Carb Binging?

Dieting during the holiday season can be difficult. I recently spoke with a woman who is in despair because of her inability to control her cravings for comfort food. No matter how hard she tries, she is unable to keep herself from binging on the foods she wants to avoid. She’s gaining weight, frightened about how she will ever be able to use self-discipline to control her emotional eating.

This is how she described it:

For the past month I’ve been on a true carb binge. All I want is more bread and pasta and cereal. Each day Irecommit to eating more healthy fats, protein, and fiber BUT it doesn’t take long before I’m back on trash foods. I’m gaining back inches and couldnt go out last night because nothing fits…my belly is huge again. And yet, I cant stop. It’s like I’m sabatoging my own success.

Here’s my answer:

I can hear your sorrow, frustration and pain in your post. The fact is, it’s not so much what you’re eating as “what’s eating you“!  It sounds like something in your life has set off a need to comfort yourself, and you’re trying to fill that spot with food. Until you understand that your body is giving you a message, and work to deal with the emotional  underlying situation, you will be craving; and angry at yourself. That only makes things worse.

There are excellent tools to help you get in touch with what’s eating you. Heartmath, and EFT (emotional freedom technique) can help you both understand, and manage the emotions. EFT meridian tapping, can actually help you to banish craving!

Be kind to yourself, and thankful to your body, and work to understand what is stressing you. Deal with that first, and the rest will come naturally. Our bodies are the physical evidence of a disconnect between our heads and our hearts. When your think something in your head, but your heart disagrees, you’re out of alignment. That’s a way of looking at what “stress” is in your life. When you have a stressor that’s bothering you and it goes unmanaged, your body gets into the fray – and you will develop symptoms. It can be a headache, tight muscles, stomach aches… Everyone has their own built in warning system. Learn where yours is, and pay attention. Deal with the stress or you will find that you will HAVE to deal with the stress because eventually you’ll  get sick – or overweight, or a myriad of other symptoms.

The bottom line: Pay attention, and honor your feelings. Listen to your heart, and live in alignment!  If you need help, I’m here to guide you!


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