Overeating of food and drink is considered the path to becoming overweight. The fact is, when you over-eat at a meal, there’s are a few important reasons behind it.

When you pay attention to eating, your stomach gets full, and gives you a signal. It’s called SATIATION. Babies are very aware of their level of hunger and satiation. Their minds are focused on how they feel, and not a report they have to get done, and or much else. So they stop naturally when they’re full. But adults eat and are probably doing other activities at the same time. Multi-tasking takes your conscious awareness away from your stomach’s message of fullness.

Eating With Friends

When you are eating in the company of others, at  a meeting, going out for a meal, at a party or some kind of celebration, you’re paying attention to lots of things; the least among them is getting full.

Eating At A Buffet

FREE FOOD! People tend to stuff themselves when there’s lot of food that’s presented in a way that “looks” good. People who go on cruises often report rapid weight gain from stuffing themselves silly because of all the food included in the package.

Learning to Clean Your Plate

This is one of the most insidious causes of weight gain. You learned as a child that children were starving in Africa, India, Biafra (does that place still exist??). Don’t waste the food! As if eating and cleaning your dish would feed these starving children? No, but what it did was teach you that the important thing was to eat everything on your dish, instead of putting food aside as L.O.’s. Left Overs…. Or the famous meal for the senior crowd in Florida: FaLattuh…. (For Later).

Children learn to over eat from their families. But you’re an adult, and you can change that programming. It takes a Mindset Transformation!

Stress Eating

This is the BIG dog. We learned, as children, that when we were “good”, that we’d get a treat. Mommy or whoever, gave you a cookie. Classical Conditioning (a psychological term) established a link between being loved, appreciated, accepted, and food. The problem is, that programming has gotten stuck in your mind. Now when you’re stressed, feeling unappreciated, or other negative emotions, “Comfort Food” is the drug of choice. Instead of stuffing your feelings, now you stuff food. And it adds  up. It doesn’t fill an empty heart. And it does OVER-fill you stomach, and add unwanted pounds. And stress causes belly fat, which becomes more stressful!

How To Stop Overeating?

There’s a perfect, built in solution in your body. It’s called your stomach, and eyes. They both tell you when you’ve had enough. But you have to pay attention. You can’t be doing other things, and pay attention to your stomach. Hence, I have created an ebook called: “Brain Fooling Techniques to Help You Lose Weight, By Making You Eat Less Without Feeling Deprivation or Hunger Pains…. Because You Eat MORE than You Think” – WHEW- THAT’S a mouthful! (pardon the pun)

But seriously, there’s a “sweet spot” where you can eat less, WITHOUT feeling any hunger, and still be comfortably full. But it’s important not to go past this point and cut back on your food intake (dieting), or your body will shift into “fat storage mode”, which is an entire other book.

The bottom line is: You must eat – but not too much for the wrong reason, and not too little. You have everything you need to know exactly the right amount of food to eat for your body –  but ONLY IF you follow this advice, and pay attention to your own warning system.

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