Emotional Eating is Caused By Stress

Emotional Eating is also known called stress eating. That’s because something is stressing you out, and you reach for food to alleviate the stress.  When you do, you are actually trying to manage your stress with”comfort food” – but obviously it’s not woman stressed out eating comfort foodeffective. In fact, if you are eating emotionally from stress, you probably feel even worse after you’ve stuffed yourself. You feel guilty, you feel ashamed of yourself. So why would you think a diet is the solution to stress eating?

Emotional Eating can be the cause of weight gain,

even if you don’t overeat the rest of the week.

Stress eating is also related to dieting. When you restrict certain foods that you call “bad”, those are the foods you will over-eat and end up stuffing yourself with when you are under stress. I bet you never binged on broccoli! No, you overeat and stress eat the food you’ve denied yourself in any kind of diet you are presently doing.

Furthermore, being on a diet itself is physically stressful. And when your body is under stress, it releases cortisol, the stress hormone. That alone can make you gain additional weight from changes in your metabolism related to stress! So emotional eating is sabotaging your weight and your well-being.

Emotional Eating and binging are related

Binging is the way emotional eating takes place. Undoubtably, when you binge eat, you are by yourself. You don’t want anyone to see you stuffing yourself with comfort and delicious foods that you have been avoiding. You probably eat them fast as well.  If there are others around, you may even go into a different room to hide when you’re binging.

You certainly aren’t enjoying the food- because you’re not eating because you’re hungry and needing to fill your stomach – you’re feeding your empty (or sad) heart. But it doesn’t work.

How To Stop Emotional Eating

There is a way to stop emotional eating. And it has NOTHING to do with dieting! Dieting, in fact can be one of the causes of stress eating. You must begin to understand that food is not the source of your problem. Stress is the culprit that makes you emotionally eat!

Identify Stress Triggers That Cause Your Emotional Eating

People use many different ways to deal with stress: alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex….. If you are an emotional eater, you are using food for stress relief. The first step is AWARENESS. You have to learn what your triggers are that set you off into a stress response. And then that stress response sends you to the refrigerator!

emotional eating from stressful eventsThe Most Common and Biggest Stress Triggers

  • Death of a loved one.
  • Divorce.
  • Moving.
  • Major illness or injury.
  • Job loss.
  • Financial difficulties

This is only a small list. And not everyone is stressed at all from moving, or others events that some people find difficult and stressful. Your attitude is actually your decision! Your way of deciding what is stressful can be altered. Your mindset can be transformed quickly with powerful tools that I will teach you. You will learn new mastery over stressful events so that you don’t resort to emotional eating!

How To Manage Stress without Emotional Eating

Stress is something that we all experience, but some people are better able to manage it effectively. The good news is: You can learn how to Stop Stress Eating! It’s really simple, but it takes practice.

Does Your Stress Relief Method Really Work?

You may have tried to do different stress relief techniques, but how do you know if they are actually working? And in fact, if you DO practice stress relief, but you are still emotional eating, your stress relief is NOT working!

Meditation is one of the most effective methods for stress relief. But most people say they “can’t meditate” because their mind is always jumping around. You don’t even realize that you’re thinking about other things until many minutes have gone by. You don’t have the will-power to keep your mind focused. You feel like it’s wasted time. And it probably is!

That’s why I use the HeartMath system, which is different from traditional meditation (not based on your breath). AND it uses technology: the Inner Balance and/or EmWave – which alerts me IMMEDIATELY when my mind is not focused on stress relief.(Yes, I still practice stress relief- stress is never completely gone!) Either using blue tooth technology, or a sensor on your earlobe, the device tracks your heart rate variability. What is that, you may ask?  It’s the way lie detectors work.

The devices teaches you, like biofeedback and gives you a sound that tells you when your mind is wandering and thinking about going shopping for dinner, instead of being focused. You LEARN to keep your mind focused.  You no longer feel like a failure at using will power to focus your mind. You KNOW when it’s working. And that creates REAL, POWERFUL Stress relief that you will feel immediately!

And, as another huge benefit,  with continued practice the things that USED to stress you don’t seem to get to you anymore! Those are the stress triggers that used to send you to the refrigerator to eat comfort food.

You are building “resilience” to stress. And it translates into all areas of your life – dealing with stupid drivers, your equally ridiculous boss, your children fighting, your spouse being less than perfect… All of that seems not to bother you as much. AND, with daily practice (I’ll help you with that) it makes you more “easy going” and less reactive to things that used to stress you out! Best thing is, you don’t have to spend an hour meditating! This can be done in a short period of time – and you’ll enjoy it!

Emotional Eating and Learning Stress Relief

Once you have managed your response to stress, you no longer feel  like you have to “resist” eating. Instead it’s feeling like you don’t want to eat because you’re really not hungry. In fact, you’ll be much more able to enjoy your “bad” food- because nothing will be thought of as “bad food” anymore. Stress relief is the first step, and then incorporating Mindful (aka Intentional) eating will allow you to confidently eat whatever you want, when you want it without fear of over-eating.

EmWave Personal Stress Reliever

With the purchase of your EmWave, or Inner Balance (for iPhones and Androids) you will receive FREE training from HeartMath and an 20 minute strategy session with Lianda to determine the source of your stress, and devise a relief plan for emotional eating. 


Eating comfort food will no longer be your “go to” method to relieve stress. Lowering your elevated cortisol levels can help you sleep better at night (which also has an impact on your hunger signals), and calm your metabolism to keep you from gaining weight. Using the emWave is a necessity in my Stop Emotional Eating Program… and you can get started right away by clicking below.

emWave testimonial from obesity doctor

 If you are worried about your weight, don’t ignore the cause of stress eating. Get your emWave and let’s get started on the Stop Stress Eating on on one program just for you!

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