Are you ready to 


Isn't it time that you finally break out of the revolving door
of dieting, regaining weight and dieting again?

This is NOT another diet or exercise program
filled with false promises to finally get the body of your dreams

Because weight loss from dieting  is a temporary dream that turns into a NIGHTMARE!

woman smashing her scale to stop dieting

Remember all those times: 
you refused to eat delicious meals,
the events you avoided so you wouldn't be tempted to eat
"bad food" 

All that will be in the past!

How many times have you started a new diet or exercise program telling yourself: 

"THIS TIME I'll lose the weight forever?"

Then, how many times has the weight creeped back up,
or maybe even taken you past your original weight from before you started dieting?

And how many times did you blame yourself for regaining the weight you struggled to lose?

I'm here to tell you that we've all been brainwashed
 by the Diet Industry that makes BILLIONS of dollars
keeping you as a repeat customer
when they KNOW that dieting doesn't work!

picture of a brain getting un-brain washed

The Diet Industry CEO's are happy and rich because you are blame yourself for diet failure instead of the Medical/Pharmaceutical and Media conglomerates that benefit richly for your repeat business.

How can these corporations sell a product that FAILS 95% of the time, but they still get returning customers?!

This is the very reason that you need this course! Until you learn and then understand the manipulation and outright lies you will be caught in this never ending cycle of


round and round, until you are up past your original weight.  

And the entire time you are blaming yourself for the failure.

Introducing: SMASH YOUR SCALE !!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This course is designed to de-program you from the Diet Industry lies
that have set you up to feel like a failure and miserable about your body.

benefit 1

Feel good about yourself, free from self-blame & shame

Learn why you must stop blaming yourself for diet failure. Free yourself from harsh self-judgment that damages your health
and well-being.

benefit 2

Overcome fear about weight-related illnesses

Learn the facts from trusted unbiased research that will refute what the Diet/Medical Industry has used to gaslight you into extreme dieting. You'll be able to deal with medical professionals who answer every medical issue you have with "you need to lose weight."

benefit 3

Build your confidence and self-esteem

Develop trust and belief that your body is your highest intelligence, protecting you when you listen its messages.  Stop relying on "gurus" and outside sources who tell you how much and what to eat.

3 Course Modules :

Includes videos, audios, enhanced flip-book transcripts, resources 
a fillable or printable journal to mark your progress, 

and a private Facebook Group for continued support



The HeartMath Institute's Stress-Relief Video Course 

proven by over 30 years of research, and utilized in Fortune 100 and other prominent companies.

What makes this course different?

When I first heard that dieting was the cause of my continued weight gain I didn't understand it,  but knew  that it was correct.

It was the beginning of my freedom from food restrictions,

 the beginning of making peace with my body
and learning I could eat just like my thin friends.

Although I have a degree in counseling it still took time to accept that what I knew in my heart was true. This course will help you progress through the 3 stages of reintegration:


It took time to "reintegrate" with my true self and forgive myself  for years of self-blame.

I will help you navigate your road to Acceptance. 

Smash Your Scale

is being  offered 

at a ridiculously low price
for a short time

I am committed to helping you make a break-through that can positively change your life. If you have young children, what you learn in this course will have such a positive impact on their lives as well.

I have put my head and heart into bringing this information for you- because I don't want you to spend your life chasing a fake rainbow. Your life can be so much happier when you stop blaming yourself and develop true self-compassion.

This is your first step to peace & freedom from dieting!

You can do it! 




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GeT ready
compulsive eaters, smash your scale

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Here’s what people are saying about Lianda

Rosann Mueller

Entrepreneur in Health Care for Seniors

Helped me Recognize my Self-Judgment

"Lianda helped me realize that not only may I reject their definitions of beauty and health but scientific evidence explains my inability to reach and maintain some arbitrary number of pounds at which I’ll supposedly find endless adoration, love and happiness.

With her assistance, I have learned to forgive myself for believing society’s false narratives. I recognize the pain I was inflicting upon myself. I have learned to embrace my physical form; to appreciate my innate inner and outer beauty; to revel in who I am."

Allison Ewoldt


Providing Strong Evidence

"Lianda, thank you for providing me with strong evidence that there are so very many factors that impact our weight...and that most of them have very little to do with personal "choices." Now I know that it's simply the way we are. And pointing this out to those of us suffering from body image issues that are not our fault is a huge gift--not only for our personal mental health, but because as you point out, our self-image impacts what we are willing and able to contribute to our families, communities, and even society. I hope your vital message goes viral and helps dispel the tragic cultural myths about weight gain and loss!!"

Karen S



"I am amazed at how Lianda’s coaching gets right to the core of my issue and calms me. When I’m stressed, I need help seeing what’s really bothering me, and Lianda’s insight makes things clearer. Now I feel more able to get to the 'Heart of the matter'"

About Lianda Ludwig

Best Selling Author & Counselor/Coach, Lianda Ludwig, M.S. was a popular speaker and Behavioral Therapist at the world-famous Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort in Tucson, AZ.
She is a Myth-buster and truth-teller of all things related to dieting.
Her book, “Diet Industry Lies that Make You Gain Weight” was an Amazon Best Seller.

Lianda specializes in working with frustrated women (and men) who have repeatedly experienced diet failure and blame themselves. She exposes the real reasons that cause weight issues. You will be able to finally break out of the diet revolving door that has you trapped so that you can make peace with your body and food!  

It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you!


Q~ Is this is digital product?
A ~ Yes, it a digital product with a pdf journal you can download 

Q~ What is the return policy?
A~ Because this is a very inexpensive digital course, there is no refund. However, please do contact me to know what difficulty you might be having so that we can make it work for you.

From Lianda...

I am not a skinny weight-loss guru who never dieted
telling you how to lose weight !

When I'd ask my doctors why I couldn't lose weight and keep it off they always gave me the same answer. They blamed me saying that I had to "eat less and exercise more." But that was really not possible because I was already eating under 1,000 calories a day and doing aerobics and other exercises. I was sad, frustrated, angry and miserable.

I can still remember the exact day that I discovered that my chronic dieting was the cause of my continued weight gain. I was on my usual extreme walking up hills exercise and listening to a podcast called something like "The Fat Summit."

That day, when I heard Matt Stone explain how eating less and restrictions were the reason I kept gaining weight I didn't understand it completely, but I knew it intuitively that he was correct.

I remember the first meal I ate until I was satiated. I actually burst into tears of stress release - I forgot what it felt like to feel full and not guilty.

It was the beginning of my freedom from food restrictions, and the beginning of making peace with my body and learning I could eat just like my thin friends.

You can do it- signature
photo of Lianda Ludwig

Think about how your thin friends enjoy their lives, free of thoughts of their weight or dieting..
free to eat whatever they choose!

That can be YOUR life. 

Get started now! 

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