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Google alerts about posts don't do fact checks!

I subscribe to Google alerts and get copies of blogs & articles that sad, and frustrated people write about their problems with losing weight. It’s heartbreaking to read stories of one diet failure after another, and hear the sadness of these people’s experiences.

Most often, there’s an “expert” who “explains” why people who are overweight are AT FAULT! “They ate too much, they don’t exercise enough; they “cheated” and lied about it….” on and on.

These experts have obviously NOT read the research about the way your body reacts to dieting. They have obviously not sat at a counter next to a “average” not weight-challenged person who STUFFS themselves, while their overweight friend is subsisting on small salads, dressing on the side.

Furthermore, when I went to college (back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth- lol), I remember being shocked by professors who said: “Just because it’s in a book doesn’t mean it is factual. Find out who is subsidizing the research, who wrote the book- what their relationship is to the subject they are writing about”. All you have to do is see how rumors spread on the internet to know that my profs were telling the truth. Hardly anyone checks facts ( before reposting something they read… And then once that info is out, just TRY to retract it. It doesn’t happen. I’m still getting petitions from 15 years ago that were wrong then and are still being recirculated! 

I am so sick and tired of people who are NOT educated, and are PROBABLY THIN, blaming overweight people for creating their own problem. And I am heartsick for the overweight people who have come to BELIEVE this lie, which is repeated so many times. Overweight people end up and hating themselves and their bodies; and yet still cannot do anything to change and maintain a weight where they feel comfortable and attractive, and have self-esteem and confidence. Do dieters ever consider that the problem is not with them, but with the DIET, and the entire concept of dieting?

Because no matter which diet plan you examine, the results are the same. People start by losing weight, and then the weight loss slows, and in many cases stops entirely. THEN, the weight can start coming back – EVEN WHILE you are still on the diet plan! WHY would anyone put themselves through this pattern again and again? Because all these experts BLAME YOU, and it’s easier to find fault in yourself, than in going against what “THEY” are all saying. Don’t forget they are making $60 BILLION a year in this industry. Don’t you think that would encourage them to “fudge” the results – or not REPORT the results that say they are a dismal failure at coming up with a weight loss plan that actually works??

The facts are: overweight is a SYMPTOM of a problem in a very complex system of how your body works. If you are unable to lose weight, there are a number of biological reasons why. BLAME is the worst thing you can do to yourself, and will in fact make the problem worse. Over-exercising with these new fad “beach-body” plans are also terrible stressors on your body. And stress is the biggest problem with the entire problem of weight AND health. Don’t fall for the LIES! It’s NOT your fault!

My metabolism make-over jumpstart program will help you change your mindset and appreciate your brilliant body; and work with it to achieve your goals. No beating yourself into submission – no over-exercising yourself to pain and exhaustion.  Take the assessment, and let’s see what the source of your weight loss problem is – and get your started on making peace with your body, and making a real plan to attain your goals.

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