Anti-Fat Bias

anti-fat bullies pointing at a heavy woman are mean

Anti-fat bias is not the exception, but the cultural rule. And it is based on the MISCONCEPTION that people get fat by being gluttonous and lazy. That faulty belief leads to the conclusion that you can get thin if you diet and exercise. This assumption then leads to the certainty that you choose NOT to do the work to get thin because you have a character flaw. ALL OF THIS is PATENTLY FALSE and based on biased research and beliefs that end up discriminating and hurting a large portion of the population unnecessarily. 

Eat Less and Exercise More To Lose Weight

best exercise- woman on stationery bike has over-exercised and created stress
extreme exercise to lose weight
plus size woman on stationery bike

The belief that all you need to do is "eat less and exercise more" in order to get thin magnifies into the acceptable biases from all institutions: government, healthcare, education, and media. It becomes an anti-fat bias that is established and the foundation of how fat people are treated in every aspect of their lives. They are blamed for creating their own problem and then being too lazy to reform their condition. Despite unbiased research that demonstrates that most of the cause of weight is genetic and unchangeable, this anti-fat bias is pervasive in our culture.

How To Stop Anti-Fat Bullying

The bullies who berate fat people are totally ignorant of these facts, and continue to berate and blame fat people. They justify their mean words and actions by saying something like: "if you want it to stop the bullying just lose weight!" 

It's like they think that a fat person never heard of a diet! I have never met a heavier person who hasn't tried some kind of restricted diet or exercise to lose weight. They are some of the most disciplined and hard-working people! But the fact is, even if dieting and exercise did work to drop some pounds the weight loss is never maintained for 98% of the population! That's not because someone cheated, but because it is a natural response of the body to bring you back to a higher weight set-point!

And furthermore, weight-cycyling is  more dangerous to your health! It's known as yo-yo dieting, where you go up and down, losing weight and then going back to a higher weight time after time. But people with an anti-fat bias still blame the heavier person and think that they are lying, cheating on their diets, or didn't try hard enough.

Anti-fat Bias Overshadows Everything in your Life

anti-fat biased bully angry and pointing

The anti-fat bias is not something that you can ignore if you are larger bodied. It shapes the course of your life- and can sometimes even cause your death when your doctor ignores real medical issues and blames everything on your weight!

Anti-Fat Bias Mindset

The worst and saddest thing is when YOU BELIEVE that you created this problem in yourself. Anti-fat brainwashing and gaslighting are so pervasive that you must consciously work to start believing that:

  • You are not going to get sick because you have a larger body
  • Dieting does NOT achieve the goal of losing and maintaining weight- even if you make a "lifestyle" change.
  • Restricting foods and dieting is actually WORSE for your physical and mental health than simply accepting where you are at in your weight
  • You have no reason to apologize for your weight
  • You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity
  • YOU start with TREATING YOURSELF and your body with respect and dignity
  • You become assertive and educate others to stop "trying to help you", make mean comments, discriminate or treat you differently than THEY want to be treated as a smaller bodied person.

Eliminating Anti-Fat Bias

Understand this:

you cannot give away something that you don't have yourself

If you don't treat yourself with respect and dignity then you can't expect others to treat you this way. If you hold prejudice against other "fatter" people, you have this feeling about yourself. 

anti-fat-shaming thin woman making an ugly face

Do a mental check to see if you compare your body to others and find fault with other fatter people. How do you "feel" when you see fat people? This will help you realize your own conditioned prejudices against fat that you must work to end.

You must completely banish this anti-weight bias mindset against yourself and eliminate dieting from your life to live a happier and healthier life. It begins with YOU. Get educated about the truth about dieting. That will help you forgive and accept yourself. At that point you will be able to stop berating yourself  and teach others to stop have an anti-fat bias that blames people for their larger bodies. 

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