stuffing chocolate into your mouth and swallowing so fast you don't even taste it!

stuffing so fast you don’t even taste it!

Do you think you are addicted to carbs or sugar? You feel like you can’t stop eating sugar once you start? I’m going to disagree with that possibility. If you were addicted to sugar, why don’t you take a spoon and just eat out of the sugar bowl? Why don’t you drink maple syrup or corn syrup right out of the bottle like an alcoholic? It’s because you are not addicted to sugar! It’s not even sugar that you love. It’s the combination of sugar and fat that is so appealing. In fact, food scientists that work for huge food corporations work very hard to come up with combinations of food that will be irresistible so that you’ll eat a lot, and spend a lot of money on their products. But let’s get back to the word “addicted”. Perhaps you find yourself craving sugary and fat laden foods. The Diet Industry would have you believe that this is unhealthy, and the cause of becoming overweight. But your body is intelligent, and it’s sending you a message with the craving you are experiencing. You are probably feeling stressed. Eating certain foods is  stress relieving.  In fact, if you listened to your body, you’d be a lot healthier and happier. Your body tells you when you are hungry, thirsty and tired. It also tells you when you are satiated, not thirsty and well-rested. Consider when you develop a craving. It’s not like someone who has a drug or substance addiction. Your craving is your body telling you that it’s under stress and needs some help in the way of certain nutrients. Matt Stone, Independent Health Researcher will tell you that there a specific foods, and a non-activity that help the body in stress. I know you are going to fall out of your chair laughing when you hear them:

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Saturated Fat
  • Starch
  • Sleep

Sure it’s everything you’ve been told to avoid. And the more you avoid these foods, and sleep, the lower your body temperature will be. The more stress you will be creating in your body. Notice cold hands and cold feet? That means that the Diet Industry has got you eating in a way that is already damaging your metabolism. How to deal with a food craving and binging? There are many good ways. My favorite is asking yourself a question: Am I hungry? If the answer is “no”, but I just want to eat this food, it’s probably because of an emotional problem that’s bothering you. Maybe you are frustrated, angry, lonely, afraid or another negative emotion. Take a walk, talk to a friend, solve the emotional issue with EFT tapping. And yes, eating the food can also help- but not by binging and stuffing your emotions! Stop disallowing yourself and depriving yourself of the food you love! But eat it mindfully. Take your time and savor the food. Once it’s not “forbidden fruit” and you get over the years you’ve denied yourself that food, you’ll be able to eat the chocolate and know when you’ve had enough! That’s what you’ll learn about in my #1 Amazon Best Selling book: Diet Industry Lies that Make You Gain Weight: How Eat Less & Exercise More is a Hoax Designed to Keep You Coming Back.  Stop falling for the lies that actually slow down your metabolism. Learn how to appreciate and listen to your body to reach your happy weight and best health! Make It So Mindset

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