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Want to lose weight, but it never seems to either come off or stay off? Well, that’s because traditional diets, where you are attempting to eat less, and exercise more don’t work! This isn’t just because people go back to eating the foods that helped them to gain weight, but for MANY reasons. One of the things that works against you is not knowing the FACTS! Because when you think that you can lose weight with a calorie restricted diet, you are virtually guaranteeing that you will gain the weight back!

YES! In fact, I’m working with a client who can’t GAIN weight. If you are overweight, you probably think this is the description of “heaven” – but believe me it’s not. No matter how much my client eats, her weight stays the same! Want to know what we’re doing to help her put on more pounds? We’re putting her on a calorie restricted diet WITH exercise!  That’s guaranteed to slow down her metabolism and put on the pounds! That’s exactly what YOU have probably done countless times to LOSE weight!  That’s because that kind of diet is designed to work against your body’s ability to LOSE weight! 

So HOW can you actually lose weight? There are many variables, and many different types of weight management issues. And if you don’t know about the differences, you are probably wasting your effort, and sabotaging your effort to lose weight. That’s why working with a “Coaching Consultant” is the perfect solution. You see, a “Consultant” is knowledgeable about the issues,  assesses the problem and makes recommendations. and a coach is there with you in the trenches making sure you are following through, giving you encouragement, and someone to help you as you are going through the program – UNTIL it becomes a habit!

It’s takes about 28 days to start a new habit. That’s why the metabolism make-over program structured to give you the information you need, the tools to get you prepared, and the coaching to keep you on the path. Listen, you don’t need a coach to remind you to brush your teeth in the morning, do you? That’s where we want to get you – with your healthy weight management program. AND it has bonuses that will help bring positive changes in every aspect of your life: you health, attitude, relationships, and self-esteem.

Stop blaming yourself for your “losing battle”. Diets are designed to fail- Learn how to be a successful loser with a coach that will get you there! You can do it, and I can help! Fill in this questionnaire application to begin winning your losing proposition! We will schedule a 15 minute consultation strategy session, based upon your answers, to assess your individual weight issue. 

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