diet pills are a temporary fix, and  will make you feel awful

The Diet Industry would have you believe that each new diet is the way to solve your weight problem. IF you follow their diet plan, take their miracle diet supplement, do this NEW exercise, your belly fat will disappear along with your over weight problem. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. Look at it logically.

If there was a way to lose weight and keep it off that had been discovered, everyone would do it ONE TIME, and then not have a weight issue!

If there were one food to eat or avoid, one supplement, one exercise, EVERYONE would do it, and that would be the CURE for Fat! You know that’s not the case!

I strongly and sincerely encourage you to get my free report, and discover that the “facts” you THOUGHT you knew about weight loss, are actually UNTRUE! If you have a weight challenge, this can be the most important thing you EVER READ. Because it will save you from the heartbreak of dieting and gaining back the weight! Click here, and prevent yourself from getting addicted to dieting, and punished in Diet Prison for the rest of you life! 

But, the fact is, there is ONE FACTOR that controls your weight. It’s called STRESS. Everyone “knows” what stress is, and says they have it from time to time. But there are many different reactions to stress among people. Some people eat to comfort themselves from stress. In fact, the common knowledge says there is even food called “Comfort Food”. For most people, this food consists of foods that their mothers or caregivers fed them when they were young. It makes you feel nurtured to eat these foods.

It’s not just the comfort food that you eat, but how the comfort food you are ingesting is effected by stress. When you are stressed out, you are paying attention to the stressor, or event/thing/person that is making you feel stressed. You are NOT paying attention to the fact that you are eating and already full, or that you weren’t even hungry in the first place. You were trying to fill your empty heart, instead of focusing on the fact that your stomach was not giving you signs of hunger! So you are overeating – and that’s NOT due to liking the food, or having a big appetite.

In fact, there are MANY people who eat next to nothing, and continue to gain weight, because stress is making their body store fat! Chronic or serial stressors change your metabolism! Yes, stress slows down your digestion, and everything along the track that food takes from entering to leaving your body! Stress makes you store fat  on your stomach. It’s nature’s warehouse for energy when you need it in the future. It’s BELLY FAT!

So now you know there is something that you can do to control and manage your weight: MANAGE your stress! But I bet you’re saying: I don’t have time; I hate to meditate; I do stress control….

Managing stress is the MOST important thing you can do for your health, well-being and weight (which is just evidence of stress going on inside your body).

My programs focus on STRESS prevention; and how to use eating to nurture yourself. You will NEVER be asked to eat less and exercise more. Your relationship with your body, with food and your self is the pathway to normalized eating and weight.

Don’t wait until you have been read the riot act from your (overweight) doctor telling you to lose weight because of your blood test results. Don’t wait until you have to buy a new wardrobe in the next size up. Don’t wait until you are miserable. Learn more about the Mentabolism Makeover Program and get back your health, well-being and happiness in one package!



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