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It’s hard to imagine anyone who hasn’t been personally effected, or who has someone they know and care about whose life has not been impacted by being overweight. So many people are struggling with body image, dieting and trying everything and anything to lose weight. They’ve tried time and time again, and feel beaten down and frustrated from their failure to maintain weight loss. And they blame themselves.

For the majority of dieters, no matter what diet plan they try, a whopping 95% of them have regained the weight they worked so long and hard to lose. This very stressful vicious cycle of losing weight, regaining weight, beginning yet another diet is actually harmful for health. The diet industry and media has wrongfully made dieters feel personally responsible for  their diet failure, despite the scientific evidence that shows that maintaining weight loss is virtually impossible.

That’s why Stress Eating Solutions is different. This is not a one-size-fits-all weight loss program that leaves the client to deal with their own “Will and Won’t Power”. This unique program focuses educating a dieter to learn about how & why they gained weight (it’s not necessarily from over-eating!) and dispelling MYTH-information about dieting and exercise.

Stress Eating Solutions will help your clients and customers because it addresses the stress triggers that can be the cause of weight gain. Whereas Mindful Eating programs teach people to allow themselves to eat all foods mindfully, and learn about their hunger and satiation signals, they ignore the issues that trigger out of control eating as a response to stress. Because so many of the Mindful Eating Gurus are thin, many people are adopting Mindful Eating as a “new diet” strategy to lose weight and have unrealistic goals that will not be realized.

One of the best parts of Stress Eating Solutions is the techniques and tools your client will learn will spread into all areas of their lives, giving them the ability to become resilient to stress. It’s like a Mind-Body tune up!

You can feel confident that your customers and clients will receive the respect, information and support that they need. SES offers truly  life-changing information and programs that will boost their self-confidence, self-esteem and general well-being. And you know, that touches every aspect of a life – from interpersonal relationships to work and their world in general.

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You can rest assured that I will treat your clients with the same professional and caring approach that you do!

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