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Why Can't I Lose Weight?!

Have you dieted many times but can't understand why you can't lose weight anymore? Do you hate your body and describe yourself in unflattering terms? Do you avoid being in photographs below your chin?  Are you desperately unhappy because you can’t keep the weight off?

I lost weight (MANY times), but I regained the weight one more time than I lost it. But now, my body doesn't want to even give up a few pounds. I'm stuck where I am. 

Hitting a Plateau

Most of the time the doctor said my weight had hit a "plateau" and I just had to eat less to lose more weight. I was already eating a strict 1,200 calorie diet. That is less food than was given to people in concentration camps in Germany!  I am NOT kidding. I was already starving. 

When you are starving your brain reacts to that stress. All you can think about is FOOD. Your sense of smell is heightened so you will smell minute amounts of food aroma in the air. You will only notice stores that are selling food. You won't sleep deeply because your thoughts are focused on the pain in your stomach. 

Some people say that "stomach talking" and hunger pains go away. But I was on a 10 day fast and I can tell you that I was ALWAYS feeling that pain in my stomach from being hungry.

Some gurus will tell you that you have to eat more food in order to fool your body into believing you're not starving. But that's only a temporary measure. Because once you start eating normally again you end up stuffing yourself- especially if there are particular foods that you had restricted. And you will see that your body will bring you back pretty quickly to your pre-dieting weight!

You Messed Up Your Metabolism

It's true that your body slows down your metabolism when you are not eating enough. Your body goes into a stress reaction to preserve your life. But the most recent research done on "The Biggest Losers" show that even after you have been eating more food for many months some people never go back to a normal metabolic rate. They have to eat anything from 300 to double that and more in order to just MAINTAIN their weight and not gain more! 

The fact is your body is better than the most sophisticated computer when it comes to maintaining your weight set point. 

Metabolic rate set point quote from Health At Every Size, by Linda Bacon

Lost Weight Returns

Sometimes the weight started coming back while I was still on the diet! Of course, the doctor would say I was eating more than I reported. But the truth is, I am VERY disciplined and if anything I was eating less than I said. And that was unhealthy.

When doctors don't have an answer for a problem they assume the patient is lying- especially when it comes to weight!

I definitely had "disordered eating" which is better than an "eating disorder", but not by a lot. At least I wasn't vomiting up my food. And the thing is, my body  was not getting skinny like a skeleton. I guess I was just lucky. My body knew how to protect me.

But for most women, that doesn't feel lucky at all when they don't see the numbers going down on a scale. They are willing to trade years of life to be thin. How sad.

Yo-Yo Dieting

You go down, your body takes you back up. You diet again, and your body takes your weight back up again. It's described as yo-yo dieting and known in medical terminology as "weight-cycling". Research is showing it's bad for the health of your heart and other important systems. It's definitely worse that staying your present weight. 

Dieting Is Stressful

That's because dieting is stressful for your body and your brain. Your brain is an energy hog and uses most of your calories. So even if you're sitting at your computer and writing and thinking, you are burning up a LOT of calories. If you don't have the calories your brain can't think as well! That's TRUE!

Your brain can't function without carbs! If you had to walk up a steep hill and do a complicated math problem at the same time (unless you're a math savant) you would either have to stop walking uphill, or stop doing the math equation! 
woman angry at scale for weight gain

How many diets have you been on? How many pounds have you lost, and then gained back, plus additional weight! THAT is the definition of Yo-Yo, but it’s not because YOUR lack of discipline! It's your body's natural reaction to protect you by bringing you back to the higher weight set-point. And no one knows how to change that weight set point.

That’s what the Diet Industry not only doesn’t address, but ACTIVELY is hiding from you! They want you as a returning customer. Just think about it: IF there was a diet that actually worked, everyone would go on it, lose weight and be happy! But there is NO DIET, no lifestyle change, no exercise program that can achieve that goal! That's why you can't lose weight and keep it off! It's NOT your fault, so stop blaming yourself. And don't let anyone else blame you!

The Diet Industry LIES

If everyone who ever lost weight kept it off, the Diet Industry would be out of business! Instead they sell you something that fails 95 to 98 percent of the time. People are so desperate to lose weight that they do it all again and the diet industry and medical industry blame the dieters INSTEAD OF THE DIETING!  It's a BIG FAT LIE!  All diets, lifestyle changes, dietary restrictions and exercise programs fail to KEEP the weight off. NOTHING has proven to maintain weight loss. NOT EVEN SURGERY!!

That's why you can't lose weight and keep it off!

You have been brainwashed by a Diet Industry that benefits from your shame, and self acceptance of guilt.

What if I told you that it’s NOT your fault? There are REAL, Biological reasons (not psychological failings, and self-discipline issues) responsible for you gaining back the weight time and time again.

It took me years of blaming myself, feeling guilty, trying and paying for every new diet that came out, keeping 3 wardrobes of different size clothing to FINALLY LEARN the Truth!

The Real Reasons You Gained Weight

Let's be logical about this. Why don't you think about the real reasons that you gained weight in the first place!? Although you will read many reasons for gaining weight, the bottom line is either "this or that". Either you have a genetic pre-disposition to having more weight (this is been discovered since scientists have been decoding DNA) OR stress caused weight issues.

Women who has just completed Stress Eating eating sweets and carbs -

STRESS Makes You Gain Weight

Stress alone can be responsible for weight issues. Hating your body causes stress because your body is feeling attacked. Your "friends" and relatives who think they are helping you by fat-shaming you causes stress. Economic problems cause stress. Being a caregiver and putting others first causes stress.

Look, there is no known method to permanently lose weight. But the thing I can tell you is if you lose the stress about your weight your life will be much more peaceful and happier. Don't get sad from people fat-shaming you. Get mad and speak up assertively (not aggressively) for yourself.

But in order to do that you must be convinced of the facts about how dieting fails and what causes weight gain in the first place. So get these great books and give yourself the facts so you can educate others. And if they won't listen, then consider dropping the "friends" and limiting discussions with the rest of the people. You deserve better! 

Book Cover of Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison
Body Respect book cover by Lindo Bacon


Diet Industry lies

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