Addicted to sugar? the food police is the Diet Industry that is lying to you

Carbs and Sugar Making you Fat?

Carbs are sugar are being blamed for making you fat.  Some people actually claim to be "addicted" to sugar! But then, why don't you just eat sugar with a spoon right out of the sugar bowl? 

But are they actually responsible? Some people claim that you can even become addicted to sugar. So many people are concerned about losing weight and preventing disease and blame carbs and sugar for making you gain weight and trying not to eat any of them. And that's one of the prime reason for stress-eating. When your inhibition is low (during stress or drinking) you grab for the thing you've been avoiding. Restricting carbs and sugars makes you want them even more. You feel like a victim when "everyone else" can eat them, but not you! That's why it's important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to weight issues.

The Effect of Eating Carbs

A recent study by nutritional researcher, Kevin Hall who works at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, where he runs the Integrative Physiology section has found real evidence to dispute the claims that eating carbs are making people gain weight. In fact, he's found in two rigorous scientific studies contrary to many predictions, that a diet that reduced carb consumption actually seemed to slow the rate of body fat loss and increased the loss of lean body mass!

Carbs Vs. Starches

Vegetables are carbs. Grains are carbs. But it unless you study exactly what KETO and PALEO diets are telling you, you may be skipping an entire food group that you need for health! With these diet plans they insist that eating carbs and sugar are making you gain weight. One type of food that contain both carbs and sugar are potatoes. These diet plans differentiate between kinds of potatoes! Sweet potatoes are OK according to Paleo, but not white potatoes. That would seem to be counter-intuitive because yams and sweet potatoes seem to have more sugar in them. And sugar is another enemy of these new diet plans.

That's just one of the reasons that it's hard to figure out what they want you to eat, and what to avoid.

Is Sugar Bad For You

Gurus have said that sugar is so bad for you that it can cause cancer along with making you get diabetes and gain weight. They say that eating sugar is addictive and lights up pleasure sensors in your brain. But is that the truth? They are blaming excess sugar for causing the obesity epidemic. 

Look at this chart about sugar consumption and you will see that their claims are false!

chart showing relationship between sugar uptake and obesity in the US
As you can see from this USDA chart, over the years sugar intake has gone down, while obesity levels have gone up!! It seems that carbs and sugar are not responsible for the obesity prevalence.

Processed Foods Make You Eat More

Hall believes from the research that it's ultraprocessed foods that are the culprit in people overeating and gaining weight. But he also says that "that there are different avenues to becoming obese depending on one’s genes.”

Other researchers think it's the combination of carbs and fats, sugar and salt that confuse the brain so you don't realize that you are overeating.

do french fried cabs make you gain weight

Do You Eat Fast Food or Junk Food?

There is no definitive answer why some people will overeat and gain weight and while others will overeat and NOT gain weight. Again, it points to some genetic or other factors the researchers are unable to determine.

Doctors Stupidly use the BMI to determine your best weight

I'd bet that the majority of doctors have NO IDEA what the BMI was originally created to do! And yet, they will tell you to cut out certain food and lose weight to lower your BMI. Furthermore, there is NO DIET, no exercise, no lifestyle change that has been proven to be effective for maintenance of weight loss from said diet plan. AND, weight cycling is even worse for your body than maintaining your weight and getting some movement and light exercise (I call it "play"). 

quote: I wish I was as fat as I thought I was when I first started dieting, photo of average sized woman
Lianda plus size tennis player
plus size Lianda with skinny Yolanda exercised together for many years

Are You Like Me?

When I finally learned that dieting was causing my weight gain I stopped dieting. But I had already damaged my metabolism from decades of dieting. I haven't had a fast food meal for over 25 years (I know because that's when my kids were little). I eat mostly at home from meals that I cook from scratch. I eat mostly organic food and have vegetables and fruit during the day. And yes, I eat EVERYTHING.

That means I don't stress eat, or binge on cookies because I know I can eat one anytime. And I have a small appetite which I think is because I under-ate for so many years. I even have HYPERthyroid, which is supposed to make you lose weight quickly. And yes, I exercise. I do yoga, I play active tennis (I can really cover the court and run like crazy!) and the other days I walk my hilly neighborhood.

My weight has not budged a bit. I know this because of the way my clothes fit. And I now know many other women like me. We eat healthfully, eat everything mindfully and in moderation. Our weight has stayed the same. The good news, IMO is that I haven't gained any weight from eating everything. And I look just like my mother did at my age, although she NEVER exercised, and didn't eat organic food or filtered water! LOL

Stress and Overeating

One thing that we DO know is that stress affects your metabolism. The longer the stress lasts the more it will damage your body. Dieting is stressful for both your body and your mind. Dieting has such a low rate of success and high rate of regaining weight you lost. This condition, referred to as yo-yo dieting or weight cycling is actually more harmful for your heath than simply maintaining your weight (via stress relief) and getting fit. That means NOT like an Olympic athlete, but so you can walk 2 miles at a brisk pace without getting winded. That's no so bad! And it will be the healthiest thing you can do to extend you life- especially if you cut out the processed foods!

Bottom Line Answer To Are Carbs and Sugar Making You Fat?

NO. There are many factors that have to do with your weight. My skinny friends stuff themselves with carbs and sweets. They CAN'T GAIN weight! We ultimately do not know what makes you gain or what you can do to maintain any weight loss. But we DO KNOW that stress eating can make you gain weight - but if it's from the stress or the bingeing has not been 100% determined.

Don't forget to pick up my free report so you can learn fast and effective ways to stop stress eating even before it starts! 

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