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Gaslighted by the Diet Industry

If you have ever been on a diet, lost and regained weight, and blame yourself, you've been gaslighted by the diet and medical industry. 

gaslighting- the 1940's movie that gave rise to the psychological term of manipulation with Ingrid Bergman

The Diet Industry along with the medical/pharmaceutical and media is "GASLIGHTING" women!
The term comes from an old famous movie where a husband is manipulating his wife to make her believe she is going crazy. He purposely makes their gas lamps (it's an OLD movie) get brighter and then dimmer and denies that anything is happening. He tells her it's in her mind and something is wrong with HER! The movie had such a profound effect on the public that the word "gaslighting" became a psychological term to describe this insidious method to harm and control another person. 

Eliminate Gaslighting at Stress Eating Solutions!

My goal is to help you eliminate gaslighting that has kept you dieting, regaining weight and blaming yourself!  You will NEVER read about foods to avoid, exercises to burn calories or other ways to drop 20 pounds of weight in any amount of time. That's because everything you believe about dieting, every diet book you've read that promises you a new sleek, sexy body is lying to you. It's all brainwashing! I'm not selling you a diet book, but telling you reality to help you escape from hating yourself because you are over some pre-defined weight that these slimy self-serving people set. Don't believe the gaslighting!

And yes, I do have proof. If you read the research by UNBIASED researchers who are not paid by the Diet Industry to get findings that support their lies, you will be shocked! In fact, the program NOVA on PBS had a very informative special report on FAT that you should DEFINITELY watch! 

Book cover Health At Every Size by Linda Bacon, Ph D.
Body Respect book cover by Lindo Bacon

Health At Every Size

HAES, or "Health At Every Size" (see below) by Lindo Bacon, Ph D. (yes, that's a funny name for someone who writes about dieting!) is really an expose about Diet Industry practices that has robbed you of your dignity and feelings of self-worth. This is her first book and full of relevant research and facts. I cannot recommend more highly that you buy this book.

Lindo now has a newer book that is more reader friendly. I actually own and refer to both of them. Body Respect is an excellent book that you can give to your friends and family who keep encouraging you to diet! In fact, you should give a copy to your doctor!!

Take your time and read it, even underlining in your own copy so you can go back to those pages and re-read the information that is going to shock and amaze you. If you can do it with an open mind it will change your life. I'm not kidding.

THAT is exactly what the Diet Industry is doing to you. You know from all the times you dieted, that the weight eventually comes back. But the diet industry is happy to "gaslight" you by blaming you instead of telling you the TRUTH. 95-98% of ALL DIETS FAIL to keep the weight off. And it doesn't matter what kind of diet: Keto, Paleo, Weight Watchers, a "Lifestyle Change", exercise programs. They ALL fail. You don't fail, the diet fails! What other industry could sell that works TWO PERCENT of the time and still make $60 BILLION a year.

It's time that you learned the MYTH-information that the diet industry is feeding you to keep you trapped in a vicious cycle of dieting, losing weight, regaining weight and dieting again. It's manipulative and crazy making!

After each time you diet & regain the lost weight,your weight set point goes HIGHER!  

Is Mindful Eating the New Solution?

Maybe you’ve heard about “mindful eating”? It’s the newest thing in how to control how much you eat. It’s not a diet, even though most of the Gurus teaching it look pretty thin, almost anorexic, to me. Mindful Eating, or "intentional eating" is a way of eating mindfully, or intentionally, focusing your attention completely on your food, and the signals your body gives you to tell you that you are hungry or full.

woman eating food she doesn't like is not mindful eating

Mindful eating, also known as intentional eating can be a wonderful way to fully enjoy your food, and not have to follow a “one size fits all” method to determine how much to eat, what to eat, or when to eat. Mindful eating can help you to eat exactly how much your body needs to eat- when you are paying attention. And by the way, Mindful eating does NOT mean eating "clean" or only salads, vegetables and fruit!

Why Mindful Eating Doesn't Work

If you still have a diet mindset mindful eating, also known as "intuitive eating" is going to be very difficult for you. The reason is that if you can't stand your body the way it is, you will have trouble giving in and eating "bad foods." There are no bad foods, or good foods.

If you still have a mindset of not wanting to gain weight or fear that eating anything will make you fat unconsciously you will avoid eating certain high calorie or fatty foods for fear it will make you gain weight. You will not be paying attention to what your body needs and wants. You have to develop trust in your appetite and your body's signals. That takes time and help from someone who understands this process.

Furthermore, stress can throw you off track when it comes to mindful eating.

Lack of Quality Sleep Can Affect Mindful Eating!

Has lack of sleep made Mindful Eating impossible for you? Mindful eating is about listening to your body's cues about hunger and satiation. But lack of sleep can disguise your actual signs because the hormones that tell you when you are hungry and full are affected by lack of sleep! That will make Mindful eating (intuitive eating) signals inaccurate!  It's all connected.

STRESS is the cause of Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating of comfort food is the stress relieving response for many people! You come home from a work after being stuck in a long traffic jam. Your boss just gave you work that has to be finished by tomorrow night. You walk in to your home and your kids are fighting, the house is a mess. You forgot to stop by the store and pick up ketchup. You know your kids are not going to eat their hamburgers without it. Your head is pounding.

Sure you can eat mindfully right now- N O T! You head right to the refrigerator to the chocolate fudge ice-cream, that you have been eating mindfully for over 2 weeks (and so proud that it lasted this long because you've stopped restricting yourself and are eating mindfully). But tonight the rest of the container lasts about 10 minutes.

Mindful eating can only go so far. It's wonderful to help you figure out how much and when to eat, but it's not going to stop emotional eating under stress!  

Why intuitive eating or mindful eating fails
The basic cause of stress eating is dieting!
And the basic cause of dieting
is dissatisfaction or hatred of your body the way it is!

How to Remove Gaslighting from Your Mindset

It's hard to remove the constant gaslighting that we, as women, have received our entire lives. You must first learn actual facts from unbiased researchers. That's why I'm encouraging you to read Lindo Bacon's books.

And the way you start dealing with giving up dieting for REAL is to start accepting your body right now- not WHEN you lose weight or are a size that you think is acceptable. You will never be able to eat mindfully and intentionally until you accept your body and yourself the way you are. 

Take this QUIZ to learn the real reason that you have gained weight- and I can promise you it's not because you ate too much, and exercise too little!

Accepting Your Body

Most probably you prefer not to be heavier or fat. But there are some things that have an almost zero chance of changing. Do you beat your head against the wall and continue to pursue what is impossible? That's a real cause of unhappiness. You must accept and deal with the life you have been given and find a way to be happy in spite of it. If you choose not to do that you will be dieting and unhappy your entire life. How sad...

Serenity prayer mantra to accept your body

Live the message of The Serenity Prayer. It will change your life for the better.

Until you learn to manage the stress that sends you to the refrigerator, you will continue to gain weight. Can you imagine what your life will be like in the next months and years if you can't stop stress eating?

You DESERVE a happier life! You can do it!  I can help. Reach out to me for personal coaching to make a break-through to a happier life. 

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