Can You Taste Confidence?

You don’t have to eat the creamiest, velvety, sweet luscious piece of chocolate to experience they joy of tasting it. Your MIND can take care of that. Your heart is the place that knows what it is you love… When they work together to imagine and feel, the resulting joy is the result of your head, heart and then your body being in alignmentFULL Agreement. In fact, your mouth is probably watering when you think about that wonderful chocolate you are imagining! (Kind of like Pavlov’s dogs, no?)

You can see the “mind part” of the experience. But beware, because there’s a negative side to this. For many people, all you need do is to conjure up a worst case scenario, or something you’re afraid of, and your body starts tightening up. Your breathing and blood pressure will change, as will the hormonal release of cortisol when you are truly “there” in your thoughts. That’s the danger of focusing on negativity – your body is paying the price.

So what does this have to do with confidence? When you are focused on what you CAN do, what you HAVE done successfully, (even if it’s different from what you are attempting) you have a positive attitude. Your emotion lightens up, and your posture straightens up as the frown creases in your face! You’re now in alignment, and more able to BE successful. When you KNOW; when you are feeling confident, and your body is acting confidently, procrastination becomes a thing of the past!

So, how is confidence better than chocolate?  Well, actually, I lied. It isn’t better than chocolate, but just as good! However, you don’t get calories from experiencing the joy of feeling powerful, able, excited and ready to tackle anything. You just KNOW that YOU CAN DO IT!  You don’t need to trick yourself with threats and promises. And you can CREATE the EXPERIENCE of confidence with your mind, your heart and your body working together in alignment. After you imagine it, and feel it, then you will take Confident ACTION and BE confident.

Make It So!





PS- Studies show that Dark Chocolate is actually pretty good for you!

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