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Coronavirus Pandemic Stress

Are you one of the people who are in fear of getting the Coronavirus, Covid-19?  It is causing stress for billions of people all over the world. As of today, the US has the largest numbers of cases of this terrible disease. Add to that the fact that every hospital and doctor say that they are totally unprepared with protective gear that they need to stay safe. AND, for the worse cases there are not enough ventilators to go around. Doctors are going to be forced to make decisions about who gets the limited supply and who to save. As an older person, that is very scary! But in truth, if there was a choice between saving me and a young person who has their entire life ahead (especially one of my kids) I'd choose for them to have the ventilator. I hope I'll be brave if it comes to that decision. 

High Risk For Covid-19

You may be younger and think that you are safe, but new information that is coming out constantly from doctors on the front lines fighting this disease are finding that even younger people are at risk! No one is safe. Yes, the chance of surviving seems to be better for younger people, but that doesn't mean that 100% of young people will recover unscathed! You MUST take care of yourself.

Family Members at Risk

Parents are frightened that their children are going to get Covid-19. And as the parent of adult children I am worried that my daughter who wants to go food shopping for me could be exposed to the virus! It's stressful all around.

How Stress Affects Immunity to Illness

Stressing out from fear of getting Coronavirus or losing loved ones can get you sick. In fact, lowering your stress level can improve your chances of surviving any illness or disease. In short spurts, such as avoiding a car collision, your body reacts with stress, but then it goes away quickly. But with the type of chronic stress we are all under, cortisol, the stress hormone is lowering your body's ability to fight off disease! In short term stress, cortisol is helpful, but long term exposure to cortisol opens the door to more inflammation. That's exactly what is happening in the lungs of people who get Coronavirus. 

Also, stress decreases the number of white blood cells to fight off infection! To add to that, when you are depressed or suffering from anxiety that also leads to higher levels of inflammation. 

How To Control Your Stressful Emotions

Inner Balance Bluetooth from HeartMath

There are many ways to practice stress relief that you feel from Coronavirus. But in order to KNOW whether what you are doing is actually helping not just your mind, but your body to destress you need feedback. That's what the Inner Balance and the EmWave 2  actually does.

By placing a sensor on your earlobe, the device is measuring your Heart-Rate Variability. That's one of the methods used in lie detector tests that show if you are stressing because you're lying. It is highly accurate.

The biofeedback type of device gives you both auditory and visual feedback showing when your mind/body and heart are relaxing. It's not about slowing your heart rate, it's much effective than that. You can learn all about the thirty years of scientific research  behind how HeartMath's programs work.

I use my Inner Balance every day and the effects last for HOURS. I'm getting better at controlling my anxiety about the future. Worrying about whether you will contract the Coronavirus doesn't make anything better, in fact, it makes it worse. Because the way you feel is contagious to others. 

I highly recommend you purchase the Inner Balance (for iPhone and Android) or the EmWave ASAP! Even though there is free training on the HeartMath site, get in touch with me for my inside information about how to use it even more successfully! It works. I want to hear from you about how much better you feel!  I want you to survive!

Build Your Resilience to Illness NOW

With the statistics now showing the US has the most cases of Coronavirus in the world, there's no time to waste. It's time to start working on your own stress relief practice to lower your cortisol levels. This can literally save your life! In fact, share your device with the people who are sheltering at home with you! 

Other Methods of Stress Relief


The mindful practice of yoga where you concentrate on your breath and the movement of your body are wonderful ways to get both physical and mental exercise that can lower your stress level. There are some wonderful teachers to follow on Youtube for free Yoga training. I'm also a certified Yoga instructor. Here's my most important advice: START SLOW. Don't do too much to start off. Start with a gentle class and build up. Because if you start with a hard class you can hurt yourself and then you won't be able to practice until you feel better!

Chi- Gong

I learned Chi-Lel, the first level of healing Chi. It's called "Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down". I was amazed how well it works. Do it with your friends, as long as you a at least 6 feet apart - or with your living companion. Master Luke Chan is a wonderful teacher. 

In the beginning your arms will feel very heavy, but they will get stronger. Just stay with it, and see how well you feel after 20 minutes of this practice. 

EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique, known as EFT tapping is so amazing that you will hardly believe how well it works. 

Don't Watch The News

Look, while you are inside away from others you are safe. You can jog, walk call people you love, start new projects you've been putting off - don't spend time watching the news. It will just stress you out, and there's nothing you can do about it except keep yourself from being someone who passes the Coronavirus to others or gets it yourself. Coronavirus stress can make your miserable even if you never get it. Just remember that! And practice stress relief!

and ps- here's a VERY important video that you should watch to the end.

That's all for now. Be well- stay well! 

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