Maybe you’re having a tough day? Are you dealing with some stressful event right now?  Watching other people being happy is contagious! I strongly encourage you to take 3 minutes to watch this video, and take a break from stress. Even if you are not being stressed, this is preventative, and great exercise as well!  Hey, stop even thinking about “exercise” and think about how much fun you used to have when you went “out to play”. That’s what life is SUPPOSED to be about: Joy, and having fun!

Get up from your chair, stretch, take a couple of slow deep breaths; these are great ways to get your body reset, and improve your metabolism. Choose happiness! Laughter IS the best medicine.

Did you enjoy that? Do you have the self-esteem and guts to do it, and not care what people think? What would YOUR song be? Love to hear YOUR comments-

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