This lovely young woman, Lucie, contacted me because of her fear that she would be unable to lose weight. She had dieted previously, starved herself, only to gain the weight back. Exercise that she did diligently for months, didn’t affect her weight. This is her testimonial:

I have been on what you can call a roller-coaster for the past 3 to 4 years. ..

The idea of dieting turned on a loud red alarm at the thought of the yo-yo cycle of starvation and rebound hunger. I knew that conscious calorie restriction was NOT the solution. I turned to exercise, but in 6 months lost a lot less weight than I expected, barely any, actually. I was devastated. I then got in touch with Lianda, and her advice was THE turning point in my weight loss. She gave me precise tips on how to ensure that my metabolism was functioning at its peak – since metabolism is extremely important for all areas of health, including healthy and permanent weight loss.

Her advice on how to listen to my body’s signals was spot-on. I was very impressed with her knowledge and understanding of the human body. I’ve been following her recommendations for both the mental and diet tips, and I’m finally getting my body in a good place. I eat to fullness of whatever foods I like, I am not on any diet, I feel better and better every day and the excess weight is finally coming off! A few weeks into it and I can already feel and see a difference. I can’t wait to report back on a few months!

Lucie V., VanCouver, Cananda


Doctor testimonial about emWaVE FOR WEIGHT management




I now have a sane relationship with food. I did wind up losing weight but that was almost a side benefit to feeling like I am now able to nurture my body and cultivate health and well-being. What a gift!”




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