Are you stressed out?

Here’s a way to get real relief for your stress, and it only takes 20 seconds!

Recent research shows that just by a physical action: Hugging someone, when your bodies are facing each other – for 20 seconds or more, will result in the brain releasing a hormone that calms you! That hormone is called oxytocin.

Studies showed that oxytocin not only makes you feel calmer, but it increases trust and reduces fear. Scientists are increasingly it is one of the most relevant neurochemicals for stress relief, and it works particularly in social settings.

Other research is indicating that oxytocin can even improve your sexual response!

Maybe you’ve been watching too much news and scary movies. Under the influence of oxytocin, bad new seems to bother you less. (You could also stop watching it- that’s even easier!) Other great side effects are improved sleep.

You don’t have to buy oxytocin. Your BODY can create it just by sincerely focusing your emotions on gratitude and on loving thoughts. So, now you know another way  to relieve stress and feel better. Give someone a 20 second hug, and focus on the wonderful feeling. Your oxytocin levels will go up – and you’ll be spreading the good feeling to the recipient of your hug. That’s a Win-Win situation.

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