The thing I don't understand is this: why don't researchers investigate why some people can eat huge meals a lot of the time, and NOT gain weight.

Wouldn't that be helpful? Instead of blaming people for gaining weight because of what they eat, find out why someone else can eat and NOT gain weight! Did they win the metabolism lottery?

I'm sure you have friends, just like mine who can eat anything they want and never gain an ounce! It's not even that they go and run 5 miles a day, or do Cross Fit or do extreme exercise. They just won the Metabolism Lottery. 

In some families, one member will win and others will lose the metabolism lottery. That makes it very stressful for the member who hasn't won and has a bigger body!

sisters who have difference body types, one thin one heavy

How Do You Damage Your Metabolism?

There is a way that you can definitely damage your metabolism. Some people never recover, but others will. 

Researchers are showing that participants in that horrible demeaning TV program, "The Biggest Losers" are an example of people who have damaged their metabolisms. Only one of 14 has been able to keep their weight below their starting point. Some have not only regained, but now weigh more than their original weight when they went on the show. Six years later and their metabolism is still suppressed. This is a common occurence for people who diet.

Dieting Slows Your Metabolism

That's the key: DIETING is what slows your metabolism down. Add extreme exercise to the mix and you are going to find that there are harmful changes taking place in your body. You may feel cold, you may start losing more hair than ever before. You may get constipated. All of these are signs that you are over-doing it.

Look, we are all born with a unique body. If you want to determine why you've gained weight, it's best to consider the circumstances that occurred before you started gaining weight. For many women it's being taught that you are only attractive when you are thin. You start fearing gaining weight which leads to dieting. And dieting leads to eventual weight gain! You must learn to accept your body as it is.

Stress Can Damage Your Mentabolism

For MANY people it's a stressful event that leads to changes in metabolism. Learn how to manage stress by practicing stress relief methods BEFORE a stressful event. That can improve your resilience and even make things that used to bother you not get to you again!

What's the best stress relief technique? The one you do. Or mix it up and do a different one every day. But do have a practice so you are prepared when the next event comes up and you don't run for comfort food. 

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