Dieting CAN actually make you temporarily crazy and permanently overweight. A famous experiment called the Minnesota Starvation Study done during World War 2 proves this fact.

Minnesota Starvation Study

The Minnesota Starvation Experiment

This information was culled from an experiment done by Dr. Ancel Keys during World War Two. Conscientious Objectors volunteered to participate to determination the effects of starvation. They were eating 1,200 calories, which is what many women eat (or less!) on their diets. Results show the physical & psychological effects of 6 months of dieting. The participants become temporarily crazy from starving! Dr. Ancel Key’s book (Biology of Human Starvation) explained findings of these studies and went into depth showing the psychological and physiological effects of starvation. 

Afterwards, many of the volunteers reported that they would have preferred to be on the front lines of the battles instead of going through this experiment! 

Physical Changes:

-Decreased heart volume
-Slowed pulse rate
-Voluntary movements became slower
-Subjects felt older and behaved older

Personality Changes:

-Increased in apathy and DEPRESSION
-Sensitivity to noise
-General feeling of ineffectiveness
-Loss of ambition and narrowing of interests
-Increased neuroticism and hysteria
-Almost 20 percent of subjects showed severe “character neuroses”
-Two subjects bordered on psychoses including violence and hysteria

Then there was food preoccupation:

-That included increased interest and preoccupation with food; heightened cravings, food dislikes disappeared, they became possessive about food, increased gum chewing, smoking, coffee drinking, nail biting; purchased useless items

* Some participants escaped the study and binged, and then felt feelings of guilt, followed by vomiting!

The Diet Industry Doesn't Want You To Know This

The Minnesota Starvation Study is something the diet industry does NOT want you to know about. And they don't want you to know this: dieting can damage your metabolism to the point where you have to permanently eat less food in order to maintain your weight.

YES: for the rest of your life you will have to eat less in order to just maintain your weight! Scientists don't know how long it will take for your metabolism to recover from a diet, or if it EVER WILL!

Biggest Losers are Biggest regainers

FAKE NEWS: Before and After Diet Photos

Sure the Diet Industry ads show you movie stars before and after photos. But the real test of a diet is if you are able to lose weight and MAINTAIN that weight loss. But try to check the photos of your favorite dieter a year after they lost weight on Keto, Paleo or "lifestyle change". The vast majority of these celebrities have regained their weight. Look at Oprah. Check out Rachel Ray! Check out the biggest losers stories (after those photos above were taken, who knows how much more they gained?)

Dieting Is Stressful For Your Mind and Body

Dieting isn’t fun. In fact, following diet plans, taking diet supplements, exercising your butt off, is a stressful misery! I bet you can identify with some of the feelings of those men in the starvation study. You're preoccupied with the thought of food, what you're going to eat, when you're going to eat. You go down the street and only notice restaurants and food smells. You realize how much of your life is taken up with getting food: planning, shopping, cooking, eating, cleaning, etc. It makes you temporarily crazy when you are dieting! 

But according to doctors, “eating less and exercising more” is the only way to lose weight. Considering the paucity of research done on obesity, and the lack of success in all diet methods, no wonder 95 percent of people who go on a diet regain the weight within a few months to a couple of years.

No Will Power To Stay On The Diet?

Do you really think that ninety five percent of the population has no will power? The dieters I've spoken with probably have MORE will power. But the thing is, your body over-rides the will power by changing your metabolism as a reaction from restricted calories. Your body's prime directive is to keep you alive. So when you starve yourself, or even just cut calories, your body changes your metabolism to slow down and prevent starvation.

The fact is it is NOT about your will or won't power. It's about nature's response to restricted calories or over-exercise. It makes you temporarily crazy and damages your metabolism as well. 

And IF they are truly concerned about people's health, why aren't they protesting at football games or when people ride motorcycles? THOSE are the people who need their concern for health and safety!

But most people prefer to blame dieters for regaining weight, saying they have no will power. They didn't stay on their "lifestyle change". They blame the dieters saying they cheated, they didn't exercise.

anti-fat-shaming thin woman making an ugly face

But why is it they don't blame skinny people who eat crappy food and lots of it for never gaining weight? They tell you that they're trying to help you get healthy- but that's based on biased research that says being fat will make you fat.  

Yet most thin people will deny these facts and REFUSE to even read actual research that shifts the blame away from the dieter to the act of dieting! These people just don't like fat people, and that's the truth.

Damaged Metabolism

The saddest example of a damaged metabolism was in the contestants in "The Biggest Losers" TV program. They struggled, starved, over-exercised and totally changed their bodies. They were so proud of themselves and people gave them a lot of attention. But a terrible thing happened from their excessive exercise and starvation.Their metabolisms had been damaged from the stress of under-eating and over-exercising. It caused a stress reaction in the bodies. Their metabolism slowed, and no one actually has determined whether it will ever go back to normal.

That's what happens to EVERYONE who diets. Within a few days your body shifts to prevent weight loss. It used to be called a "plateau" when you stopped losing weight. My doctor would tell me, now you have to eat less and exercise more! I was already starving myself. I had developed symptoms of functional hypothyroid: cold hands, cold feet, low body temperature, my hair was falling out. That's your body telling you - FIND FOOD and EAT IT!

Starvation Studies With Women

In a number of cases among studies with women, the decline in metabolic rate was disproportionately great; only small losses in body weight produced large declines in metabolism among these women. – in reference to women under semi-starvation conditions… ~The Biology of Human Starvation

So if you starve yourself on a diet, you will create a big deficit in metabolism, which is like essentially shooting yourself in the leg in anger because it wasn’t moving fast enough to win a race.

Dieting is NOT the way to lose weight

Dieting is a way to damage your metabolism, and make yourself crazy as you can see what happened to the participants in the Minnesota Starvation Study! AND then you’ll end up gaining the weight back anyway! These men were out of control because their body took over. So, WHY torture yourself – and then end up gaining all the weight back anyway??

Scientific American -Exercise

Scientific American Study on Exercise and Weight Loss

In fact, when you consider how eating less slows down your metabolism- We KNOW that; consider the effect of eating MORE…. Yes, it does speed up your metabolism. That’s because your body is designed to keep you at a set point, and will balance the amount of food in with the amount of energy you expend. That means you should eat MORE! and more often!   But if you sit at a desk all day, your metabolic rate will be slower than if you have a physical job – but the latest article in Scientific American actually disputes that, and says, essentially that exercise a lot caps out the amount of calories you burn!

Your body will pull every calorie out of what you eat, and make you hungrier in order to maintain that set point! It’s BRILLIANT, don’t you think? Nature wants to keep you alive.

If you read the quote below from the great book: Health At Every Size by Linda Bacon you'll see that your body is a lot more prepared to control your weight than you can EVERY figure out how to do with diet and exercise. I suggest highly that you read this book, and STOP fooling with your body's automatic system! 

quote from Health At Every Size, by Linda Bacon

The Best Way To Lose Weight

I hate to be the bringer of bad news. We have no idea how to lose weight and maintain the weight loss. I know you don't want to hear this.

Any diet guru who tells you they have the answer is LYING to you. Yes, Dr. Oz is a liar. Oprah is a misinformed and desperate woman who is really lying to you. She has gone through every diet there is. She has people who cook for her, personal trainers. And she still regains the weight. She still blames herself. She is temporarily crazy, not just from dieting but from self-hatred of her fat body and dieting. It's really sad, because she is not a bad person, but she is damaging so many other people because she hates herself. She has made other women feel the same way, and now her reach has gone to younger children. Oprah is damaging an entire new generation with her obsessive thinking that people NEED to be thin to be healthy (a complete lie created by the Diet Industry) and attractive.

Prevent Additional Weight Gain

The best thing I can tell you is that you can prevent yourself from gaining more weight by dealing with your body image and STRESS in your life. Because the research does clearly show that stressed people eat "comfort food" as self-medication for stress. And that stress also changes your metabolism, makes quality sleep next to impossible and that affects your weight.

Don't wait until you "feel stressed". You need a daily practice of stress relief. There are many different ways to deal with stress. Make sure you do something EVERY DAY. That way you can stop stress eating, and prevent additional weight gain.  If you get my report you'll learn other great and enjoyable ways to deal with stress and improve your mental and physical state! Don't wait! Get it now!

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