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Do you just want to stop stress eating- but continue dieting?

The two conditions: dieting & stress eating are inextricably interwoven and dependent on each other. If you diet, or restrict any food in any way, that will increase the probability that you will be a stress eater. People who don't diet don't eat from stress. They are not emotional eaters.

If you allow yourself to eat ANY food, you will not eat it from stress. I'll bet you never overeat or binge on brocolli!

Yes, if you don't don't have a diet mindset, and you're not "watching your weight" you may over-indulge and overeat it from time to time, but you won't do it in private, and you won't feel guilty about it. You won't stuff it in your mouth and swallow it so quickly that you won't even taste it!

Stress Eating and Eating Disorders

I saw a very sad movie last night: "To the Bone"- about women with anorexia (eating disorders). First, and most important: this site is not about treatment for eating disorders- and if you are suffering from anorexia or bulimia I pray that you will go for treatment. There's even a free text/call that you can make to help you. (800) 931-2237

I had a realization the movie brought out for me. I'm wondering if you, my reader have a similar kind of mindset although you may not have an ED (eating disorder). A milder case is disordered eating and it is VERY common. 

In order to stop stress eating, you MUST stop dieting in all forms. AND you must reboot your mindset that makes you believe that a diet will actually allow you to lose and maintain weight loss.

You must learn to accept your body the way it is and break away from fat phobia or fear of gaining weight.

picture of a brain getting un-brain washed

Breaking out of a diet mindset is a VERY hard thing to achieve because we've all been brainwashed since birth to believe we "need" to be thin to be beautiful and healthy. Until you can rid yourself of both of those beliefs you will be more likely to be a stress eater.

Before and After Photos Tell Partial Truths

That's why I continue to post articles that reinforce the fallacy that dieting will help you get your beach-body. It won't.  If you do lose weight it will only be temporary. That's why you only see one part of the "before and after" images. Women rarely show themselves 2 years later when their weight is back and they are too embarrassed to admit it. 

what before + after yo-yo dieting looks like

Stop Blaming Yourself for Diet Failure

They blame themselves INSTEAD OF THE DIET. Because ALL DIETS and that includes the euphemism of "lifestyle change" have the same result for 98 percent of the population. You regain the weight because diets fail- it's not failure of people. It's the way nature works. 

PLEASE do yourself a BIG favor and  take my quiz so you can stop blaming yourself for weighing more than you want- and prevent yourself from letting a diet mindset get you on that slippery slope to dieting and stress eating. 

and watch this short clip -and here's a trigger warning in case you have an Eating Disorder... this might be difficult to watch! 


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