Your mindset, your thoughts and emotions actually control all functions of your body. It was once thought that the autonomic system did not react to conscious thoughts, but research has shown us that these functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, digestion, ARE absolutely affected by your conscious mind. Just think about how your heart started pounding the last time you were frightened, whether it was a real or imagined event.

Your mindset is the filter through which you view the world. It’s your beliefs that make you focus on the things that conform to your world view.

Believing is seeing: NOT Seeing is Believing

If you believe that people can’t be trusted, you’ll be attracted to stories of murderers, thieves, harmful events. You may believe that the majority of people would do bad if they knew they wouldn’t get caught. You will feel that the world is an unsafe place because everything you “see” supports this view. The things that didn’t fit with your mindset would be downplayed or ignored.

However, if you believed that people are basically good, and doing the best they can, you would ignore stories of murder and mayhem. You would be more trusting, and have friends that felt similarly. You would feel protected in a safe place because everything you “see” supports this view. The things that didn’t fit with your mindset would be downplayed or ignored.

If you see that everyone in your family is overweight, died of heart disease or diabetes, you may have a mindset that this too will be your fate. It’s not necessarily true. There are many factors that have created those health conditions in your family. Even identical twins raised together do not get the same illnesses, or respond the same way to them! If everyone in your family was a financial failure, you might believe that it’s impossible for you to be successful.

You don’t get born with a mindset. It’s something that is created in your life by conditioning. We all have been programmed by our upbringing: family, society, schools, religion, media (strong effects from TV and advertisement!), and place where you grew up… to “DO” what you are today.

But that gives you something to “push back” against. All achievement is made as a conscious choice, an opposing force against something that is lacking, or negative. The stronger your belief in yourself; your abilities, your goals, the more likely you are to achieve your goals, no matter what the obstacles. You can never beat someone who won’t give up!

But there is another very valid part to this. Sometimes, life is about acceptance of what “is”. Constant resistance causes persistence of the issue. That too, is the law of attraction.

There are definite ways to improve your chances of attaining your goals: whether it be in the area of health, weight, or even business success.

  • The number one characteristic is having a goal!
  • Write it down with great positive descriptions involving all your senses.
  • Visualize and practice seeing yourself going through the action to accomplish your mission.
  • Make a vision board and put it where you see it frequently.
  • Use positive affirmations during the day to replace any negative self-talk you hear going on in your head.
  • Make a recording of your visualization to use when going to sleep at night.
  • Focus on gratitude for how you are working towards your goal.
  • If you believe in prayer, it’s actually been found that the most effective prayer is not asking for something specific, but simply: “Thy Will Be Done”. That’s the aspect of acceptance of what is.
  • Use EFT Meridian Tapping to get to the root of your issue, and make a break-through.

The best way to set what you’ve learned, and to establish your new improved mindset is to nap, or go to sleep after working on it. Watch how this positive mindset will show itself even in your dreams. And yes, your physiology is affected during sleep.

Visualization and mental practice has been shown by research to have the strongest powers to improve performance and even change your body. Everything you need is already inside of you. Trust and perseverance is the mindset of the person who achieves their goal.

trust you will arrive at your destination

trust you will arrive at your destination

Consider this: You set out on a dark night, knowing where you are going, but only having your headlights to follow on the way to your goal. If you give up because you don’t see the end of your journey, you could have stopped just been yards away from your destination. Don’t give up. You can do it!

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