a healthy woman is unhappy with her body because she has a little extra flesh on her stomach

Hating your body, being obsessed with dieting and perfection is a very dangerous practice. In fact, it can make you GAIN weight! 

The sad thing is, if you were born in the last century and wore a size 14 (or even larger) you were considered beautiful. Thin women were the ones that were pitied and scorned in the past. In some countries, having extra weight is considered feminine and “traditional”; and appreciated.

Women constantly degrade themselves based upon their body. Studies have shown that the majority of women have “I hate my body” thoughts multiple times a day. Is a voice going off in your head telling you that you are a “fat pig, cow” or any other negative description?

This negative self talk is actually sabotaging both your emotional and physical health. Your thoughts create your reality according to the latest brain research which shows a link between Mind and your Body. When you have self deprecating thoughts, your body responds as if it were being attacked, and gets into a state of stress.

Stress is the culprit that then slows your metabolism, digestion and adds pounds around the middle of your body in the form of BELLY FAT.

The Law Of Attraction and Science are in total agreement here: the things that you focus upon change reality. Instead of dieting, think of how you improve your health. Instead of focusing on how you hate your body, be mindful of how you are taking care of your body. Your stress level will go down, and this is the only way that you can truly change you and maintain a healthy weight.

Be your own best friend. Appreciate your body – no matter what it looks like today. Because every day you will get older, if you are blessed enough to live a long life. Outer beauty fades, but inner beauty grows and ripens. You are so much more than simply what you look like. Confidence is the most beautiful attribute. Confidence is why a short, fat, bald man can walk up to a gorgeous model and actually have a conversation. (But he may find out that she is far to shallow- believing her total value is about her appearance).

You are so much more than your YOUniverse- be who you are in your heart; share your talents, skills and passions. Watch how the importance of weight recedes, as weight no longer is an excuse for self-hatred. Use food to mindfully nurture the beautiful person you are. That’s when the magic begins, and your weight will self adjust- WITHOUT ever having to diet.

Learn more about how Diet Industry Lies has made you gain weight by constant focus on dieting. Once you learn about how this $60 billion industry has tricked you, you will then have the ability to change your life forever!


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