Belly Fat and Stress Go Together

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Belly fat is the place where stress shows on your body. You’ll see hundreds of advertisements for diet pills, diet plans, exercises to get rid of belly fat. But the fact is, your belly fat is telling you that you are under stress. That’s how your body works. So why would you fall for the Diet Industry lies that tell you that you can get rid of the belly fat by dieting if you don’t get rid of the stress??  It doesn’t make sense!

Stress puts belly fat around your middle in a number of ways. It’s been estimated that 80 percent of overweight it caused by emotional eating. That means that when you are feeling upset in some way: angry, frustrated, sad, even bored, you reach for food. Food actually become a drug that you take to manage your emotions. But “comfort food” doesn’t really make you feel better. In fact, after you eat it, you probably feel worse about yourself, which is part of the vicious cycle of stress.

Stress and Health

Stress has many negative effects on your health. Everyone knows when they feel stressed; even children now report that they have these feelings. But when you have emotional reaction to your thoughts, the effects of your stress in your body can actually be worse than the thing you think is stressful!

Stress and Metabolism

Stress changes your metabolism as a way to protect you. A reaction to stress is a normal, and healthy response that helps you to survive a REAL stressor. Just like animals in the wild, when they have to run away from a predator, cortisol, the stress hormone sends energy to the muscles, and shuts down functions that they don’t need for immediate survival. But in humans, stress is more often an a chronic reaction, or serial stress, that doesn’t go away! You get stressed in traffic, when you have a disagreement with your significant other or relatives, boss… bills are stressful, and DIETING is stressful for your body; and it never lets up. Your body’s physiology changes with continued stress. The way you digest your food, your metabolism, and practically every cell of your body is affected by stress.

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Stress of Modern Day Life

When stress changes your metabolism to focus on survival exercise and what you’re eating don’t matter as much. Your body is in a chronic state of stress. So many people are economically challenged, working too many jobs and too many hours. They are sleeping less and have less joy in their lives. Whereas in the past being with others had a profound positive effect on our health it's not the same now. Sitting in front of your “friends” and relatives don’t seem to count as much because people are addicted to texting on their phones instead of being present with actual people sitting with them!

Poisons in the Environment

There is so much plastic in our environment now that we can't even comprehend the effect. It's been said that we eat tiny particles of plastics, which are made  from oil in the ground. This article shows that we are eating the equivalent of one credit card's worth of plastic EVERY WEEK! Plastic particles have found in every place on the planet- even on the top of the Pyrennes Mountains far from any hint of civilization. Every day you will be able to find new articles about sea creatures that die with pounds of plastic in their digestive systems. You cannot digest plastic. And plastic NEVER BIODEGRADES. It's photodegrades and breaks into smaller and smaller pieces, blown all over the planet.


Safe Water Is The Most Important Change for Your Body

Most of the plastic we are getting in our bodies comes from the water we drink. Don't think you are protecting yourself by drinking water from plastic bottles! The best thing you can do is get a great water filter (definitely NOT a Brita pitcher or something inadequate like that!). I use a three stage water filter and make sure that I replace the filters when I need to! The majority of our bodies are made of water, so there's nothing you can do that is more important than this!

three stage water filter

We are killing our planet and everything that lives on it.

AND cooking on surfaces that have toxic plastics are endocrine disruptors which can also change your metabolism. That's non-stick cookware! Teflon! The plastic that you store your food in leeches out into your food! Part of why are people gaining weight has to do with these toxins causing changes in your metabolism. They are known as endocrine disruptors. They come from pesticides that are sprayed on our foods and other toxins and poisons in the environment.

How To Protect Yourself From Toxins

We have screwed ourselves and must get back to our real nature. Buy as much organic food as you can afford without stressing yourself out more. If you can, grown some of your own food. If you eat meat, make sure that you are purchasing pastured animals that are being fed properly and have decent lives where they are not stressed out to the maximum for their short lives. The stress that is expressed in their bodies is in the muscles in the form of cortisol. So you are eating their stress and getting it into YOUR body as well.

Being mindful of your present moment, interacting with people and taking time to relax and get enough sleep is very important. Yes, conditions that exist right now make this difficult if not impossible for people to maintain a healthy life. But you must make it a priority for you and your family. Have rules to turn off technology and interact during family meals. Talk to one another. Hug one another. Speak to them and tell them what's on your mind and in your heart. Yes, it's hard to do these things when you're in fear of being thrown out of your home and living in a tent under a bridge.

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There is No Substitute For Stress Relief

So do you think that taking a supplement is going to override nature’s NORMAL, healthy reaction to stress and let you get rid of the belly fat? Now you know that’s crazy – it’s time to change the way you live your life.

Don’t fall for the Diet Industry’s lies about pills, supplements, diet plans, over-exercise and other short- sighted attempts to get rid of overweight without addressing the CAUSE! STRESS and toxins are making you overweight and sick. Deal with it, and you’ll feel less overwhelmed, and have a better life.

Biofeedback device for stress relief- Inner Balance
hand holding an emWave biofeedback device


Emwave, and Inner Balance are the biofeedback kind of devices that I use to get my mind and body calm. They teach you how to focus away from the things that are stressing you. They show you in real time how you are improving the markers of stress relief in your body. I teach how to use them in my private Stop Stress Eating programs.

They are a great way to help you become more resilient and able to let the things that you bother stop getting to you! They have been proven to help you stop stress eating! 

The way to health is to manage your stress. For many people that will be enough to help you stop stress eating and prevent you from overeating. That will stop you from putting on additional weight from stress. 

Make sure to get my report to learn other great ways to stop stress before it stops you! 


Diet Industry lies

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