Are you trying to lose weight, but you’re finding it’s a “losing battle”?

Why is it that if you run a body temperature of 99º your doctor will send you for all sorts of tests to see if you are sick? But so many people have low body temperatures, and the same doctor tells you to ignore it!

Your body temperature is a sign that your metabolism is running slowly. If your body temperature is low, it can be the result of a problem with your thyroid gland. If you’ve been trying to lose weight, and it won’t budge, that may be the reason why!

Dr. Make Starr a thyroid specialist well known in the field, calls it a silent “epidemic” and explains that hypothyroid is one of the most undiagnosed and undertreated medical conditions. He further explains how leaving it untreated can be a lot worse for your health that just being a problem with your weight. Chronic pain, diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and many other disorders may be the result of an undiagnosed, or under-treated problem with Hypothyroid! Dr. Starr further explains that the present blood tests are inadequate to diagnose a problem.

You can easily check your thyroid function by taking your temperature first thing in the morning BEFORE getting out of bed. Your temperature is typically at its lowest at this time. If your average temperature is below 97.8º, after you check it during the day, you probably have a sluggish metabolism. For accurate results, a Geratherm Basal Mercury Free thermometer is Dr. Starr’s suggestion.

There are natural ways to increase your body temperature, including moving to Tucson during the summer (just kind of kidding). You can actually take hot baths and showers, and go into a sauna. The results do warm you up, and help you to sweat out toxins that may be part of the problem.

So, if you are trying to lose weight, or if you have other symptoms, go through the symptoms and start taking your temperature. Otherwise, losing weight may be a losing proposition for you!

BTW, one of the things that most adversely effects your thyroid gland is STRESS. One of the best ways to build your ability to deal with stress, and to change your perception and reaction to stress is by practicing Heartfelt gratitude. Practicing with EmWave device from HeartMath helps you see how your practice is improving your health by giving you a clear feedback of how you are destressing. So, you can improve your stress levels, and improve you thyroid function at the same time. A side benefit can also be weight loss, as you stop eating because of stress. Sounds like a winning proposition to me!



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