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The newest Miracle Diet Plan just came out again TODAY!

What is it? It doesn’t matter, it’s destined to fail!

If dieting and losing weight were so easy, it wouldn’t be a $60 billion industry! The fact is, if you take all the diet pills, follow the plans, have lipo-suction, take the vitamins and lose weight, what is going to keep it from coming back? How did you get this way in the first place?

More than likely, it was because you ate when you weren’t hungry! You ate food for comfort. There’s even a term for that kind of food: “Comfort Food”.

How does food become a comfort? It’s a term from Psychology: conditioned response. That means, if you were a good little girl or boy, and your mom or teacher gave you a cookie, you now associate food with being appreciated or loved.

As long as you use food to make you feel better about yourself, or eat when you are under stress, no diet in the world will help you manage your weight. In fact, there’s ALSO the opposite effect. People also use food to punish themselves. You deprive yourself of something you want to eat because you were “bad”; maybe the scale was a higher number today than yesterday.

How to you stop using food for stress management? It’s not just something that you can stop cold turkey without having an alternative choice! It’s like saying: Don’t think of a purple elephant. There’s a vacuum created- you’d have to focus your mind on something else. That’s exactly what works with substituting stress eating.

What’s bothering you? What’s causing your stress?

  • Are you bored? Pick up a book.
  • Are you angry? Have a calm talk to work it out
  • Are you sad? Find something that REALLY makes you happy.

Food will not solve your problems. And if you’ve made eating from stress a habit, that extra weight that’s collecting is probably just ADDING to your negative feelings about life, your body, and your self.

Luckily, there are fast, effective ways to learn how to manage your stress. But the first step is becoming aware of your behavior and feelings. Start by asking yourself a question before you eat: Am I hungry? If you can’t say yes, then think about what you ARE feeling. Write it down, and then think about a better way to deal with that emotion.

The Mentabolism Makeover Intensive Program is specially designed to help you deal with the effects of stress on your weight. Because it’s not just what you’re eating, but what’s eating you. Learn more about this unique program that will be the final solution to your stress eating and weight issues!


What is a better way for YOU to handle your stress? Please share below-

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