I wonder how long it will take until people are able to rid themselves of the belief that people get overweight from over-eating.

It took me QUITE a bit of time and thousands of pages of reading books and research to understand that a body stays at it’s set point – UNTIL YOU START WITHHOLDING FOOD. That means, the first time you go on a diet, you have started the process of getting your body to gain weight.

It’s generally the thin people, without weight challenges who are judgmental about “fat” people. There is so much prejudice and hateful joking that seems to be acceptable about the overweight. You hear people talk about charging more money for airline seats for people who are overweight. But it’s NOT their fault, and the people who are blaming them obviously don’t understand. Should you charge extra to a person who is in a wheelchair?

And if you are overweight, it will take a LOT of convincing you to understand that you are NOT to blame, you are NOT guilty because you “cheated” and ate a cookie, or even a plateful of cookies!

Canola oil is a BAD omega 6 oil, and should be avoided!

Roundup's GM Canola Oil= Canada Oil!

This is a very complex problem that is impacted by genetics, eating food that has been pushed on us by the USDA and the US Government (bad oils, and High Fructose Corn Syrup), endocrine disruptor affects from drinking and eating things in plastics, from dieting and putting oneself on a calorie restricted eating plan – and last, but not least STRESS!

I think of all the young women (and some young men) who have fallen for the media focus on being skinny and have inadvertently doomed themselves to a lifetime of diet addiction.

And now, even people with lap band and other surgeries are being blamed for not losing weight. It is heartbreaking. Why is it acceptable to blame someone for something that is NOT within their control? Does anyone think that if you could simply lose weight from eating less and exercising that EVERYONE would do that?! WHO wants to have people making jokes about you, and blaming you for your inability to lose the weight and keep it off?

Oh, yes, exercise more? Well, if your body works normally, exercising more only makes you HUNGRIER to replace the

exercising won't make you thin

Exercise Won't Make You Lose Weight!

calories you have burned! That’s because a healthy body works exquisitely well to keep your weight steady! Go out to eat with people who are thin, and watch how they gorge themselves and never gainweight! It’s because their body is working like it should! AND, they probably never dieted, and have slender parents!

If only you could love your body enough to nurture yourself with good food, and not think about the calories, your life would change. But after a lifetime of dieting, it takes real bravery to say “NO, No more dieting” and accept yourself the way you are.It can be incredibly frightening to actually eat until you are full, worrying that you will gain even more weight! But paradoxically, once you start nurturing yourself, your body stops holding tightly onto the fat stores, and many people actually start losing weight – but ONLY by eating more!

Who would have believed it?

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