stuffing chocolate into your mouth and swallowing so fast you don't even taste it!

Do you binge on comfort food when you’re stressed?

Emotional eating, or stress eating results in eating when you’re not hungry.  Emotional eating is to fill an empty heart.

Emotional Eating is a response to stress. You choose comfort foods, almost like a drug – to make you feel better. It may feel better while you are stuffing the food that you haven’t had for a long time, but shortly after, you will feel a lot worse. You may feel uncomfortable from all the food you stuffed into your stomach. You probably also feel guilty for eating the food that you “shouldn’t” be eating.

I have never heard of anyone binge on broccoli, have you?
The reason is because no one tells themselves that they CAN’T have broccoli. It’s an “allowed” food.

The food of choice in a binge, and when it is “stress eating” is called a comfort food. It’s the food that you deny yourself when you are trying to be “good” or eat clean, or are on a diet. It’s your “devil food”.

There’s a much better strategy to eating that will prevent you from binge eating. It’s called: “Eat what you want!” Well actually, it doesn’t have a real name; but you get the meaning. If you don’t diet, and don’t deprive yourself of any food, then it doesn’t have power over you. 

The way to deal with binge eating and emotional eating is two-fold. 

#1 – Don’t deny yourself any food (unless it’s poison- aspartame, HFCS – corn syrup – or something you are allergic to that will make you sick).

#2 – Use stress relief to deal with the emotions that are making you feel stressed, and in need of comfort.

There’s a lyric from a song that explains #1: “Give me a drink of water, make it against the law; see how good the water tastes because you can’t have it anymore”.

If you always allow yourself to eat everything you desire, you won’t binge on it, but once you can’t have it, it’s the thing you want the most!

Stress relief is the most important activity you can do for yourself. If stress is what’s making you eat, it’s also effecting your metabolism. So you have a double negative effect: Eating more, and metabolizing it slower, so it’s more likely to make you gain weight.

Use your time eating as a mindful stress relief activity. Stop multi-tasking, enjoy your food, relax and restore your energy.

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