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Best Diet Books During Covid-19

We are living in the times of a “Perfect Storm”: ‘sheltering at home’ due to the Coronavirus, Covid-19; being a “stress eater” and are fearful of weight gain. Your “enemy” of food is around you all day. Are you thinking about buying a new diet book to help you get through this stressful event? It’s hard to know which are the best diet books to read and follow.

stressed out woman sitting on edge of her bed unable to sleep

If you are stressed or even bored, not sleeping well because of bad dreams that can all add up to over-eating and possible weight gain. This is a very stressful time, and chronic stress really messes up your metabolism! Maybe you think a diet book will help you get through this time without gaining more weight- or actually being able to diet?

This is a very stressful time, and chronic stress really messes up your metabolism! Maybe you think a diet book will help you get through this time without gaining more weight- or actually being able to diet?

The truth is, if there was one diet that actually worked, wouldn’t everyone go on that one and there would be no need for all the new diet books?

The Facts Missing in Diet Books

I have read more diet books and spent long hours reading about weight loss and dieting. I can tell you that the diet books all boil down to the same inaccurate thing: eat less, exercise more, or eat less of certain foods and stuff yourself on rabbit food. The only problem is none of it is based on actual science.

More and more the actual facts about “fat” are coming out even in the corporate media. I just watched a PBS Nova report on Fat! And for the most part it showed the facts. I hope you will take the time to watch it. It was NOT perfect however and had some very important misinformation*  (see below)

genetically obese mouse not discussed in diet books

The fact that no diet book addresses is that there is no one diet, nor ANY lifestyle change that actually can solve the diet dilemma. That's because diet books don't tell you that a vast percentage of people are heavier than they want due to genetics!

You see, there are many diets that will help you lose weight. But the real problem is there is no diet that can help you MAINTAIN the weight loss! That’s right. You starve, eliminate food groups, cut down the amount of food you eat, go on a new extreme exercise program, or totally change your “lifestyle”. But none of that solves the problem of maintaining weight loss.

Dieting Facts Ignored in Diet Books

It’s a very painful truth that women just don’t want to believe. You may have every reason under the sun to think that you “have to” lose weight. You may believe that you will get Diabetes or heart disease or cancer because you are too heavy. But all of that is totally untrue. The excellent books that I am recommending will show you unbiased long-term research that shows this. Obesity is NOT a disease. Being overweight does not make you unhealthy or susceptible to illness or disease. But DIETING can!

Conflicted and Biased Research in Diet Books

You see, the Diet Industry that makes way over $60 BILLION a year to convince you that you need to lose weight. They hire shady researchers (morons) and pay them to find results that make it look like dieting works. Then they hire famous movie stars and media experts to show you their before and after photos. They hire the best public relations and advertising agencies to make it look easy and doable. They even convince you that the reason that you have been unsuccessful in maintaining the weight loss is your fault.

But they are telling half-truths.

And you want so much to believe them because you are unhappy with your body. It doesn’t matter if you have 3 pounds or 300 pounds to lose. Women are so fat phobic that they will ignore the ridiculous statistics that show that dieting is actually worse than gambling.

Here’s your odds:

You have a 2-5 percent chance of losing weight and maintaining the weight loss.
You have a 95-98 percent chance of losing the weight and then regaining it- PLUS adding additional weight for each attempt at dieting!

Do you feel lucky? Are you willing to risk going up another size just to lose some weight?

Yo-Yo Dieting is Unhealthy- But NOT your Fault!

Furthermore, weight cycling also known as yo-yo dieting is unhealthy for your cardiovascular system and other important aspects of your health. You will be healthier by remaining the weight you are and starting a fitness program to get stronger! And btw, it’s not heavier women that suffer from osteoporosis, it’s thin brittle women!

cut the cord on Yo-yo dieting

Lifestyle Change Means Diet Forever in Diet Books

All those diet books now like to use another term: Lifestyle change. That simply means giving up your favorite foods FOREVER! Really, do thin people have to do that to stay thin? NEVER!

Wouldn’t you love to wave a magic want and be able to stop the focus of your life around food? Wouldn’t you want to stop considering every calorie, over-exercising until you are in pain, reading labels, limiting your choices about what you will do in life because there may be food you can’t resist, not applying for a job because you think you’ll be rejected because of your body size?

Your lifestyle as a dieter, as someone who is focused on your weight and size is so restrictive. You’re happy based on a number on the scale or on your clothes. You’re beating yourself up if you cheat or don’t lose weight after starving yourself in your latest approach: intermittent fasting. You’re in pain from being hungry, from looking in the mirror, from guilt because you ate a little too much.

This is no way to live.

There is a Better Way To Live

There is a better and happier way to live. These diet books outline the facts about how the focus on your body weight is destroying your chance at living a happy and productive life. It is going to necessitate work on your part to obliterate the gaslighting, the lies, the conditioning and self-blame and guilt.  

I know that until you understand and BELIEVE these facts about what dieting actually does to your body, you will resist giving it up. I’ve seen it happen too many times.

Health At Every Size

HAES (Health At Every Size) is an anti-diet book that will educate you about how your body actually works. This is the updated version with the latest research. It's a very important book that can save you a lot of pain in your life and prevent you from gaining weight from chronic dieting!

Do yourself the biggest favor you can ever do in your life. Read these ANTI-Diet books. Read them twice or more until it has finally dissolved the brainwashing that has you hating your body and doing something that is going to make your life even worse!

The Best Diet Books

The BEST diet books are the ones that tell you the truth about the dangers of dieting and why you should NEVER diet! The bottom line is, accept yourself the way you are NOW, because the likelihood that you will ever be model thin and maintain it is next to 5 percent. You deserve a better life!

dog licking the face of an owner- unconditional love even if you are fat

Love yourself the way your dog loves you- young or old, short or tall, thin or fat!

* My criticism of NOVA- They called obesity a disease. It is NOT. They didn’t address the issue that chronic dieting permanently lowers the metabolic rate. Which is probably responsible the reason for weight cycling, also known as yo-yo dieting.

They only pointed out the depressed metabolism on one of “The Biggest Losers”after six years it had actually gotten even worse and he could only eat 800 calories less than before dieting to MAINTAIN his weight!

My other criticism is alluding to the idea that lap band surgery “cures” the connection between the stomach and the brain and results in permanent weight loss. They never pointed out how dangerous it is, and the death and illness rates of the people who resort to using it to lose weight.  You can learn about this and more by reading the recommended BEST diet books below.

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