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Emotional Eating can take over your life!

Aren’t you tired of thinking about:

  • What you’re going to eat?
  • When you’re going to eat?
  • How you’re going to avoid those “devil” foods that you struggle to not eat? (chocolate?)
  • How much you have to exercise to burn off those calories?
  • How to avoid eating the things you want to eat?
  • How your weight is holding you back in life?

That’s why I’m so grateful for coaches like Isabel Foxen Duke, founder of Stop Fighting Food  — the ultimate resource on “ending the crazy” around food and one of the most unique and talented emotional eating coaches I know.

Isabel’s running a free video training series  this month that I’m very excited about. This training shares some of her most critical insights on emotional eating, binge-eating, diet-binge cycling, and “generally feeling crazy around food.”

Isabel won’t only address your emotional eating patterns — she’ll help you end all the crazy-making food and body thoughts that instigate those patterns to begin with.

Knowing Isabel’s work myself, I can attest that she knows what she’s talking about and produces serious results in the emotional eating world — if these are issues you struggle with, I highly recommend that you take a look and sign up for this free video training series.

Help yourself stop the craziness about food! Stop fighting and start enjoying!

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