Do you struggle with cravings, binging and emotional eating?

Do you feel like you are addicted to carbs?

When you want to lose weight, you may think you KNOW what to do, but that’s only the first part of problem. We ALL know what we want to do, but how often are you able to consistently stay on course? People say that they have stopped addictions – like cigarette smoking, MANY times. But they have gone back to smoking one time more than they have quit. It’s the same thing with dieting.

Most people think that the way to lose weight is by cutting calories and exercising. Yes, you may lose weight in the beginning, but soon your weight loss is going to slow down to a crawl. You’ll probably get really frustrated, and think: “WHY should I eat like a rabbit, and exercise like a race horse, when I’m only losing ¼ of a pound a week??”

That’s when people give up, and go back to their regular eating habits. And slowly, but surely the weight comes back – PLUS, Punishment Pounds for going on a diet in the first place! That’s what’s called the yo-yo syndrome. You go down, you go up!

I KNOW that dieting isn’t the way to keep the weight off. I never encourage anyone to go on a calorie restricted diet and increase their exercise. It’s exactly the WRONG thing to do if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Your body is not meant to work that way! 

But the other issue is: How do you continue to do the things you KNOW you want to do?  (e.g. stop eating carbs)

  • when you are at a party, and practically ALL of the foods are high in carbs? 
  • How do you refuse your mother in law’s specialty dish, that’s filled with the foods you are trying to avoid?

In essence, how do you take what you KNOW, and make it become what you DO? There’s a big gap between those two – one is in your head (knowing), and the other is in your body (doing). That the difficulty for most people. That’s where WILL and Won’t power; discipline, conviction are the actions you want to sustain.

But for many people, eating carbs are almost like an addiction! In fact, eating carbs has a reaction in your brain that stimulates serotonin. This neurotransmitter chemical promotes feelings of satisfaction and pleasure and decreases depression! This is identical to the brain process that occurs when you use addictive substances such as cocaine! So when you think about quitting carbs, it can be a difficult process if you are only going to rely on your will power and discipline!

But there IS a way to deal with cravings, binging and even carb addictions WITHOUT having to resort to will-power. I have seen it work for anyone who uses it – and it works immediately! You don’t have to change your clothes and do an exercise routine, drink water to fill yourself to the point you will vomit & pee and the same time; start to meditate of anything else extreme. It’s called EFT, emotional freedom technique. And it works! 

Would you like to learn HOW to use EFT? Read my article about it, and contact me for more information. It WORKS!  What have you got to lose – except extra pounds?? LOL : )


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