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Trust a Plus-Size Diet Coach

A good diet coach is someone who teaches you to trust your body. She probably won't even call herself a "diet coach." She KNOWS the best diet is one you are NOT on!  A plus-size Anti-Diet coach is the best person to help you with your weight because she has been-there; done-that. A plus-size person can understand what you've been going through with dieting and trying to lose weight. She's an anti-diet coach or counselor. 

Should a white counselor or coach teach an African American or Native American Indian to accept their lives the way it is? This is a big debate in the world of counseling. I think not- someone has to have that life experience in order to be trusted and understand the mindset of someone who has been stigmatized and mistreated by white society! 

That's why juries in trials are supposed to consist of a "jury of your peers." It's the same for people who have been stigmatized by society for their weight. You need to see an ANTI-diet coach or counselor.

Thin Diet Coaches Lie

If you have been dieting to lose weight you will find THOUSANDS of thin Diet Coaches willing to take your money.  When you look at a diet coach who is thin you unconsciously think that THEY used their diet and it worked for them. But that's not necessarily the case!

These thin diet coaches will all say that their method works if you follow it exactly - and for the rest of your life.  I always find that amazing because there are so many different kinds of diets and when you read the statistics you find that they ALL have the same failure rate. That's because the rate for diet success over five years is just 2 percent! It doesn't matter which one, or even if they are not calling it a "diet" but a "lifestyle change." It's all the same. 

only two percent of dieters are successful with sustained weight loss

I'd bet that the Thin Diet coaches do not follow-up with the past clients to see if THEIR diet plan worked. Because IF those diet coaches really did follow-up and found out their diet plan actually worked to maintain weight loss, it would be the first one in history!  That diet coach could make a FORTUNE selling their successful diet plan. But that's a fantasy!

Did the Diet Coach's Diet Work?

A good way to find out if the diet coach's plan worked is by asking them for references. But make sure you get names of clients they coached five years before to see if those women were able to maintain their weight loss. If they had a big enough practice they might have one or two, but it is highly unlikely. 

Clients Who Regain Weight Are Embarrassed

I'm certain that the clients who regain weight on the "Thin Diet Coach's diet" are too embarrassed and blame themselves for the failure of the diet. They may also be non-assertive and stressed and not ready to demand their payments back. That's unfortunate. Because that coach will go on selling a product that will fail and hurt the self-esteem of the dieter.

before and after of woman dieting

FIRST LEARN the TRUTH About Weight and Body Size

Body Respect book cover by Lindo Bacon

In order to start your journey to self-trust and body acceptance you must learn UNBIASED facts. Lindo Bacon, Ph.D a proponent of Health at Every Size can you your "bible" that teaches you this information that will free you from self-blame and self-hatred. Her book, Body Respect is that book. Buy it and read it through slowly. In fact, read it several times and then start quoting it to your ignorant friends and relatives who tell you that you would look so much better if you just lost some weight! 

Thin Guru Using Muscle Testing for Diet Advice

I know that's true because it happened to me. One of the last diets I went on was very extreme. I really trusted the person, a Chiropractor who charged $2,000 for his diet based on an eating plan. He said that only he could determine if our weight issue was due to hormones, thyroid issues, food allergies and other problems by doing muscle testing. This was pretty woo-woo. But the entire room full of plus size women couldn't wait to be tested to find out why they couldn't maintain weight loss. And that meant forking over all that money. 

I Fell for it

I admit, I stupidly fell for this and took a loan to pay for the procedure. His answer meant nothing because we all had to buy his supplements, eliminate all fats and oils, and eat a vegetarian diet that may have been 1,000 calories. 

Well MOST people would lose weight quickly on this type of eating plan- irrespective of any supplements he sold. I lost 2 pounds the first week. Probably I would have lost a LOT more if I hadn't gotten so constipated (sorry, TMI?) that I couldn't defecate for a week! That's a lot of backed up poop!

When I went back for the next week and told him how miserable I felt, being constipated, hungry all the time, and cold (in Tucson in the summer- I SWEAR!) he turned white. "Add oil to your diet" he said, and "add a couple of eggs." It didn't make a difference. All the dieting I had done in my life had put my metabolism in slow mode and weight loss for me is next to impossible. 

Another Diet Failure

That was just one of a long list of diet failures for me. And very costly. But even that wasn't my last attempt to lose weight. Yes, I know repeating the same activity time and again and expecting different results is "the definition of insanity."  You can read more about my diet failures in my Amazon Best Selling book, Diet Industry Lies that Make You Gain Weight

All that struggle, missing out on food you love, perhaps throwing away your "fat clothes" and more, and it is highly unlikely that your thin diet coach has told you the truth. And you probably blame yourself instead of the diet!  That's what I did. And that may also have led you to regain your lost weight and even add additional pounds because your metabolism has been damaged by dieting!

 St. Teresa used to say 
"I won't go to an anti-war rally; but I will go to a Peace Rally." 


Anti-Diet Coach

Anti-diet coaches want you to learn that all dieting is a scam and won't help you lose and MAINTAIN weight loss. They are Pro-Truth about Diet failure and want you to learn to trust your body, stop obsessing about your weight, and learn how to accept and appreciate your body the way it is. It's a BIG goal. 

Until you know the facts about diet failure you are not likely to look for someone who is going to make you love your body and stop dieting. This is a tough transition!

Right now there isn't a better term yet to describe an anti-diet coach, counselor or guru who is opposed to dieting, restrictions of types of food or the amount of food you eat, and tells you to exercise to lose weight.

These type of anti-diet coaches work with you to "love your body." But it's really hard to stop hating your extra pounds of fat and all of a sudden say, "I love and accept my body." You'll have a real challenge with that especially since everyone around you is telling you how much better you would look "if you would just lose weight."

Yes- I am an anti-diet counselor who focuses on self-belief, self-trust, and reversing the conditioning from society that focuses you on being beautiful instead of rediscovering you and your inner-self in all it's perfection.

I am not a thin, small bodied woman, but a woman who started dieting back when it was totally unnecessary. I am a woman who had terrible self-esteem because I "felt fat" because of the shape of my backside and thought I could pick where to lose weight! HAHAHAHA!  Instead with each diet I lost more weight in my face and looked sick! 

photos of plus size Lianda and thin friend Yolanda

No Weight Gain Since I Stopped Dieting

I have thrown my scale away after I finally woke up and learned that dieting was the cause of my continuous weight gain. And I can tell you that I have not gained any additional weight because my size of clothing has not changed and I still wear the same clothes I did after my last diet. 

I am a mindful eater, working out on my diet mindset and my acceptance of a body that doesn't look like what I wanted or expected. Now my goal is to STOP YOU from dieting before you gain additional weight that will likely be on your body for the rest of your long life. 

I want you to stop putting pressure and talking about dieting with your children! Stop fearing sugar and carbs and your kids being pudgy. Talk to them to see if they are being bullied or teased- because THAT can be the reason that they are overeating. Be their best support and never encourage them to diet. That will make matters worse! 

Be the person who calls someone out for diet talk amongst your friends, co-workers, and relatives. But you need to learn about diet industry lies! And that's what I teach you in my course, SMASH YOUR SCALE. 

Then you can feel prepared to assert yourself, and smash your scale to live a freer, happier life without ever dieting again!  Can you imagine your life without dieting? That's what I will help you to do! 

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