December 30

Plus Size and Ready to Stop Dieting


quote: I wish I was as fat as I thought I was when I first started dieting, photo of average sized woman

If you are in a larger plus size

and maybe a bit older body: 

I'm talking to you. You are "my tribe". The woman (and now some men) like me who maybe started dieting way back in your earlier life. Maybe you were a plump child, or fat teenager?

Or maybe you were like me and you really didn't need to diet because you were living in a smaller body, but still "felt fat".

Did you ask those you trusted: "do I look fat in this?" all the time before you would wear a particular outfit?

You let society dictate that you were not thin enough wearing a size 10-12?!! When I see what I allowed my insecurities about my body and society's dictates to do it to me it makes me so sad. And I want to help YOU get out of this rut! 

Decades of Dieting

But time has gone by and you've tried every diet. And each time you followed it you lost some weight. But then you hit a "plateau" and you stopped losing. You ate less. You exercised harder. But after that, any weight loss took longer. And then it stopped again.

Your doctor told you there was nothing wrong with you. The only way to lose weight is to "eat less and exercise more".  But in your experience it wasn't true. The weight came back on. You couldn't understand it.

You did everything the diet said. You exercised and "burned calories". Thrilled when the weight came off, buying and wearing new clothes, you were finally feeling attractive. But slowly and almost hidden like a thief in the night who instead of stealing your weight nature put it back on; AND added a couple of additional pounds to where you started. And with that returned weight what is stolen is your self-esteem, your feeling of achievement. And now you're in a larger body and "plus size". 

Plus Size Women AND Men

I'm focusing on larger body plus size women- not smaller bodied women (and men) who are beginning their upward journey and still believing that dieting is their answer to lose weight. You are probably a bit older and wiser having experienced how dieting has failed numerous times. And I assure you it is NOT your fault!

And I will have information for plus size men who are trapped in the Diet Mentality. Because although this started as a women's issue, it has now transferred over to many men as well. It's also disguised as "wellness" or getting "fit". 

Eat Less and Exercise More

Everyone knows..... But it's NOT TRUE! That's what every thin person tells you when they offer you diet advise. They tell you it's simple physics. But it sure does NOT apply to human beings! But THEY don't do it! You can watch your skinny friends scarf down ice-cream, cookies and junk food and beer and never gain weight. Well, that's my story, and I bet it yours as well. 

Ignorance of Actual Science

All those people telling you "eat less and exercise more" may be well meaning (many are not). They are ignorant. Sure, it sounds logical that if you followed those rules you'd lose weight and keep it off. The only problem is scientific FACT doesn't support that advice. 

You are NOT a machine, or like a car with the same model, driver, gas, conditions that always gets the same gas mileage! You are a human with stress, different momentary experiences emotionally, and physically- all which affects your weight and the way your body uses the food you eat! 

Just read about how exacting your metabolism functions is amazing. You could NEVER replicate anything near how well it works when you don't throw a diet in and screw up the mechanism. 

plus size Lianda with skinny Yolanda exercised together for many years

Here's a picture of my dear friend Yolanda and me. She ate like a sumo wrestler while I ate like a rabbit. She's still a great cook who can eat anyone under the table and she can't gain weight. And she never shamed me. And I love her for that.  Me, I'm plus size and holding.

Sure, it would be great to be in "regular sizes". But I have FINALLY learned that it is unlikely to ever happen again - especially if I continue to stress over my weight and diet (and end up stress eating as a result). Because weight reduction doesn't respond permanently despite my playing tennis, going to the gym, hiking, biking , doing yoga (I'm a teacher!) and doing those things because I enjoy them. 

I've learned to accept myself and appreciate myself the way I am. Am I always completely assured? No, it's a practice. But I'm a lot better most of the time at accepting and appreciating myself now. Because the alternative is to be unhappy, feel ugly, and miss events where food I love is served because I am focused on my weight instead of finding happiness in the life I have been given.

Fake Diet News

low carb diet doctor before, after and after the diet failed photo

The Diet Industry and those fake before and after photos were gaslighting you and telling you that it was your fault. They tell you cheated. You ate too much even on the diet. You didn't exercise enough. And you believed them.

Dr. Oz the diet sham doctor lying about losing weight

You didn't trust your own experience! And you went on diet after diet with the same results. You regained the weight you struggled to lose. You missed parties, maybe didn't even have a bite of your own birthday cake. You prayed. You cursed God, the Universe. But it didn't make a difference. 

Are You Ready To Stop Dieting Forever?

It's time you learned the truth. Understand that "before and after" pictures are not the end of the road. There's the "after the after" when the proud Instagram dieter is ashamed and not posting again because they regained the weight. 

Until you are ready to release your "need" to lose weight- no matter what the reason, be it for health or love (which you will find out is not true), you will locked in a prison of your own making. And you will probably still eat from stress. Because the only people who do eat from stress are those who still are restricting "bad foods" and cutting back on the foods they enjoy. It cannot last.

I will be adding information to help you break out of the brainwashing from the Diet Industry, from Oprah and Dr. Oz. I will help you find your meaning in life that extends way out from simply what your body looks like. We will go on a journey of building your self-esteem. You will learn how to rejecting the Diet Nazi's hateful words that shame you because your body doesn't fit into a size 6 or smaller with a thigh gap.

Is this easy. HELL NO! 

We've had a lifetime of conditioning to hate fat, to hate ourselves, to make ourselves take up less room. And now it's time to break out of that small space and breathe and be who you are meant to be. Your life is not supposed to be focused on your appearance, but on the outer world and what you can do to love, support and care for others.

Join me. Start by signing up for audio that will tell you how to stop stress eating. And you'll get my Myth-busting weeklyish newsletter with supportive and inspiring messages to keep you on the path to feeling joy in your body and with food again! And maybe even for the first time.

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