One Size Fits All and Male Privilege

Unisex means made for men

Women's T-Shirt is designed for women

A man would look terrible in this!

Unisex is Sexist

Very often you want to order a T-shirt and you see there is only one design that is supposed to be unisex. That's a LIE. Look at those two shirts above. Can you imagine if Unisex was actually the design on the right that is made for women? A man would look ridiculous in that shape shirt. And it's the same for women. There is no such thing as a unisex T shirt. The concept that women should adapt themselves to fit into a man's shirt is sexist. 

Unisex is an example of Male Privilege

“One size fits all” does not really exist. It especially doesn’t work if there is a unisex clothing article. This is not going to be a surprise. There is not one gender. A man’s shape is different from a women’s body shape.

When a woman wants to buy an item that is sold as “unisex” what that means is: “Suck it up. This item is made for a man’s body and you just have to accept that we don’t consider you important enough to make the item for a typical woman’s shape.”

This is especially annoying to me when I want to donate and purchase an item from a non-profit company that is supporting human rights of some kind. They seem so unaware that women are being forced to “fit in” to a male template instead of being treated as an equal part and deserving portion of the population. This is either an example of ignorance or greed. Because if one gender has to put up with being ignored, it's going to be women. 

This may seem to be a whiney inconsequential issue to you. But I encourage you to look deeper and see all the ways that women are undervalued or ignored completely.

One Size Fits All

There is no such thing as "one size fits all". Just as unisex is a philosophy that women's needs don't have to be considered, one size fits all is a similar exclusive concept. It is particularly difficult for people who are not "average". How does a plus size woman fit into a one size fits all bathrobe? It probably won't close. 

It's just like going to the doctor's office and being offered a small covering that leaves your "all" showing! 

Unisex is Evidence of Male Privilege

When women are expected to "fit in" to a male model, that is sexist and an example of male privilege. Maybe you never really thought about it that way. But I STRONGLY encourage you to read this long list of advantages men can take for granted that make their lives a lot easier than women's situation. You may never have realized that the advantages men have in life are why you haven’t gotten further along.  

Long HIStory of Male Entitlement

Men have privilege over women that females have experienced for centuries. I hope you realize that women’s contributions to arts, sciences, and every other field has been discouraged or disparaged throughout recorded HIStory. Can you imagine how different the world might be now if women were allowed to contribute in all the different fields that they were restricted from participating in as a full agent?

Other Male Advantages I find particularly irksome:

I don't know about you, but I always wondered about whether history even included women's contributions. The English language term that leaves out women entirely is History. Supposedly, the use of the male pronoun is meant to denote both sexes.  But I never felt that way. Maybe that's because women's contributions were rarely mentioned, except as a short addition.

I’m not a linguist but I do know many “romance” languages have male/female pronouns that define objects as masculine or feminine- probably based on their “power” or dominance of some kind.

Medical Profession and Male Privilege

Medical research has in the past been tested on male subjects only. Then findings were generalized and researchers assumed that the medication would work equally well on women’s bodies. It didn’t. It took such a long time for researchers to finally discover that WOMEN were having more heart attacks than men because they never included women in studies. They didn’t take into account the effect of menopause. (hmmm….. I wonder if the “men” in menopause had an effect? LOL). Women are biologically different from men

Breasts are a big issue in the US. Somewhere people forgot that breasts are designed to feed babies. It is shocking how much ire is aroused by women feeding their babies in public. But it's fine to have advertisements with women's cleavage and wardrobe malfunctions where breasts are so exposed that they fall out of women's clothes. You would think that breasts were designed by nature just for men to oogle and stare at. The thing that particularly annoys me is when this body part is referred to as “boobs” which actually is the definition of a stupid person. (yes, women do this to themselves as well).

Men and women refer to women as “bitches”- a female dog. How do we do that to ourselves- or allow others to do the same?

We still don’t have an “equal rights amendment” passed in the US, and women consistently make less money doing the same work as a man.

And finally, GOD is referred to as a male-using “He” pronouns. God is thought to be a male- at least HE is portrayed that way in artwork and culture.

get un-brain washed

Women Have Accepted This Brainwashing

The suppression of women goes on with the acquiescence, and in many cases, the outright acceptance of women. Yes, we ourselves have accepted this lesser role- EXCEPT when it comes to "housework" and taking care of our children! We have accepted the attitude that focuses women on the need to be attractive – and mainly thin. We've been brainwashed. 

DIET as a Form of Male Privilege

I'd like you to have an open mind and think on this. Have you ever considered that your diet is a symptom of male privilege? Women’s obsession with their weight and appearance is a due to a subconscious conditioned belief we NEED to look attractive to be acceptable. We’ve learned from birth on, that a female’s value is determined by her physical attractiveness.

We wear uncomfortable clothes that actually can hurt your body (high heels, and tight bras); wear make-up, go for plastic surgery to enhance our appearance. We over-exercise and will do anything to lose a few pounds. And then there's the diet that women are always on. Watching their weight, avoiding certain foods and limiting the amount of food to make themselves smaller is ultimately unhealthy- both physically and emotionally. 

How do you break free from this brainwashing that makes you constantly aware of your weight and food? Awareness is the first step.

Keep tuned for my newest class offering: Break Free From Dieting Forever. It's based on rejecting the "one size fits all" mentality. 


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