Best Selling Author and Speaker, Lianda Ludwig, M.Sc. describes her work as a “Coach-sultant”. She specializes in working with frustrated, disappointed women (and men, as well) who have been on diet after diet, and have regained the weight – called yo-yo dieting.

You can see the pictures of Lianda above. I'm not some skinny guru telling you what you should be avoiding, and how many steps to put in on your Fitbit every day. I KNOW it doesn't work.

I Dieted Myself To Fat

My story may be different from yours. I was a thin young person. I was very physically active. But some crazy thought got into my mind that made me think I could reshape my body by dieting. You see, I had a round backside. Back then it DEFINITELY was not the style to have a bigger butt. I was ignorant and thought that dieting would reduce that. But all it did is reduce the small pockets of fat in my cheeks! People asked me if I was sick!

But being the disciplined person I was I would go on diet after diet. Eventually I would  get frustrated because I'd lose a couple of pounds and then it would stop. But even though I was very active and still restricting the amount of food I'd eat, the weight would come back. And after each diet, I'd gain a pound or two. 

thin until I dieted myself to fat

Disordered Eating

I had what you would now call disordered eating- but thankfully it never became a full blown eating disorder. I was just always "watching my weight". I'd eat rabbit food while my naturally thin friends who were exercising along with me ate cheesburgers and fries.

The crazy thing is THEY never gained weight while I DID! I thought: something must be wrong with my body! My mother had a thyroid condition, and maybe I did as well.

You can read my story in my Amazon Best Selling Book: Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain Weight.

Cover of Lianda Ludwig's best selling book- Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain Weight

I did the very thing that I want you to NOT DO! Don't keep doing the same thing and expect different results- and blame yourself for diet failure! It's NOT your fault. That's what you will learn about on this site and in my books and upcoming course!

I've read thousands of hours of research and books that have not been written by biased authors who want to keep you in the diet revolving door!

I'm telling you:  “Don’t even bother to diet unless you learn the hidden reason why 95% of dieters fail”. Why? Because if you continue to do the same thing time and time again, and expect different results, that’s the definition of INSANITY! The Diet Industry is making over $60 BILLION on fooling you with NEW diet plans, weight loss promises, and miracle cures and even surgery that are supposed to make you lose. The only thing YOU will lose is your money. They are GASLIGHTING YOU! 

Root Cause Of Weight Gain

That’s because the “diets” don’t address the root cause of WHY you are overweight. It’s not so much what you’re eating, but what’s eating you! If the cause for being overweight is not related to genetics, abuse or a disease, in all probability it is related to the STRESS of being unhappy about your appearance- your body. You’re not eating because you’re hungry, you are “stress eating”.

  • If you’ve been on lots of diets and lost weight, only to gain it back
  • If you’ve gained weight with no changes in your eating and your doctor tells you there’s nothing wrong (I show you a self-test to find out if you actually have a thyroid problem)
  • If you are feeling unhappy and deprived, craving for food you know you “SHOULD NOT” eat.
  • If you’re eating comfort foods, but still not comforted!
  • If you are obsessed with thinking about what and when you are going to eat next, and your weight.
  • If you hate yourself for diet failure, and hate your body….

DIETS are the reason you gain back the weight you lose-

IF you even lose it in the first place!

Lianda Ludwig, M.S. shows you how to manage the stress so that you transform your relationship with food and start living like a thin person – eating whatever you like when you’re hungry, and feeling satisfied and full so you stop eating when you've had the right amount of food for YOUR needs.

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Find out the REAL reason that weight loss programs are destined to fail – and learn the way that you can FINALLY achieve, maintain and SUSTAIN your healthy lifestyle, happily without the misery of chronic “dieting”. Lianda will guide you to STOP DIETING and start living the life you deserve and desire!

CREDENTIALS: Degrees, Licensing & Certification

Masters of Science

Lianda describes herself as a “Coach-Sultant”. You may wonder, WHAT is a Coach-sultant? It’s combination of Coach and Consultant: A Consultant assess the situation and makes recommendations, and a coach stays the course with you, encouraging and empowering you along the way. Lianda earned a 68 Credit Masters of Science Degree, In Counseling Education from Hunter College, NY. She’s a Certified Life Coach, as well as being a Licensed HeartMath® Trainer and Stop Stress Eating Coach.

Life Coach Certification Certificate

Lianda has always sought to find the hard science that is behind the reasons that alternative treatments work. A lifelong student of psychology and research, she earned her Masters of Science Degree (M.S.) in counseling from Hunter College, NYC, and has worked in a variety of settings that helped her see the big picture. Lianda counseled women as an Assertiveness Training Specialist, and worked as a Behavioral Therapist in the world famous Canyon Ranch Health Spa and Resort. Her interest in neuropsychology led her to see the power of the heart in emotional well-being and health and emotional eating, and to pursue training and licensing with HeartMath®. Their proprietary programs have been thoroughly researched, and are being used in Fortune 100 Companies, Healthcare and even educational placements successfully all over the world!

After attaining her Masters Degree with distinction from Hunter College, she attended the HeartMath®, LLCbecause of their focus on the scientific research behind the power of the heart, and became a licensed Stress Reduction Coach and Stop Emotional Eating Coach®.

Doctor testimonial about emWaVE FOR WEIGHT management

Lianda learned about using their biofeedback type of technology along with HeartMath’s proven strategies. She also employs Meridian Tapping (EFT) which has amazing and very fast results. Lianda also studiedCompassionate Communication, (Non-violent communication (, as well as Eriksonian Hypnosis to focus on strategies that work quickly and effectively. She was a popular speaker and Behavioral Therapist, and led groups at the Life Enhancement Center at Canyon Ranch Health Resort.

Lianda also has trained as a Yoga Instructor, and specialized in Gentle Yoga for ALL bodies.

Lianda is a best selling author in her first book, “Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain Weight: Why Eat Less and Exercise More is a HOAX Designed to Keep You Coming Back” (what a LONG TITLE- LOL ?)

She was asked to contribute training for the Mindvalley Institute (Omvana) and has done two programs: Mentabolism Makeover – and Coffee Break Yoga.

Lianda is an Expert Author at, Self and has been a contributing writer on and other blogs. Her blogs are known for humor, creative imagery and famous quotes to illustrate her points.

Personal Statement

After receiving my Masters Degree, I had what some would think of as an unfortunate task to commute 3.5 hours a day to my job as a counselor in NYC. But I discovered the greatest use of my time and used the opportunity to read hundreds of books a year in the area of psychology, self-help, nutrition, energy medicine, spirituality and other related areas. That reading time was a gift that allowed me to learn the most cutting edge and amazing research to see the viewpoint of some of the greatest writers and thinkers, and how they view and solve human dilemmas. From this diverse BIG picture, I’ve found the most meaningful and effective methods to empower you to feel heartfelt relief by bringing integrity and meaning and rediscovered happiness into your life.


Lianda gives me hope and a sense of calm. I immediately felt more relaxed. In fact, this technique helped me speak with the executive director in a calm manner while discussing strong content. I feel uplifted and ready for the next challenge.

Roseann L. Alaska

I am amazed at how Lianda’s coaching gets right to the core of my issue and calms me. When I’m stressed, I need help seeing what’s really bothering me, and Lianda’s insight makes things clearer. Now I feel more able to get to the “Heart of the matter”

Karen S. Tucson, AZ

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