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I heard it said by a woman who was overweight, “I’ll improve my self-esteem when I lose weight”. The sad thing is, it’s exactly the opposite. If this woman never had poor self-esteem, she probably would never have gone on a diet, and gained the weight that she is now fighting.

The Things You Resist Persist

The Law of Attraction shows us that our focus in life is what creates our reality. When you are constantly focused on hating your body, dieting and depriving yourself, blaming your body for not looking like others, you will create a stressful reaction. Stress slows down your metabolism and actually makes the problem of weight even worse!

Brain science shows the same effect: the thought that you think frequently create neural networks in your brain. Your thoughts affect your physiology. If you doubt that, consider how your heart pounded last time you had a nightmare. It was imaginary, but your body doesn’t know the difference.

The Best Way To Boost Your Self Esteem

You came to the earth as a totally unique human being. You have your own talents, gifts and interests that are different from everyone else. It’s living your purpose that gives you the greatest joy, and helps others at the same time. When you are focused only upon your physical body and your perceived attractiveness, you are neglecting your life’s purpose and living a meaningful life.

Any changes, a blemish, a bad hair day, a couple of extra pounds, will make you believe that you are unattractive. Ultimately, if you are lucky enough to live past your 30’s, your body will age. You will develop wrinkles, your hair will turn gray and other signs of aging will show on your exterior. On the other hand, your soul and inner beauty only grows as you give more of yourself and share your gifts.

I recently spoke with a woman in a “strategy session” who focused so much on every morsel of food she ate, she took walks only to burn calories, had hand weights and ankles weights she wore to make her body work harder. I asked her what she did in her life to use her mind and her talents to help others?

“You know”, she said, “I’ve just recently met a few people who were disabled and felt unable to give anything to others. I’ve realized what contributions they were able to make to me from our conversations, and how much I saw them as worthy human beings. I didn’t see them as crippled! I realized from talking to you that I’ve made myself crippled because of my focus on how my body wasn’t perfect”.

Wow, what a realization! Are you obsessed with your body and dieting? Is it time for you to find a new focus, and live a purpose that doesn’t have to do with your body? You’ll find if you live your life on purpose, as you share your gifts, you learn to value what’s inside your body. Your self-esteem grows exponentially. Your stress level lowers. And for many people, this personal growth and change in your mindset and focus  is enough to start weight loss.


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