Dreaming of Pizza

does the thought of pizza make your mouth water?

Just imagining that hot pizza coming out of the oven starts your body’s process of getting the most nutritional value from, and digesting your food. That’s right, you don’t have to put the food in your mouth for digestion to start; you don’t even have to see it in front of you! Eating what you enjoy gives you the most benefit of the food you eat!

That’s part of the problem with dieting. When you are dieting and choosing food to make you lose weight, you are probably not imagining how great that “low fat salad dressing” is going to taste. Sure, you may be hungry, but you are missing the first component of getting nutrition from your food: palatability! And if you are eating and not enjoying your food, it sets up negative “feedback” (pardon the pun). It’s like negative “poor me” belief; “I have to eat this crap because I can’t stand my body the way it is”.

Your MINDSET is the most important factor on your body when it comes to your health and your weight. In fact, it’s hard to have a thought or emotion without a corresponding expression in your body language. That’s the way the best poker players are successful; by reading the “tells” or little signals your body cannot help but leak when you have a thought or feeling.

And what goes on outside your body is just the exterior that reflects a change in your biochemistry inside your body as well. You heart rate and blood pressure changes, breathing, skin electrical conductivity all respond to thoughts and emotion. These are some of the readings that are used for lie detector tests.

When you “think” you are on a diet, the reason is generally because you are unhappy with some aspect of your body. Maybe you think you weight too much and don’t look good, or perhaps you are having a health challenge. Whatever the reason, if your focus is on the negative aspect of why you are eating a certain way, you are unknowingly using the Law of Attraction to bring about your goals, but in the negative! Brain science actually says the same thing, “the habitual focus of your thoughts” become pathways in your brain that are very hard to break.

When you are unhappy it’s stressful for your body. Your body shifts into a state where it will protect you and keep you safe, and stress hormones are released. The longer you stay in that stressful thought and emotional pattern, the more intense the reaction from your body. Cortisol, the stress hormone, has a strong effect on your digestion and your weight. In fact, one of the obvious symptoms of stress is belly fat.

What can you do it you want to lose weight? Transform your mindset. Don’t think “diet”. Learn how to eat the foods you enjoy, but eat mindfully with the mindset of nurturing yourself, instead of depriving yourself. Use meal times as a time to focus and enjoy your food, taking a break from any stressful thoughts and problems. Soon you’ll notice that you are enjoying eating, and maybe eating less because you notice a feeling of fullness and satiation. Your body wants to keep you healthy, and gives you messages all the time. So make sure that you are eating what you enjoy and desire. Notice whether you are salivating at the thought of eating the food you’re planning on eating. But if you’re not paying attention, you won’t notice. This is a wonderful way to get your mindset, your emotios and your body in alignment.



What is the most mouth-watering food that YOU like to eat?

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