Do you expect perfection from yourself, or from others? Is it hard for you to expose your vulnerabilities and let people see the REAL you? Do you worry that if people knew who you really were, with all your flaws, that you would be friendless and alone?

It’s exactly the opposite. Only by living in that gray area, where you are willing to expose yourself, where you have the courage to let others see your true self, will you develop real connections with others. You MUST let yourself be seen. Believe in your worthiness by practicing self-disclosure and finding that others love you DESPITE, how you judge yourself.

The way to health is by living through your heart. It’s by being in alignment between what your head thinks, your heart feels, and your body expresses through it’s actions. When you live in alignment between this 3 part system, your stress will be gone. This is a recipe for happiness and health. When you hide who you really are, it always ends up coming out anyway – through self-medication, addictions, depression, anxiety, over-eating of comfort food that really doesn’t comfort you anyway!

This TED talk (I LOVE TED, and you should definitely subscribe to is a talk that can change your life. Is it worth 20 minutes of your time to watch and learn the path to joy is by living “whole heartedly”. That’s just what I teach you to do through HeartMath®. When you’re ready to share your vulnerability, I’m here to help you.



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