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Need To Lose Weight

When did you start believing that you need to lose weight? How did you first start believing that you needed to change your body; feeling like your body was flawed, not right? While men also can have body issues, this is predominantly a woman’s issue. After all, men don’t put-on make-up, color their hair, wear spanx! Some women won’t go out the door without “putting on their face” (make-up).

Someone or something convinced you that you were not good enough the way you were. And they learned that from someone or somewhere else. These beliefs are more contagious than the flu, and passed on for generations. And they’re reinforced by advertisement and media. Someone is making money on your dissatisfaction with your body.

all the things you could hate about your body

And the reality has nothing to do with “health” concerns. Doctors are “fed” information from the Diet Industry. In fact it’s the diet industry that sets the standards for what is considered “overweight”! This is the same industry that makes over $60 BILLION a year selling a product (dieting) that FAILS 95% of the time! That’s known as a “conflict of interest”. Research is funded by the same groups that want a particular outcome, and there are plenty of researchers who are willing to “find the results” that the diet industry wants when they get paid to do so. For example: the “research” that you will get diabetes or cancer from having too much weight.

IT’S UNTRUE. There are plenty of skinny people with Diabetes Type 2! Actuary tables from insurance companies will show you that heavier people (up to a point) live longer than people who are 5 pounds UNDER weight!

Doctor Says You Need To Lose Weight

When a doctor tells you that you “need to lose weight” – you should just tell them that it is virtually impossible!

 “YOU tell me a successful way to lose and maintain weight loss”.

They can’t. Because there is no known way!

In fact, medical science doesn’t even know why some people can eat like Sumo Wrestlers and NOT gain weight, while others look at food and it seems to jump right onto their belly!

How To Stop Needing to Lose Weight

So what’s the answer? It is accept yourself the way you are. At LEAST get to neutral about your body!  Stop berating yourself for not being able to look like an anorexic model. Your mind/body is STRESSED OUT from self-hatred. And if ANYTHING is causing the “epidemic” of obesity it is STRESS.

Obesity Epidemic is Really A STRESS Epidemic

How do we know that?

  • Because people are not gaining weight from eating wheat or bread or grains- The largest population on the planet subsists on grains: RICE. The majority of them are NOT overweight.
  • Because epidemiological research shows that the heaviest people are the poorest. It’s not from eating cheap food, it’s from their cortisol levels (the stress hormone) from living paycheck to paycheck and trying to make ends meet.
  • Because dieting actually CAUSES weight gain – from stressing the body into going into fat conservation mode to prevent starvation. This is an automatic and actually health preserving reaction to starvation!
  • Only 5% of dieters maintain the weight loss they struggle to lose. Dieting is STRESSFUL. Ninety-five percent of dieters not only regain the weight, but ADD additional weight after each diet. It can take months, or up to 2-5 years. And this is NOT from someone over-eating and “cheating” on their diet. You can only “hold your breath” for so long and then you end up gasping for air. It’s the same with a diet. How long can you refuse to eat with your co-workers, prepare different food for yourself than family, not eat cake for your birthday? And WHY should you have to? You shouldn’t! You CAN eat anything that they eat – and once you stop obsessing over it, and try to stop eating what you love, it will no longer have power over you!

Ask the person selling weight loss: they will NOT tell you what happens to their clients after they lose weight. You’ll get an excuse why they don’t have that information.

I help women who stress eat and binge so they can stop emotional eating, get control and make peace with food and their body. You deserve a break from dieting and being at war with your body and food. That’s when your stress levels drop and life becomes better in all ways! That’s when it’s not a good or bad day depending if you’re followed a diet or dropped an ounce or two. That’s when you find out that your contributions to the people around you, and maybe even the entire planet you make because of who you REALLY are in your heart and soul are so much more important that worrying about your appearance. That’s PEACE.

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Lianda, the stress eating solution coach-2018




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