Resolutions You Can Keep

This Time, I Will Lose Weight

It's like Ground Hog's Day again and again, with you saying "THIS TIME, I will lose weight". Sure you'll lose weight on a diet (but not everyone does) - but will you be able to MAINTAIN that weight loss? THAT is the problem. 

Every New Year we make resolutions, and time and again it's exactly the SAME. This year,  I'm going to lose weight and get into the best shape I've ever been. The first week after New Year's Day gyms were filled to capacity- in less than 2 months after that there are less people attending. You've wasted your money again on a gym membership and diet food.

The Definition of Insanity is: "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

The Diet Industry has you so programmed that each new diet gets your rapt attention. You want so desperately to believe that THIS time, THIS diet will succeed. It's time you learned and finally believe that the diet itself is the problem!  Then you'll realize that NO diet is going to give you "the final solution" of a permanently slim body. Actually, that's exactly it: NO DIETING anymore is the solution!

Programmed to Fail

Unbiased RESEARCH will show you that 95 percent of ALL diets are doomed to failure. Your body's biology is putting the weight back on, to prevent you from starving. Yes, it's a survival mechanism that Mother Nature has built in to keep you alive! So you should be thanking your body for keeping you alive instead of damning it for preventing you from starving yourself. 

Dr. Oz the diet sham doctor lying about losing weight
Oprah lies

Dr. Oz and Oprah Lie

Dr. Oz and Oprah are making money telling you lies. They want you to buy their products, go on their diets and fail. That's because they make more money each time you go on another diet, fail and blame yourself. They want you to hate your body, and fear getting sick and go back to doing the same thing again.

The crazy thing is, Oprah is so great with so many of her other ideas and you want to trust her. But she just hasn't figured out the way to be happy with herself, despite all her achievements in life. What a shame. And all of her money, personal trainers, personal chefs and the rest has not accomplished the one thing she wants more than anything else:  to losing weight- and maintain weight loss. Meanwhile she is damaging her followers, and now younger people by buying into the Diet Industry Lies and buying into Weight Watchers. Shame on you, Oprah! 

No One Size Fits All Solution

If you look around the world, people's bodies are all similar and different. You don't see lots of very tall Asian people. Our genetics are what gives us our body shape, size and appearance. And unfortunately, it's people who are not tall and thin who want to change their body the most. Plastic surgery will just do some things- but it won't make you taller. And it won't even take off fat permanently!

People all over the world eat different types of diets: some based on carbs (Asians), some on Fats (Eskimos), some based on meats (South American Brazil & Argentinians). Some people in each area are thin, some are heavy; some healthy, others not healthy. Some skinny people eat lots of junk food, and some heavy people never touch it!  It's NOT about the type of food. There's something else going on that has never been identified!

Why Are You Heavy?

The fact is, there are reasons why you may be heavier than you want to be. Number one is genetics. You inherited your body type. Even though your sister may be tall and thin, you share certain genes and not others. It's not about what you are eating. It's about what you inherited. Just looks at Serena and Venus Williams!

ACE Study of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Then there's the almost unknown issue that was exposed by the ACE Study. If you were abused, humiliated or neglected from birth to age six you can expect that this will be affecting your weight and health in general. This is one of the largest long term studies that has been replicated many times. It shows that adverse childhood experiences contributes to weight gain in later life. And sexual abuse tops the list. 

With the "me too" movement women are telling their stories of sexual abuse they have suffered from near relatives, family friends, in school and at work. Many women unconsciously put on weight to make themselves less attractive to sexual advances. 

Impact of Media on Your Weight

Then there's the impact of seeing only skinny, young and beautiful people in the media. You want to fit in, you want to look like them. But we are unique and as much as you want to look like them, you can only copy so much: make-up, hair style, clothing.

fat-shaming thin woman making an ugly face

 Beating yourself up because you can't look like them is only causing you stress. And listening to fat-shaming is one of the worst stressors we can experience.

STRESS and Your Weight

To add to situation, the stress you are experiencing from hating your body, starving yourself, and maybe over-exercising is actually sabotaging your weight! The kind of diet you need is a STRESS DIET! 


I'm going to be totally honest with you. There is NO GUARANTEE that you will ever be able to maintain weight loss. Look at "The Biggest Losers" who lost weight. They've all regained it! Look at poor Oprah who has struggled with her weight for years! She's on yet another diet - and I guarantee you that the weight will return within 2 years.

You undoubtably don't want to hear this. For some women, this is like hearing you have an incurable disease. In some cases women have said that they'd trade 5-10 years of life to lose weight. How sad is that??

You may leave this website because you're not reading what you want: that you can lose weight fast and be thin for the rest of your life. Even that "lifestyle change" that you read about is phony- because once a stressful event comes up, it's almost impossible to maintain that "lifestyle change".  People can be "good" for only so long. Then a stressful even comes into your life and you may be using "comfort food" to relieve your stress!

Besides stress eating your body is programmed by nature to keep you at a weight set point. 95 percent of people who diet and HAVE will power still regain the weight. It's nature's way of preserving your life!

Keto Works Until It Doesn't

A few people I know are still stuck in the diet mentality believing that somehow they will fit into the 5% who don't regain the weight they struggle to lose and ADD additional weight. One of them is still going downwards and has lost 75 pounds. It's hard to watch and know what is going to happen. She's so happy and proud of herself now showing her before photos. She posts her progress on Instagram. 

That happened to another friend of mine. She scoffed when I told her the statistics. She's a scientist. She believed the crappy Diet Industry studies that tell about how to lose weight. But they don't tell you that you're going to gain it back. She DID lose quite a bit of weight. I'd estimate about 100 pounds. But then I saw her two years later after I had moved away from nearby her. She was back past where she started. I swear I didn't say, "I told you so". But I could see the embarrassment in her face. It was sad.

Another friend is now on KETO and doing the very extreme exercise program Cross Fit. She had tried for years to lose weight. She did lose it. She bought herself an entire new wardrobe of clothing, tight exercise clothes and dresses that WERE form fitting. I saw her writing on Facebook for "HELP!!"The weight is creeping back on her despite doing exercise marathons and sticking to the diet. 

In fact, overexercising can be more damaging on your metabolism and actually makes you hungrier as your body struggles to make you regain the weight you lose! But you will be stronger if you don't injure yourself from extreme exercise. And that can change the way your clothes fit and that may be enough to make you feel better about yourself. 

But you don't have to kill yourself with exercise to be fit!

New Years Resolution extreme exercise to lose weight
New Years Resolution extreme exercise to lose weight-1
New Years Resolution extreme exercise to lose weight-2
New Years Resolution extreme exercise to lose weight-4

"I NEED to lose weight because I'm pre-diabetic" she wailed. Well, your body doesn't care why you need to lose weight. It's programmed to bring you back to your highest weight. Once the damage is done, the best you can do is relax, accept it's not your fault and try to be healthy by being fit. And make sure you stop hating yourself, because that stress just adds to your weight by causing a slowed metabolism.

Stop Stress Eating

When you still have that diet mentality- that "this year I'm going to be successful at losing weight" you will succumb to stress eating. You must purge your mindset and attitude. Stop judging yourself by a number on the scale. In fact, trash that scale! 

woman smashing her scale to stop dieting

This is subtle and the hardest thing to understand is: eating when you're not hungry is a SYMPTOM of stress- And it's impossible to stop a symptom because you haven't dealt with the CAUSE of the symptom: STRESS. The only diet you need is a STRESS DIET! 

The Best Weight Loss Resolution

The overall best resolution to lose weight is not to lose weight! The strategy is to improve your health and well-being by managing your STRESS!  Self-criticism, negativity, shame, and anger directed at yourself because of your weight or other things in your life can affect your weight!  Resolve to be kinder to yourself! Over or even under-eating is often self-medication for being unhappy. Stress management is a muscle that needs exercise before you're stressed! The Stress-Diet program has been tested and found to be an effective way to lose weight for many people - WITHOUT DIETING! 

Managing stress means learning to love yourself NOW, not WHEN you lose weight. You are the same person in your heart- and your dog will love you the same in fat jeans, or skinny jeans.

unconditional love from a dog whether you are skinny or fat

If you can't love yourself unconditionally, GET A DOG. You will learn what love is- and total acceptance. It will lower your stress level, and let you know that you are loved for who you are. Anyone who doesn't accept you the way you are is NOT your friend. Be your own best friend - make that your New Year's Resolution, and keep it!


You can do it!
Happy, Healthy New Year to You!



Diet Industry lies

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