Guilt and Overeating

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Feeling Guilty: Overeating on Thanksgiving

Guilt is the feeling that so many feel because over overeating on Thanksgiving. It’s a time when most people overeat. One reason this happens is that these foods are only available during THIS time of year! It’s the same reason you overeat when you label foods as “bad” and try not to eat them the rest of the year. The real evidence about whether you are still in a  diet mindset is GUILTY feelings.

If you are still feeling bad about your weight and secretly hope that the weight will go away, your brain knows that you have negative feelings about your body. Those guilty feelings cause STRESS. And stress alone can alter your metabolism and effect your weight!

If you make a purchase of an article of clothing because it’s a smaller size than your regular size, you have  a diet  mentality. If you avoid getting into those Thanksgiving photos because you don’t like what you look like, you have diet mentality. If you overexercise on Friday after Thanksgiving you have diet mentality. 

Dieting Causes Overeating

When you allow yourself to eat ANY food, it is no longer the food you binge on when your inhibitions are lowered. Have you ever heard of anyone binging on broccoli? It doesn’t happen! Broccoli is delicious (with olive oil, garlic and lemon). But no matter how great it tastes you won’t over eat it because it’s a “good food”. You will never feeling guilty if you overeat salad or vegetables. 

I Love Chocolate

Like most women, I LOVE chocolate. But because I am “allowed” to eat it whenever I want, I don’t overeat it. I eat what I want and that’s fine. But when I eat chocolate I don’t do anything else. I let it melt in my mouth, swirl it around and really eat it mindfully. I make it last. And it does last and I don’t overdo it!  And the important thing is: I never feel guilty about eating chocolate. 

Feeling Guilty About Overeating

This is the real evidence about whether you are still in diet mind or diet mentality: feeling guilty. Do you feel guilty if you are thirsty and drink a lot of water? Of COURSE NOT! But if you’ve been a dieter, or if you are unhappy with your body, guilt is an emotion you live with when it comes to food. It’s probably the hardest emotion to extinguish permanently. It’s because females have been conditioned from the time we started eating solid food as babies about not getting pudgy or plump or GOD FORBID- FAT!! All that guilt causes chronic stress in your body. You probably have negative thoughts about your body and your weight many times a day! 

Only YOU know the truth. Answer yourself in your head and heart. If you feel guilty after eating, you need to change your stressful mindset. If you feel that you couldn’t eat ANYTHING in front of ANYONE, that is because of shame. This is such a hard emotion to overcome. 

Tap Away Guilt of Eating

When you have a strong emotion, a very effective method of releasing and overcoming those negative feelings is by using EFT Tapping. That stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s a tool that you use on yourself by tapping on acupuncture points on your head and body. The important thing is to be feeing the emotion as you are doing this process and tapping on these points.

tapping points for Emotional Freedom Technique on the head and body of a outline drawing of woman

EFT tapping is really an amazing method of releasing the negative emotions and lowering your stress levels. So often people eat from stress. It’s the way we were nurtured and shown love when we were just newborns. It’s the original conditioning that we received and it stays with us our entire lives. 

The mistake many people make it thinking that they will tap one time and the stressful feelings will go away. For some lucky people that may be the way it works, but for most people, especially when you’re had these feelings for decades, it will take longer to turn  them off. You may feel an improvement quickly, or you may have  to continue to practice whenever the guilty or stressful feeling arise.

Awareness of Your Emotions

Become aware of your emotions is the most important first step. Pay attention and describe your feelings so you can then “tap” on them and lessen the effect. If you are around other people and don’t want them to see you tapping, you can tap on your hand! 

Make sure to subscribe this site, because I’ll be adding new instructions for guilt about overeating shortly!  Help is on the way! Learn to jettison that guilt and forgive yourself. When you lower your guilty feelings and your stress levels go down, your life will be so much better! You deserve it…. and who knows, for some people just lowering stress levels will help their weight management.



llove yourself like your dog loves you, no matter what you look like - accept who you are

Love yourself the way your dog loves you! Young or old; tall or short; thin or heavy - Accept yourself the way you are and stop concerning yourself about what others think of you. Be even better to yourself than your own best friend! 

Overeating During Holidays

Overeating During Holidays

Are you afraid you’ll gain weight from over-eating during Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays? Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s actually centered around eating and eating specific foods! And for most of the meal, the items we eat are those we don’t typically have during the rest of the year. Lots of sweet desserts and even the vegetables are sweetened versions: like sweet potatoes with marshmallows! It’s  a recipe for binging!

How To Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

But you don’t have to worry about overeating when you listen to your body! You have a built in system that tells you how much food is enough: hunger and satiation. You also have a built in system that tells you when you need liquids: Thirst!

There are a few reasons that these systems fail to work. One reason is you overeat is from you denying yourself from having these foods during the rest of the year.

When foods are “forbidden” or “bad” and you resist eating them during the rest of the year, these foods become the thing that you over-eat and binge on when you’re around others who are doing the same thing!

Another reason you overeat is when you’re started eating and you’re busy not paying attention to your food. You’re eating mindlessly and not paying attention to the signals from your stomach saying: STOP NOW!

Another reason that causes overeating during the holidays is from early childhood conditioning. The food is on your plate! Are you a member of the “clean plate” group? That’s kids who were forced to eat everything on you plate when you were growing up? You were taught to ignore what your body told you. You HAD  to eat it whether you were full, or even if it tasted disgusting to you! – I will never understand how my finishing my food would help the children starving in Africa!

I was very lucky that my kids would taste the food I prepared. I had a rule: you have to taste it, and then if you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it. My son Ben had a “fixation” on a particular food that he wanted to eat EVERY DAY for lunch! “Peanut butter and jelly” – and if I cut the bread in half the wrong way, he wouldn’t eat it because it “didn’t taste the same” –  😂 After one year of PB & J, he went on to LIVERWURST!!! He had it at a friend’s house- I never served it. But I had to buy it for him so he could eat it every day! 🤪

My daughter, Sarah, on the other hand ate most everything – except FISH! One day I made fish fillets, but I cut them up in a different shape fried them up crispy.

“What’s this?” she asked innocently.

“It’s CHICKEN fish”, I answered, but put the emphasis on the chicken and almost whispered “fish”. 

Dutifully she tasted it. I thought it was delicious. But she said:

“Why does it have hair on it?” I laughed and told her she didn’t have to eat it. I realized that’s how her taste buds perceived the fish. I would NEVER make her eat HAIR!! 


How NOT to overeats during the holidays:

1. Start by taking small portions on your dish
2. ENJOY the food and pay attention to how delicious it tastes- when it doesn’t taste as great as the first few bites, that’s your body telling you: you’re reaching satiation
3. Cut you food into smaller portions and make sure you chew thoroughly – don’t talk and chew at  the same time!
4. Take your time eating. Make sure to smell your food and think about how it tastes.
5. If you want more, take a small portion instead of a glob of food
6. Don’t listen to people telling you: TAKE MORE! Your body knows how much you need- you don’t have to make anyone else happy by your eating- only yourself.
7. STOP denying yourself during the year, and then no food will be “bad” next year!

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s MY favorite holiday. Which is yours? Make sure to share what you are grateful for!

llove yourself like your dog loves you, no matter what you look like - accept who you are

Love yourself the way your dog loves you! Young or old; tall or short; thin or heavy - Accept yourself the way you are and stop concerning yourself about what others think of you. Be even better to yourself than your own best friend! 

Dieting Causes Stress Eating

thin person eats, while heavy woman diets

Dieting Causes Stress Eating

Dieting is a major cause for stress eating according to a study published in Physiology & Behavior. If you tend to gain weight under stress, you’re probably a “restrained” eater under normal circumstances.  That means for women who are constantly watching their weight, getting on the scale, avoiding “bad” or “fattening foods”, under stress the rules go out the window. So if you tend to have a diet mindset or are under stress, you’ll choose foods that you decide are off-limits like high-fat and high-sugar treats.

In contrast, it’s the opposite for “unrestrained” eaters, non dieters who are slender and just eat what they want, when they want and are not “watching their weight”. These people tend to eat less food when they’re under stress. It’s because they didn’t have a “bad foods” list- everything was allowed!

Why Some People Don’t Gain Weight

My friend Yolanda, the one who could eat more than a Sumo Wrestler ate cookies and snacks all the time. She never counted how many she ate. She just ate what she wanted. I sat by her and ate “rabbit food”. We were great friends from the time our girls were 3 years old. We played tennis together, exercised together (aerobics and step classes) and walked up hills together.  But there was a difference.

Old friends- Lianda & YolandaYolanda never gained weight! You can see she’s STILL thin (and her hair is even still red without coloring!!). But after every diet I regained the weight I lost and added a couple of additional pounds. Although I had “bad foods” when I was dieting, I ate everything- just a spoon full of ice-cream, or a cookie. I remember spitting out food unless it tasted good enough for me to “waste calories” eating something I didn’t love. Yes, I was disciplined!  But I STILL regained all the weight I lost until I got to the size I am in this photo, and stopped dieting completely.

The study went on to show that twice as many dieters eat from stress than non-dieters. Why don’t they have different stress reactions like having a drink instead? That’s because stress takes away inhibition and makes it much harder to be self disciplined. Thinner people probably who don’t drink for stress relief probably allowed themselves to have a drink when they wanted it. So it wasn’t on their “bad food” list. The things that you can restrain yourself from doing when life is good is no longer that easily controllable under stress.

For example, if you’ve been avoiding eating carbs or sugar most days, when something is really stressing you, you go right for those items. It’s even find it hard to stop eating them once you start. No, having one cookie is not enough, you have to finish the box. A dish of ice-cream won’t suffice- you have to eat the entire container!

Can’t Stop Eating

I was in my doctor’s office and chatting with one of the patients. When I told her I taught women how to manage stress eating she said- “That’s ME! I try to stop but I can’t!”

I looked at her and she was an average weight. She told me she used to model and really starve herself. But once she stopped that extreme low caloric eating she gained weight. She was terrified of gaining more and exercised by running 5 miles a day. It did nothing to bring her weight down. She said that now she has a lot of bad foods that she avoids and tries to stop stress eating but she can’t.

I explained to her that if everything was “allowed” the “bad foods” would lose their power over her. She got the point immediately. I explained to her that the foundation for stress eating is a diet mentality that comes from fear of getting fat.

Fear of Getting Fat

Our society is fat phobic. If there’s any epidemic it’s an epidemic of dieting. And if the diet industry and doctors told you the truth, they’d tell you that dieting causes eventual weight gain and there is NO DIET, NO LIFESTYLE CHANGE, NO ANYTHING that will make you lose weight and keep it off! Oh sure, having lap band surgery has a higher success rate, but do you know one of the side effects is ANAL LEAKAGE?? They tell you never to wear white pants. And I am NOT kidding! Do you think that’s a good trade for being thin? I sure don’t!

Since the time of the model Twiggy, the fashion has been to be overly thin. Don’t fall for this crap. So many of the women I counsel are normal weight and just living in fear of getting fat! It’s that FEAR that causes a focus and a stress reaction which can actually change your metabolism because of excess cortisol in your body. That creates belly fat.

We have to start accepting ourselves as we are, eating all foods and enjoy them. We should realize that exercise is enjoyable and do it because we WANT to, rather than the victim mentality of “have to exercise”. It’s time to realize that feeling good about ourselves is our RIGHT.

There are different body types of people all over the planet. Research is now showing that much of time the reason you gain weight is because of genetics – you probably look a lot like your family! For women, it’s so important to realize that we are more important for who we are than what we look like. Sure, it’s nice to be admired, but remember: if you are lucky enough to live a long life you are not going to look like a 30 year old your entire life. If you spend your time and money trying to achieve that look you are probably a pretty shallow person, and not very interesting to be around.

Love yourself NOW- just like your dog does (or if you don’t have a dog, imagine it!) old or young, thin or fat!

Love yourself unconditionally like your dog does




Lianda Ludwig, Stress and Weight Management coach

Oprahs Weight

Oprah before or after a diet

Oprah’s Weight

I use the “Oprah standard” when someone tells me about a diets. Oprah is the richest woman in the world- other than the Queen of England. Don’t you think she’s been able to hire the TOP chefs, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, psychologists, coaches, doctors and the rest of people who claim they can help you lose weight??

Of COURSE! But guess what? Oprah has lost weight- LOTS OF TIMES. And then, just like 95% of the population, she regained it! She may tell you it’s her fault. She’s had a litany of reasons why: she cheated on the diet, she didn’t exercise enough, she didn’t take enough time for herself, she doesn’t sleep enough, she has stress.

But she has ignored the TRUTH and instead blames herself. She’s too smart for that, and it’s really sad. Regaining weight is AUTOMATIC. Your body slows down your metabolism when you diet. It MAKES you lazy so you won’t exercise and you can conserve calories and not starve to death. Once the weight is on, it’s almost impossible to lose it permanently. Even IF you stay on the diet, don’t cheat, exercise and have plenty of sleep. Sorry…. but that is the Truth. And I KNOW you don’t want to believe it. But I’m not going to lie to you.

False Claims from Diet Gurus

I wish I had a dollar from every Guru who says that “she can make you lose weight”. Sure you can. But can you keep it from coming back after 2 months to 2 years? Probably not!

Do these gurus have statistics on the success of their customers who were able to maintain the weight loss? Oh, I “lost” their contact information after they finished the program and I changed their lives for the better…. they’ll tell you, or some other excuse.  I am so tired of all of these people with their own personal diet plans that have “helped so many people to lose weight”. It’s LIES. Maybe they were never heavy in the first place, but just think they know the special sauce that can save people from being overweight.

OR, they have found the way to only work with the 5% of the population who maintained weight loss. You see, every diet works – until it doesn’t.  And it’s not a matter of cheating, or being lazy. It’s a matter of science.

And I particularly love to look at photos of weight loss gurus who GAINED WEIGHT on their own diet plan.

So stop blaming yourself. There are lots of reasons that we gain weight in the first place. It’s partly genetics.

It can be from early childhood abuse, neglect or humiliation.

It can be from being stressed out from any number of reasons. And once the weight is on, it’s almost impossible to get it off. And dieting is one way you can almost assure that eventually you’ll gain MORE!

STOP Stress Eating

Learn how to prevent yourself from putting on more weight from emotional eating from stress. Get my free report and put a few of these methods into practice.

Lianda saying Be Yourself, everyone else is taken

Need To Lose Weight

low self-esteem woman's body with writing all the things wrong all over

Need To Lose Weight

When did you start believing that you need to lose weight? How did you first start believing that you needed to change your body; feeling like your body was flawed, not right? While men also can have body issues, this is predominantly a woman’s issue. After all, men don’t put-on make-up, color their hair, wear spanx! Some women won’t go out the door without “putting on their face” (make-up).

Someone or something convinced you that you were not good enough the way you were. And they learned that from someone or somewhere else. These beliefs are more contagious than the flu, and passed on for generations. And they’re reinforced by advertisement and media. Someone is making money on your dissatisfaction with your body.

all the things you could hate about your body

And the reality has nothing to do with “health” concerns. Doctors are “fed” information from the Diet Industry. In fact it’s the diet industry that sets the standards for what is considered “overweight”! This is the same industry that makes over $60 BILLION a year selling a product (dieting) that FAILS 95% of the time! That’s known as a “conflict of interest”. Research is funded by the same groups that want a particular outcome, and there are plenty of researchers who are willing to “find the results” that the diet industry wants when they get paid to do so. For example: the “research” that you will get diabetes or cancer from having too much weight.

IT’S UNTRUE. There are plenty of skinny people with Diabetes Type 2! Actuary tables from insurance companies will show you that heavier people (up to a point) live longer than people who are 5 pounds UNDER weight!

Doctor Says You Need To Lose Weight

When a doctor tells you that you “need to lose weight” – you should just tell them that it is virtually impossible!

 “YOU tell me a successful way to lose and maintain weight loss”.

They can’t. Because there is no known way!

In fact, medical science doesn’t even know why some people can eat like Sumo Wrestlers and NOT gain weight, while others look at food and it seems to jump right onto their belly!

How To Stop Needing to Lose Weight

So what’s the answer? It is accept yourself the way you are. At LEAST get to neutral about your body!  Stop berating yourself for not being able to look like an anorexic model. Your mind/body is STRESSED OUT from self-hatred. And if ANYTHING is causing the “epidemic” of obesity it is STRESS.

Obesity Epidemic is Really A STRESS Epidemic

How do we know that?

  • Because people are not gaining weight from eating wheat or bread or grains- The largest population on the planet subsists on grains: RICE. The majority of them are NOT overweight.
  • Because epidemiological research shows that the heaviest people are the poorest. It’s not from eating cheap food, it’s from their cortisol levels (the stress hormone) from living paycheck to paycheck and trying to make ends meet.
  • Because dieting actually CAUSES weight gain – from stressing the body into going into fat conservation mode to prevent starvation. This is an automatic and actually health preserving reaction to starvation!
  • Only 5% of dieters maintain the weight loss they struggle to lose. Dieting is STRESSFUL. Ninety-five percent of dieters not only regain the weight, but ADD additional weight after each diet. It can take months, or up to 2-5 years. And this is NOT from someone over-eating and “cheating” on their diet. You can only “hold your breath” for so long and then you end up gasping for air. It’s the same with a diet. How long can you refuse to eat with your co-workers, prepare different food for yourself than family, not eat cake for your birthday? And WHY should you have to? You shouldn’t! You CAN eat anything that they eat – and once you stop obsessing over it, and try to stop eating what you love, it will no longer have power over you!

Ask the person selling weight loss: they will NOT tell you what happens to their clients after they lose weight. You’ll get an excuse why they don’t have that information.

I help women who stress eat and binge so they can stop emotional eating, get control and make peace with food and their body. You deserve a break from dieting and being at war with your body and food. That’s when your stress levels drop and life becomes better in all ways! That’s when it’s not a good or bad day depending if you’re followed a diet or dropped an ounce or two. That’s when you find out that your contributions to the people around you, and maybe even the entire planet you make because of who you REALLY are in your heart and soul are so much more important that worrying about your appearance. That’s PEACE.

Are you overeating from STRESS? Learn 10 powerful effective strategies to stop stress eating at


Lianda, the stress eating solution coach-2018




Mindful Eating is Not the Solution

What they don’t tell you about Mindful Eating

You’d think that Mindful Eating is the solution to all diet issues if you follow the news. Actually they tell you that Mindfulness is the answer. Well guess what? It’s NOT the solution to life or to dieting issues. Sure Mindfulness is a great practice that can help you relieve stress and dial down your perception of what bothers you. But that means you have to ignore your phone, your texting and everything else you are doing in the way of multi-tasking. You have to do one thing at a time. I think Americans (at least the ones I see around me in San Diego) are addicted to mutitasking- especially in the car when they are driving and texting at the same time. Sometimes these same people are also eating at the same time!

I was driving and found myself next to a woman in the next lane to me with a dog on her lap, coffee in her hand and the phone in her other hand. She was driving with her LEGS!! Where are the police when you need them?? Probably there’s not even a law against that (at least in Arizona, where this happened).

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is simple. It’s paying attention to JUST EATING: not reading, texting, watching TV, talking with others. It’s focusing on your food, enjoying your food, taking your time eating and chewing, and listening for when your stomach says you have had enough. Your brain can really only do one thing at a time, although we’ve been fooled to think that you can multi-task and do many things. Your brain actually cycles between paying attention to the different activities or thoughts you are performing, and in reality it takes longer, you make more mistakes and don’t do any of the things as well as if you did it alone! Then there are the misconceptions about what mindful eating actually does…. Problem 1: So many of the mindful eating gurus are thin that you might think that this is a new diet –

Mindful eating is NOT a diet. Some people lose weight, some people GAIN weight and some people stay the same while eating mindfully. If anyone tells you that you will lose weight eating mindfully, they are trying to sell you something and not telling the truth.

Problem 2: You can still be following a diet strategy while you’re eating mindfully. You can diet while eating mindfully, but it still will have a negative effect on your metabolism because dieting is stressful for your body.

Dieting alerts your body to the fact that it’s getting less food- and to prevent you from starving it AUTOMATICALLY slows down your metabolism, and makes you feel lazy to conserve calories! It also puts your body into a state of stress!  

Problem 3: If you are stressed, mindful eating goes out the window.

Mindful eating takes practice- just like meditating. In fact, mindful eating is a form of meditation- focusing on one thing at a time. So many people in the west say they “can’t” meditate. But the truth is, it takes time and practice to be able to maintain your mind’s focus. There are some days when you’re great at it, and others where it feels like it’s next to impossible! And paradoxically, the days when it’s hard are the days when you need it most: when you are under stress. As with learning any new task, it takes time and practice. Start slow- for just a few minutes. Build up to 5 minutes. But commit to do it EVERY DAY. At some point you’ll find it’s enjoyable and getting easier. And this mindful practice transfers to other aspects of your life. But without a stress relief practice, being able to stay mindful when you’re eating and preventing yourself from going into a stress eating session and binging is HARD!

Mindfulness and meditation teaches you will power. That is one of the most valuable assets you can have in all aspects of your life. It’s the ability to make a decision and stick with it. I don’t mean the kind of will power  to say “no” to dieting or eating a cookie or dessert (because I know that dieting doesn’t work in the long run). I mean being able to eat a cookie or two and NOT eat the entire box. Having will power means that even though you want to buy something outrageously expensive, that you can control your spending and not put yourself in debt. Having will power means that although the guy is incredibly handsome and coming on to you that you don’t cheat on your partner. Having will power means that your do the things you commit to! These are just some of the ways that having strong will power can improve in your life. Having will power means although something is stressing you out you don’t go directly to the refrigerator or panty to stuff your feelings with food. You can hold off and try an alternative to eating to calm yourself down. Having will power in your life can vastly improve your mood and even your sleep.

Stress Eating and Mindfulness

Mindful eating does not address the problems of stress eating! That’s why you need to have a go to method of dealing with stress- to STOP stress eating BEFORE it starts! If you get my report: “10 Powerful Solutions to STOP Stress Eating” you’ll be well on your way to preventing weight gain from emotional eating. Get it now and read it – and let me know your favorite and most effective method.

Healing from Stress

meditating man having his head examined by a doctor with a stethoscope

Can You Heal Yourself From Stress?

I am recovering from the worst back pain I’ve suffered in my life. I’ve actually had a challenging back my entire adult life- from when I was very thin to now when I’m not! I’m mostly an active person and LOVE playing tennis. I take great pride in my “pronated” and strong serve and can even “ace” men – even at my age.? I play on a tennis team.

But all that came to an abrupt halt after something gave way in my back. After an MRI, doctors reported that I had a herniated disc along with 3 other bulging discs and other not so great stuff going on in my back. Two out of 3 doctors told me I needed back surgery. It was FRIGHTENING along with the pain. Being afraid is stressful and actually worsened my condition. When I was finally  able to control my stress response is when I started healing!

Miracle Healing is NOT Woo-Woo

Healing comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s from the medication and treatment that your doctor prescribes. Other times, your doctor’s diagnosis can make you sicker and there are many documented cases where people who were misdiagnosed actually died from a disease they didn’t have!

What makes the difference? It’s belief in your ability to heal. And now there is scientific proof that your attitude, beliefs, intentions and prayers DO make a difference in your ability to heal from practically ANYTHING.

Let me tell you what happened to me… In the midst of this terrible pain, a friend arrived after attending a conference called Science and Spirituality. He was so excited about what happened in the conference. He was so kind and generous and bought me two books from the presenters. He didn’t even know how I was suffering at the time! But his timing was perfect. I jumped right into the book by Lynne McTaggart: “The Power of 8”.

Healing with The Power of 8

Synchronicity and Healing

As I read The Power of 8, I was amazed that I personally knew two important people written about in the book! I felt as if the book was talking to me. It seemed like synchroncity – The simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. These kind of events happen a lot in our lives, but then you say it’s “just” coincidence… But what if it’s not? What if it’s truly a healing delivery system that is MEANT to show you that all things are possible?  And in my case, that’s what happened.

The Power of 8 accelerated my healing. My back is almost back to normal- but I plan to use these methods to get it BETTER than before. I definitely don’t ever want to have a similar experience.

And one of the most exciting things that I’ve learned from the book is that you have the ability in that group of 8 people to put out an “intentional ask” to the universe, God, or whatever your belief system is FOR OTHERS to heal! And there are documented effects that have been nothing short of miraculous! The icing on the cake is this: there is a rebound effect… so when you are putting your intention to help someone else, you too have a positive change in your life. If you’re not sick, it can change other aspects and improve them for you, just by helping others.

Controlling Stress and Your Weight

If you’ve read on this site, you’ll see that stress is one of the strongest contributing factor to weight gain. I’m encouraging you to use the Power of 8 intentions to help you control the stress and help you with your weight. I’d love to hear how it works for you. It’s not just as simple as asking…. but the book explains it all. You can also check out Lynne McTaggart’s website and read her other books as well. She is a well respected journalist who makes sure the evidence backs up any claims that people make.

Share Your Story

Sharing seems to be one of the strongest driving forces in The Power of  8 people to help people change their lives. I’ve been sharing information that I’ve been reading, and telling people: you HAVE TO read this book! You may be able to get it in the library – but it would definitely be worth it to purchase it for yourself and share it with a potential group that you establish.

Please write and let me know how it has worked for you!

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