I was recently reading review of The F*ck It Diet by Caroline Noonen on Amazon. She received a lot of positive reviews and a bunch of 1, 2 and 3 star reviews.

Review of the Reviews of F*ck It Diet

I know this sounds a little crazy, like I made a typo. I have read the reviews of The F*ck It Diet  and have found something very interesting. First of all, maybe for older readers, the title is not very appealing. 

But the actual reason The F*ck It Diet  reviewers gave it less than 5 stars fell into two categories. Either they held the author responsible for her "cherry picking" research to support her theory, or they didn't get information they had hope for about how to actually lose weight.

Hmmm, cherry picking research sound like they didn't like the findings of this particular research. And who wants to be told that NO DIET of any kind, including Keto, Paleo, Atkins, vegan, Lifestyle change, etc. is going to be the answer to how to lose weight and keep it off. That's because there is no known way to do achieve that goal. I know, it's very frustrating. But those are FACTS.

Well, there are MANY MORE diet books that cherry pick biased research that these readers would prefer to read. Diet research from the biased Diet Industry tell you how to lose weight. They tell you half-truths and lies to  make these dieters happy. But that only lasts as long as the weight stays off. Which is not very long!

Because if you are reading The F*ck It Diet book I'd bet money that your last diet failed and you're looking for a new diet that will work to keep you weight off.

side view of the cover of The F*ck It DIet

This book is for people who have been gaslighted by the diet industry. This book is for people who blame themselves for regaining the weight they struggled to lose.

This book is for people who are tired of restrictions and dieting.

How To Determine Whether Research Conclusions Are Accurate 

The The F*ck It Diet author has done considerable research to bring you unbiased research results.

I'd like to see someone who can thoroughly vet diet research and show REAL results that aren't biased. But you'd have to be a researcher yourself, wouldn't you? You'd have to find out:

  • Who funded the research? 
  • How did they design the research? 
  • How many people were in the study? 
  • How long did it last? 
  • How many people dropped out of the study?
  • How long did they follow the subjects after the study. 
  • Did the conclusions accurately reflect the findings of the study??

Those are a minimum of questions you need to investigate to find if research results were accurate! And if you don't know these answers there's no way to know if the study is true or false!

You CAN Lose Weight

Ok, I'm being mean. Most people can lose weight. (But there are some who can't no matter what they do, unless they are actually starving over a long period of time.)

But that's not really the issue is it? The most important part of losing weight is MAINTAINING weight loss!  

And that's the thing that people can't do. 95-98% of people who diet cannot maintain weight loss, through no fault of their own. 

So, getting back to the reviewers. These people still believe they can find the mythical diet that will help them lose and maintain weight loss. The only problem is, it doesn't exist! 

What is The F*ck It Diet book about?

The entire The F*ck It Diet book is about health and respecting your body and how psychologically you can be eating in a way that's healthy for you - physically and mentally.

This is NOT a diet book. It's a book about intuitive eating- eating the food that you've been afraid of. But eating them in a way that pays attention to your body's signals of hunger and satiation. It's a book about releasing your mind from diet obsession.

It's an important book. Read it! 


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