fix your hunger, or do you desire “comfort food”?

– Would you eat the way you’re going to eat in front of other people? 

– If you do notice tension, or negative emotions, ask: “what can I do to relieve these feelings that will actually work?” – such as taking some slow breaths, doing a few stretches, taking a walk, talking to someone about what’s bothering you….

How to get control of Stress Eating

woman stressed out eating comfort foodMany people are trying “mindful eating” as a method to control the amount of food you eat: eating when you’re hungry, and stopping when you’re full. But that only works when you’re not under stress. When you’re under the effects of stress, your mind doesn’t work the same way, and you don’t have the same control to eat mindfully.

The most important thing you can do for your weight management and your health is to learn how to manage stress effectively. There are much better ways that using comfort food – which you know only comforts your while you’re eating – but afterwards, it’s worse. Click below to get my report that will empower you and make you more resilient to stress!

You DESERVE to have a happier and more peaceful relationship with food! You can do it – I will help-

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