Stress Relief Not Comfort Food

STRESSED OUT and going for Comfort Food?

Everyone has stress. But some people seem to know how to cope with stress better than others. For those people who know how to manage stress, their lives can be filled with physical symptoms, unhappiness and OVER-EATING.

What causes stress? You’ve undoubtably heard this MANY times. Our body’s reaction to stress was designed by nature to aid us, in fact to save our lives from REAL stressors. It enabled us to escape from predators that were going to eat us! The only problem is, the way we live our modern lives has overloaded our systems, and we are using nature’s excellent life saving equipment to deal with things would never have concerned our ancient homosapien relatives: such as paying our bills on time, working with a boss that’s driving us crazy; caregiver burnout, driving in traffic… I’m sure you get the picture!

Stress is the cause of Over-eating

People don’t overeat on purpose. It HURTS to overeat! You feel bloated and uncomfortable. That’s because you’re not eating because you’re hungry- you’re eating because of stress. You even call that "comfort food"! The food may be comforting you while you’re sitting and putting it in your mouth, but not after you finish and then think about what you’ve just done to yourself!

Stress is the Missing X factor that ALL DIETS ignore! The reason that diets don’t work (the major reason) is because you are not addressing the CAUSE of overeating, only how much and what you are  eating . You must manage stress in order to be ABLE to stop stress eating! Because essentially, you are unknowingly using eating as a drug- but it’s NOT working! And a diet will NEVER work unless you eliminate the reason that you GAINED WEIGHT in the first place and are over-eating (or under-eating, which also causes weight issues and diet failure).

Biofeedback device for stress relief- Inner Balance

Carry Stress Relief With You for Immediate Results

Ok, you can try to do different stress relief techniques, but how do you know if they are actually working? They may stop the stressful emotions you’re feeling right then and there, but do they make you more resilient- so that the things that set you off no longer have power over you? Probably not. That’s where the EmWave2 Personal Stress Reliever (and the Inner Balance that works on your iPhone and Android) differ from all other stress relief methods. You LEARN in the moment that you are changing your response to stress. AND, with daily practice (I’ll help you with that) it makes more “easy going” and less reactive to things that used to stress you out!

The EmWave Personal Stress Reliever

This is a small, portable biofeedback (type of device) that can help you to STOP the stress response IMMEDIATELY, and even stop sweating the small stuff. With training and practice you will learn to become aware of the stress triggers in your life, and learn how to take their power away. You learn how to manage your reactions so that those old stressors are no longer an issue for you. The EmWave gives you feedback from your heart rate variability (watch the short video below) that you are actually reducing the effect of stress in your body, through using your heart and mind! It’s small enough to carry around in your pocket or purse. And the Inner Balance now has blue tooth to go with you iPhone or Android. With practice, you will KNOW you are improving inside, and definitely feel a shift away from the intensity of the stress and realize that you are not hungry and don’t NEED to eat to feel better. It’s not like “resisting” eating, it’s feeling like you don’t want to eat because you’re really not hungry.

How does the EmWave work?

The change in your perception and reaction to stress is not just from holding the EmWave in your hand. You’ll learn how to actually control your heart’s beat to beat change to a restful, calm pattern. It’s not about slowing down your heart, it’s about calming and organizing your heart beat. You’ll receive free training with HeartMath when you purchase an EmWave. But that’s just the beginning. It can literally change your life – and stop your stress EMOTIONAL EATING!

It’s even guaranteed for 30 days- but you won’t want to give it up.

With the purchase of your EmWave, or Inner Balance (for iPhones and Androids) you will receive FREE training from HeartMath and an 20 minute strategy session with Lianda to determine the source of your stress, and devise a relief plan for emotional eating. 

Eating comfort food will no longer be your “go to” method to relieve stress. Lowering your elevated cortisol levels can help you sleep better at night (which also has an impact on your hunger signals), and calm your metabolism to keep you from gaining weight. Using the emWave is a necessity in my Stop Emotional Eating Program… and you can get started right away by clicking below.

Personal Stress Relief is in YOUR Hands

If you are serious about managing your weight, don’t ignore the cause. Get your emWave and let’s get started on developing a program for you!

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