Lose Weight Natures Way

It makes perfect sense. The ancient relatives of present Humans came to the planet as Hunter-Gatherers, not as farmers born with a hoe and seeds! All the behaviors that sustained these early humans so that modern man evolved, are the ones that will keep US healthy. After all, it sustained early man for 2 MILLION years!

Why then, would the USDA Food Pyramid tell us that meat and fat are bad, and PASTA and CEREAL is good? Hmmm… could it be a conspiracy to GET you sick, and on medication? Or, that they just want to sell the crappy food that is cheap to make and gives them HUGE profits? Or that the Diet/Food/Medical Industry is making more than 60 BILLION DOLLARS a year on your illnesses created by food?

Look, you don’t have to believe in conspiracies, to just educate yourself to SAVE YOUR HEALTH – and lose some weight in the process! It’s easy! You eat the foods that YOUR BODY Likes and NEEDS. And all of your blood test markers of health will improve!

AHS 2011: Light is thrown on the origin of man and his diet. from Ancestry on Vimeo.

The BEST book to educate you about food is Why We Get Fat, and What To Do About it. Once you know, your food choices will become simple. And once you understand, you’ll also realize that there is a GAP between what you KNOW and what you DO. That’s where I can help you with the Mentabolism Make-over™ that changes your mindset and helps you transition from Knowing to Doing! Get your application, and let’s get you started to improving your health and LOSING WEIGHT and keeping it off!


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