The Diet Industry is Gaslighting YOU!

If you have ever been on a diet, lost and regained weight, and blame yourself, you’ve come to the right place. You will NEVER read about foods to avoidexercises to burn calories or other ways to drop 20 pounds of weight in a week – because it’s all lies and manipulation.

The Diet Industry is “GASLIGHTING” women! The term comes from an old famous movie where a husband is manipulating his wife to make her believe she is going crazy. He purposely makes their gas lamps (it’s an OLD movie) get brighter and then dimmer and denies that anything is happening. He tells her something is wrong with HER! The movie had such a profound effect on the public that the word “gaslighting” became a psychological term to describe this insidious method to harm and control another person.

THAT is exactly what the diet industry is doing to you. They are gaslighting you! You know from all the times you dieted, that the weight eventually comes back. But the diet industry is happy to “gaslight” you by blaming you instead of telling you the TRUTH.  95-98% of ALL DIETS FAIL to keep the weight off. What other industry could sell that works TWO PERCENT of the time and still make $60 BILLION a year. Here is the psychological operational definition of “gaslighting”.

gaslighting manipulation by the diet industry

It’s time that you learned the MYTH-information that the diet industry is feeding you to keep you trapped in a vicious cycle of dieting, losing weight, regaining weight and dieting again. It’s manipulative and crazy making!

And the worst part is:

after each time you diet & regain the lost weight,
your weight set point goes HIGHER!

But it is ALL A BIG FAT LIE!

I want to share this information with you, so that you won’t diet yourself to gaining additional weight! That’s why I wrote this my free report to save you from the misery I went through.

Is Mindful Eating the New Solution?woman mindfully eating an apple

Maybe you’ve heard about “mindful eating” – also known as “intentional eating”?  It’s the newest thing in how to figure out how much you need to eat. It’s not a diet, even though most of the online Gurus teaching it look pretty thin to me.

What It is NOT

The really annoying thing I realized is: when I was looking for pictures of someone eating mindfully, the only photos I could find were thin women eating “healthy food” or very small portions. That is exactly NOT what Mindful eating is!! It’s just another one of those Diet Industry manipulations that make you think that eating mindfully means eating small portions and being thin. It’s disguised gaslighting. Don’t fall for it!

How Do You Eat Mindfully?

Mindful Eating, is a way of focused eating intentionally, paying attention to your food, and the signals your body gives you to tell you that you are hungry or full. It’s eating what you want- be that chocolate, ice-cream, bread or anything else. Mindful eating is not about just eating “clean” or healthy foods. Mindful eating works because you’re ALLOWED to eat everything you want- and you won’t be as likely to binge because it’s not a forbidden food anymore. And when you pay attention, your stomach is going to tell you when you had enough- NOT your head!

Mindful eating is also an agreement with yourself that you are giving up food restriction (dieting of any kind). And I include that you are not bargaining with yourself to add extra exercise, or steps on your Fitbit when you eat fattening foods. All that is gone when you make a commitment to give up dieting. This is a gift for yourself- because you’ve probably come to the point where you realize that dieting does NOT work. In fact, dieting is probably one of the primary causes of weight gain! There – I said it.. and that’s what you’re going to be learning on this site.

Intentional eating can be a wonderful way to fully enjoy your food, and not have to follow a “one size fits all” method to determine how much to eat, what to eat, or when to eat. No more portion sizes, weighing food, starving yourself, or eating “clean”.  Orthorexia (only eating “healthy food” has become yet another diet strategy, and in the extreme, is considered disordered eating. That’s just another excuse for dieting… don’t lie to yourself. Eating for health is one thing (but we really don’t even know what that is!) but saying you’re eating clean with your true intention losing weight is NOT mindful eating!

The way you pay attention to your food mindfully is this: stop multi-tasking! Because when you’re doing something at the same time you’re eating, you’re not focusing on enjoying your food, enjoying your food, listening to your stomach, and relaxing and nurturing yourself.


You come home from a work after being stuck in a long traffic jam. Your boss just gave you work that has to be finished  by tomorrow night. You walk in to your home and your kids are fighting, the house is a mess. You forgot to stop by the store and pick up ketchup. You know your kids are not going to eat their hamburgers without it.  Your head is pounding.

Sure you can eat mindfully right now- N O T! You head right to the refrigerator to the chocolate fudge ice-cream, that you have been eating mindfully for over 2 weeks (and so proud that it lasted this long because you’ve stopped restricting yourself and are eating mindfully). But tonight the rest of the container lasts about 5 minutes.

STRESS is the cause of Emotional Eating

Mindful eating can only go so far. It’s wonderful to help you figure out how much and when to eat, but it’s not going to stop emotional eating. Until you learn how to manage the stress that sends you to the refrigerator, you will continue to gain weight. And if you read more about diet myths, you’ll realize that once you gain the weight, it’s virtually impossible to get it off permanently. You must get control of it NOW.

Can you imagine what your life will be like in the next months and years if you can’t stop stress eating?

Download this life changing information and get on the road to diet freedom.

You DESERVE a happier life!

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