a dinner plate after the meal was completely eaten.

Were you taught to “clean your plate” at meals?

Were you taught to clean your plate by your parents when you were a child? Those lessons, learned even before the age of 6 become part of your subconscious mindset. You may be over-eating in your present life because of your subconscious programming from your early childhood created by your parents.

When I saw this really funny Youtube video, I thought immediately about how this well-meaning father was conditioning a potential weight problem in his adorable son. Think about how so many parents do the same thing! REALLY: Do you think a baby would starve themselves to death by denying themselves food when they are hungry?

By forcing children to eat food, you are teaching them NOT to trust their own body’s signals of hunger/thirst/satiation/need for sleep. I know that as parents, you think that your child “needs” more food- but THEIR body knows best! It’s important for parents to realize (in most cases) that this is damaging, and not helping their young child. (The exception is when a child has developed an eating disorder- but that’s a different story – probably the result of a very stressful, humiliating event that you may not even know about.)

This video also points out the effect of multi-tasking that adults routinely do while eating a meal. Put on the TV, and you are mesmerized into eating everything in front of you. You forget that your stomach is sending you a message: “STOP EATING – You’ve had enough!

I recently had a comment from a reader who watched this Youtube video.

OMG yes- I am a card carrying member of the clean plate club.And hate it.
It is almost impossible for me not to finish food put in front of me, so the only way I ever lose weight was to size down the portions. But that was okay, my family’s portions were much too large! …Plus the way I coped with this as a kid was to leave the very tastiest bits for last, so I WANTED to finish all of it, even if I was full. I still have to consciously remind myself at every meal to eat the best bites first!

Learn from these examples:

  • Don’t multi-task while eating
  • Consider if you too, are a member of the “clean your plate” group – try to break through that conditioning with conscious eating
  • Don’t force food on others – especially if you are a parent!

You’ll feel so much better when you pay attention to and trust your body!



Are YOU a member of the Clean Your Plate Group? How has that effected your present weight? Please help others by sharing your comment below! 



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