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Dieting is the Real cause of a slow metabolism

You’ve been dieting, and up to a point, the weight came off. I remember thinking, it takes so long to take it off, and can so easily reappear after just one meal!

You struggle, avoiding the foods that you love, staying on that diet. You increase your exercise regime. You’re seeing results. You love checking in on your scale. Maybe you jump on it a couple of times a day. You can’t wait to see the number go down. Your jeans are buttoning easier! You are THRILLED!

But then it comes to a halt. Maybe not a screeching halt, but an end to the number going down on the scale. You can’t understand why! You’re following the diet to the letter.

You get frustrated, angry at your body. WHY should I eat this way when it’s not making a difference? You’ve been eating like a rabbit, avoiding all the treats while others are helping themselves. This eating is getting boring, and you’re constantly hungry, and thinking about your next meal.

Then you think, ok, you’ll get off the diet for a short time, and then go back on it. You assure yourself that you’ll still be “careful”. But despite still not eating what you “normally” ate, the weight creeps back! You can’t stop it! And to make matters even worse, when you finally stop putting the weight back on, it’s a little higher than when you first started your diet!

Your body is doing its best to stop the weight loss in a plateau, and then it squeezes out every calorie from what you do eat to put the fat back!

Your body is not doing that to punish you! It’s trying to PROTECT you!

That’s right, nature is at work behind the scene. As you are dieting, your body is shifting into a stress response that ALL mammals experience. Your metabolism is naturally slowing down from the reaction of less calories and increased exercise. Nature wants to keep you alive, and all indications are, you are in a time of low food availability.

Frustration, and anger, and sadness also contribute to your body’s stress response. But you still want to lose weight – how do you do it?

  • #1 – STOP Dieting IMMEDIATELY! The longer you stay on a diet, the longer it will take to shift your body back into your natural metabolism.
  • #2 – STOP over-exercising IMMEDIATELY! If you continue to burn excess calories, Nature is going to make you extra hungry to refill the coffers!

Your body has the perfect solution to show you exactly how much to eat and drink. When you follow those cues, your weight will adjust to the proper level. The problems begin when you “tinker” with the system. You eat when you are not hungry, as a reaction to stress. There’s even a name for that food you are eating: “comfort food”.

Make It So Mindset’s program is specifically designed to help you stop dieting, stop over-exercising, and reconnect with your body to achieve the proper weight of your body. It’s not “body work” but Mindset Transformation! And if you don’t stop dieting now, you’ll get in the yo-yo cycle; essentially addicted to dieting for decades; and getting heavier and heavier after each diet. I want to help you break out before you get obese from DIETING!  It happened to me after decades of dieting: until I realized the only way to lose weight was to lose the diet!

Check out this excellent program! You’ll realize that it’s the only thing that makes sense about dieting! Because the best diet is one you are not on!


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