Stress Eating of Comfort Food

woman stress eating ice cream, the perfect comfort food, right out of the freezerEmotional eating is the result of a stress trigger that sets you off. We call the food we overeat or binge on “comfort food”. That explains it exactly. You have stress, and to comfort yourself you grab for a food to make you feel better – or not feel at all. For many people ice-cream is that comfort food. Want to know why? Ice-cream is the same combination of sugar, fat and protein that you had when you were first born: mother’s milk! The original comfort food, when you cried as a baby was almost the same as ice-cream, but it wasn’t freezing!

Instead of comforting yourself with food, the best method is to identify what is stressing you out! Then manage the stress with HeartMath’s® wonderful tools. EmWave is the way you can see in REAL TIME, as you are practicing, that you are changing your body’s reaction to stress! It helps you get calm and more resilient. Then food is not so important because you’ve treated the REAL cause of over-eating, and potential weight gain – it’s STRESS!

When you overeat, or eat because you’re stressed that’s emotional eating. It’s been estimated that 75- 95 percent of people gain weight from eating due to stress. And being stressed can slow down your metabolism and make you gain weight EVEN IF you’re not over-eating!

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It’s imperative for you to gain mastery over stress. Lianda’s unique proven programs INCLUDE using HeartMath’s biofeedback type of device: emWave2 Personal Stress Reliever (and HeartMath’s new device, Inner Balance for you iPhone and Android phone)  to give you power to stop binging and over-eating. And it will give you resilience to manage stress that normalizes your metabolism, improves your sleep, your mood and even physical symptoms.

Inner Balance stress relief biofeedback type of device for iPhone

Inner Balance for iPhone

Lianda goes even further with giving you “the skinny” on reasons you are having trouble losing weight and keeping it off. “Tap” into your heart’s power with EFT and HeartMath- the perfect combination to get off the yo-yo diet cycle and start eating and enjoying the food you like and need.

EmWave Personal Stress Reliever


No promises about weight loss- but this is what happened with a beta group of people who went through the program. Working on STRESS RELIEF, and NO DIETING…. Was it because the stress relief lowered cortisol levels, improved participants sleep, or gave them tools to manage their emotions instead of stuffing them with food?

In just six weeks on this stress relief program participants’ group weight average decreased by an impressive 5.2 pounds, though a number reported approximately 12-pound losses. The average waist circumference dropped 2.1 inches and hip circumference 1.78 inches. Participants also reported increased feelings of calmness. These results were accomplished without any direction in regard to food or exercise but rather focusing on taking care of their emotional well-being first. In other words: they practiced daily stress relief & lost weight!

Want to get started? Contact me to get your emWave or your Inner Balance (now blue tooth!)  and free training session and consultation.


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