assertive fat woman - don't try to fat shame her

Fat shaming response

Why is it that people feel entitled to make fat shaming comments about your weight? You don’t even know them? You’re eating at a restaurant, walking down the street, shopping for groceries. Maybe you have become hypersensitive to other’s eyes on you, their laughter after looking in your direction. You can feel their judgment of your personality as a cause for your weight- they think you must be lazy and can’t control yourself.

Sad, unhappy woman stress eating chocolate and sweets

Dieting Causes Stress Eating

Dieting is a major cause for stress eating according to a study published in Physiology & Behavior. If you tend to gain weight under stress, you’re probably a “restrained” eater under normal circumstances. That means for women who are constantly watching their weight, getting on the scale, avoiding “bad” or “fattening foods”, under stress the rules go out the window. So if you tend to have a diet mindset or are under stress, you’ll choose foods that you decide are off-limits like high-fat and high-sugar treats.

diet books fill the shelves of book stores

Best Diet Books

Best Diet Books During Covid-19We are living in the times of a “Perfect Storm”: ‘sheltering at home’ due to the Coronavirus, Covid-19; being a “stress eater” and are fearful of weight gain. Your “enemy” of food is around you all day. Are you thinking about buying a new diet book to help you get through …

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woman eating food she doesn't like is not mindful eating

Mindful Eating is NOT Enough

Mindful Eating, or intuitive eating is a newer approach to controlling the amount of food you eat by paying attention. But it is still not going to be a solution to out of control binging or emotional eating. And for many women, they secretly are still hoping that this approach will help them lose weight. The best trainers will tell you “this is NOT a diet” or another way to restrict the food you eat, lots of women still believe it may be a way to lose weight. However, when all you see are average weight women teaching this approach, and pictures on the website of size 10 women, you can be misled to believing it helped them – “and maybe it will help me?”

cold hands can be a symptom of depressed metabolism

Cold Hands and Cold Feet

Do you have a low body temperature, under about 97.8? Your body temperature is an indication of the strength of your metabolism. Healthy children typically have warm little bodies. Their hands and feet are warm, their hair is thick and shiny.

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