It’s NOT what You’re Eating!

You call it stress eating. Eating is your response to stress! So why do nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, and other diet gurus tell you to change what you are eating to stop stress eating?? That is CRAZY!

dieting before stress relief is cart in front of the horse

What is stressing you out?

The ONLY way you will be able to stop stress eating is to identify the source of your stress. The fact is, you probably KNOW you are stressed. You may be able to identify the causes (yes, there can be multiple events and situations that are making you feel stress), but just knowing about your feelings does not stop stress!

Valid Reasons for Feeling Stressed

You can have many valid reasons for feeling stressed. It doesn’t matter. But humans obsess about their stress, and repeat it in your head by thinking about it frequently. JUST THOSE THOUGHTS ALONE can make matters worse. You are making stronger connections in your brain that keep you in a place where you brain and body does not feel safe. That is the foundational need shared by all humans. When you’t feel safe (food, shelter, physical safety) you can’t release the chronic stress and relax. Your body is always in high alert because the world is a dangerous place.


The things you say to yourself, the name-calling, the “shoulds” that your force yourself to do because you’re “supposed to” all are self-abuse. You may have many reasons that you tell yourself that these are things you must put up with, or do because you are responsible to others. But the truth of the matter it is FEAR that is holding you in place. You know the devil you are dealing with and it’s hard to step out of your comfort zone.

The First Step to Stop Stress Eating

The first step to stop stress eating is awareness. You are literally carrying around a weight on your body which is holding you down and making life difficult and unhappy. Give yourself time to be honest with yourself and write a list of the things that are making you unhappy.  Then you can start addressing them individually.

There are MANY great stress relief programs but the one that works the best is the one you will practice frequently. You have to build up your stress relief muscles. You can’t decide to go in a weight lifting contest and immediately pick up a heavy weight- you have to start with a lighter weight and build up slowly. That’s how stress relief can be effective for you.

Let me help you with Stress Relief

I am a counselor, a certified Stress Relief trainer, a teacher by education, but mostly by passion. I have a masters degree in counseling, and am certified in a variety of methods including HeartMath, EFT, Yoga, When the student is ready, I am the teacher to help you find your best and happiest self. You can read more about my credentials here. 

Here is a quiz that can help you to understand your causes for stress eating.  

I have studied mind/body medicine and stress for over 40 years. Right now I am depending on my knowledge, experience and belief to fight leukemia- and I intend to be a winner. Let’s schedule a no-cost introductory session to see if we’re a good fit.

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