As a reader of Make It So Mindset, you know my message is that dieting doesn’t work. I went through decades of dieting, losing and regaining the weight, and blaming myself for each “failure”.  Believe me, no one was more disciplined than I was. I’d pre-punish myself “cheating” by eating my favorite food in my dreams, and the guilty feeling would prevent me from actually eating the food during the day!

I would exercise along side my slender friends,  and we’d go out for lunch afterwards.  I’d eat rabbit food (salad, low fat dressing, diet soda) and they’d be having yummy big sandwiches with mayo, cheese, and other wonderful ingredients. I’d go home and cry looking at myself in the mirror and wonder WHY couldn’t I look like her?!

This was before the Internet and social media– and I couldn’t find other women who were going through the same thing as me. I had to rely on my doctor who told me I was “normal” and all I had to do was “eat less and exercise more”. But how can you eat less than 1200 calories a day and exercise more than 1 hour every day?

Being online finally allowed me to  communicate with other women who had gone through the same experience as me – and who were slowly increasing their size with each diet. It spurred me to research and investigate this phenomenon.  That’s when I realized that I wasn’t alone with this problem. I finally realized that I was feeling guilty, punishing myself, and hating myself and my body for a condition that was created by DIETING!

#1 AmazonBest Seller

#1 AmazonBest Seller

That’s what I wrote about in my book, Diet Industry Lies that Make You Gain Weight: Why Eat Less and Exercise More is a HOAX Designed to Keep You Coming Back.  (what a long title!)  And I’m happy to report, that for the second time, my book made it to #1 on Amazon in the category of Diet Therapy! (if you don’t have a Kindle you can still read it on your computer or smart phone- the app is on the same page on the right column).  I have many really wonderful reviews as well- and that can show you that you are not alone in this struggle

I hope you will take the opportunity to read it. It can truly change your life and make you a lot happier with yourself. You will finally forgive yourself and stop the self-blame for diet failure.  And that just might be the first step for  your body to release the weight it’s holding onto.




PS- I also was #1 on the Mindvalley Mobile App: Omvana! It’s a guided mindful eating practice that makes Meal time Stress relief! You can listen to a sample of it at:

(be patient, the site takes a while to open…. Sorry). 



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